Trip To Town, pt. 2!

Whew, I just realized I didn’t finish part 2 of my blog post about Sin Jawns from December. Oops.

BUT THE TRUTH IS THAT I went to see the Messiah, and it was very very lovely. To be honest, the solos weren’t exactly my thing? But the choral pieces delighted me excessively. Also, it was held in a huge old church, which is always delightful. And then I went back to Ms. B’s house, and we watched Taken.

That is a very stressful movie. I’m not gonna lie. Something about storming houses in Paris and kidnappings in various parts of Paris- as well as little jaunts into people being hit by semi trucks- worked very well to keep me awake. Also the torture-to-death-scene.

Vengeance is mine, sayeth the Main Character. I will repay.

*I scuttle away*

Leaving the subject of my dreams because I truly cannot remember them any more, beyond the fact that there were important lightbulbs and teeth, let us move on to breakfast!

I had pumpkin cheesecake.

Have I mentioned my nostalgic yearning to be a student again lately? You get up at ten, you eat some cheesecake, you drink some tea.. *sigh* And right now my former self is laughing hysterically at me and pointing out that a student sleeps till ten because she was up until five the night before, and also cheesecake is either used to motivate bribe one’s self to finish exams, or a myth. But I ignore my former self. Loftily.

And then there was the Candlelighters christmas party! Wherein I knew almost no one, and all these people I did not know were friendly to me none the less. There was a bouncy castle and McDonalds, and presents! I was too old for those, so I ate many much chocolates instead. I figure it’s a fair trade. 😛 When we got out it was dark, and everyone was already overtired. So we drove home. Which sounds perfectly sensible and reasonable, right up to the point where you realize it’s five hours away, in a mini-van full of over-tired, highly-sugared children. And Me. I can shout louder, sulk more obnoxiously, laugh more menacingly, and flail more unpredictably than anyone over the age of two years has any right to aspire too. And no one should sing unless I want them too! *angry glaring from the front seat* Thankfully, after a particular outburst where I was heard to say that I hated the whole world and particularly anyone within a time zone, Frauline tamed me with coffee, chocolate and the loan of her earbuds. The problem child thus taken care of, we got home and burned newspapers to warm the house.

Thus endeth the Christmas Trip into St. Johns.


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