Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Sean Williams

I think I should start with my star wars history. When I was eleven my (younger) siblings rented the Original trilogy from the library, and settled in to watch these formative pieces of culture. I, being the hysterically brave creature that I am, sat outside on the patio tormenting ants, and only watching when the people were outside. I figured that anything inside was too frightening, which was possibly inspired by unwittingly walking in just in time to see Darth Vader strangle an angry guy in a grey uniform. To make it better, I was watching through the glass doors into the living room. No sound. I’m so brave.

But then flash forward two years, and I have literally read every book in the library children’s section that doesn’t have a drooling bloody plant or similar horrific thing on the cover, or teenagers making out. This includes some truly unfortunate books which I’m still trying to forget, but that is not the story today. I figured it was time to wander into the adult section. But the Mysteries had a lot of blood on the covers, and other “adult books” had icky romances, and the nonfiction was boring and angry, I didn’t like horror, and I had bad experiences with Westerns featuring torture. (This was honestly my rationale.) I settled for the SF/Fantasy section as being my safest bet.

I know, some of you are now laughing incredulously at me. But in my defence, the books either went WAY over my head- Yay metaphors!- or they were Star Wars EU novels, and Star Trek books. That was also where my Star Trek knowledge base sprung from, but that is not the topic at hand either. I read the star wars books, found they were good, and put a standing order in with the librarian to order me every other star wars book in the system. The results were, mixed. But I was going through two or more books a day, so I just threw aside the painful ones and re-read the good ones. (Oh, Mara Jade and Thrawn, you never fail to make my heart soar.) (Also, I have never liked Luke Skywalker. Nope.)

And then at college I discovered Karen Traviss’s Republic Commando and the New Trilogy movies, and many much lovely expansion in the universe, and even found people who knew more than me about Star Wars. When you’ve grown up in a small town when you are the only one who has read anything in the SF/F section for the past three years, this is BIG.

So I’ve been known to elbow the boys aside to get at the star wars section, that’s all I’m saying. Even if those stupid boys think I don’t know the colour difference between a sith blade and a jedi saber. FOOLS. Ahem. Anyways, I did snatch this book away from a particularly snobby creature of the male persuasion, and carry it in triumph to the counter. Where I BOUGHT it. And then I READ it. So there, boys, I can participate in your fandom just as much as you can.

And the triumph over the purchase was the best part of the book. I think if I want to know a video game story in the future, I’ll just watch or play the game. I get the sense that this would be awesome to play. To read, well. The characters weren’t fleshed out, the plot was meh, the universe was WRONG- (I read many much books, I know this. ( WHO GOES TO THE GROUND ON KASHYYYK? SERIOUSLY??? ) I gave it two stars out of five. I will now expunge the false history from my mind.


2 thoughts on “Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Sean Williams

  1. ^__________________________________^

    You make me smile. Also, you are one of the awesomest people I know.

    I read the graphic novel of this book….I figured if the story was good maybe I should stop bashing it solely on the pretense of stormtrooper abuse, or maybe even read the novel or play the game. The gn was meh. So I continue my intolerance.

  2. Hehehheh. *shy* Thank you. I learned it all from you. 😀

    And I keep hearing good things about the game, it's true! The story, on the other hand, was meh. Let's just play the game next time. 😛

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