Advice for girls from the internet.

I keep coming across “opinion pieces” on the internet, particularly from people in the arts community, saying that marriage is pretty much overrated. (The fact that they then advocate for Gay Marriage in the next post has no baring on the situation AT ALL, right? I don’t see logical issues there in the slightest!)

Particularly aimed at girls, I keep finding inexplicable posts on the subject. I think they’re trying to be Grrrl Power, but the message just keeps reading as “relationships are weights on you, don’t go there,” and “well, if you’re unfortunate enough to be entangled with another person, don’t make it PERMANENT.” (Unless you’re entangled with another girl, in which case you obviously want it to be permanent. *headdesk*)

This all makes my head hurt. *headdesks* Maybe because of the repeated bashing of my head into inanimate objects, but WHO KNOWS.

And of course, on the other side there’s the “christian posts” (Not opinion, these are the WORD OF GOD,) which say that if you make it to age twenty one without two rings and a baby on the way you’re just not trying hard enough, and if you’ve made it to the ancient age of, say, twenty five, you’re just not a good CHRISTIAN. (Unless you’re a boy, in which case you must be following in the footsteps of Paul, good job.) Go to church more often! Go EVERY NIGHT OF THE WEEK. Wear more modest clothing! Serve the poor! Go to Africa as a missionary! You’ll find a man THEN! *headdesk*

Okay, the headache is getting worse! *facepalms instead* Much better.

My opinion on the subject, taking into account my plans for the future and having read on BOTH sides?

I need to stop reading people’s opinions on the internet.


2 thoughts on “Advice for girls from the internet.

  1. ROFL I love you! SO TRUE. And quite timely, really. I just had a conversation yesterday with some classmates who were talking about marriage/lack of and making NO SENSE. I was at a loss of where to start. XD

  2. Heheh. I was just getting so FRUSTRATED. A blog post with people commenting with their favourite songs about how awesome it was to be single was the last straw. I MUST RANT.

    (I was really amused by how so many people commenting were either married/in a moved-in relationship. Lolwhut?)

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