January, February and March quotes.

It wasn’t very quotable for the first few months, so I combined.


Life quotes!

Daddy: And if your characters want to run off and be missionaries in Africa, that is ANOTHER book. Make them do what you want! You are the master of their destiny!
Snazel: Heh. Er. *unsure smile*

Snazel: *after reading a harlequin romance* "Well, I found a genre I’m never ever writing in!"
Daddy: "Don’t be so sure, i thought I’d never do Country music."
Snazel: "It’s not like Country, it’s like, electronic dance music!"
Daddy: "Ever heard of Owl City?"
Courtney: ‘Yeah! Dance music is lovely!"
Snazel: *sigh* "Well, I really hope I never write in it?"

Daddy: That’s not small town, that’s small minds.
Kayla: There’s a difference?

Sam: Mommy, I pooped in my pants!
Mommy: Well that’s a bad idea!

Work Party. Hehe.

Judy: She puts the ass in class!

Judy: *eats cake* Mmmm, better than sex. From what I remember.

Diane: So we were goofing around, like kids do, doing cartwheels around the furnace-

Diane: "So that’s when he threw the cabbage!"

Fun conversations I saw on the internet.

David McKernan is embracing poverty.

  • Kurt Andresen: judging your profile pic, it looks like you’re embracing hamburgers
  • Vanessa Iafolla: Did you get into grad school or something?
  • David McKernan: No, I just looked at my budget this morning: dire straights. "We are the sultans of swing, ba na na, ba na na na, da chick ad!" Kurt, you’re right, I have been embracing more hamburgers. But thats not because of my profile picture, its because those mofo’s only cost like 10 bucks for a package of 40.
  • Peter McKernan: FINANCIAL AUSTERITY RONO! The name of the GAME!

Sarah Rees Brenan: It being Sunday, I am combining my daily routine of writing with the frenzied hunted air of a hamster taped to a laptop with thinking thinky thoughts about books.

David McKernan- eh yo I’m crack fiendin. taken a toke while I am bleedin. writing a paper like a classicist, Aquinas im reeeedin. … Got black circles around my eyes. Cups of coffee, Blackberry pies. Next thing you know I am spewing philosophy all up in your face. Needles with heroin, weed already laced. with crack. yo epileptic seizures begin to attac

  • Simon Borys: The medieval philosophers would be so proud that you’ve integrated them into a nonsensical pattern of speech 🙂
  • Matthew VanMilligen: word
  • David McKernan: I am absolutely positive Aquinas would throw on a du rag to rock out to my freestyle. Either that, or one of those wild hats the bishops wear. He would put that on with a massive crucifix around his neck for bling.
  • Vanessa Iafolla: Four years of philosophy, and your English skills have gone down the tube. You’re incomprehensible, and likely on your way to a successful life in academia. Might I recommend teaching at Ghetto U?
  • Rav Nandlall: honestly man words cant even express what happened in my brain while i read this. ta ta ta ta ta taaaa t’ed.

And then my lovely, lovely, conversations with friends. *Mad laughter*


Snazel: would I make a good hallucinogenic drug?
Bahnree: yep
Bahnree: you can be whatever you want to be


Bahnree: the whole question of brutality and heresy aside 😛

Bahnree: Mom and I got freaked by the TRAILER
Bahnree: we decided we didn’t need to watch horror films beucase all the adrenaline we need we can get from trailers


Kemendraugh: I like the whole writhe-and-sing approach

Kemendraugh: Cougars with knives, huh?
Kemendraugh : you know, if that’s what they REALLY want, we could be hot
Snazel : Oh heck yes
Snazel : we could be SO hot

Snazel: liar was mindrape?
Bahnree: yep!
Bahnree: it was good times
Bahnree: errr
Bahnree: yeah
Bahnree: it’s been skulking in the shadows of my brain all day, doing unmentionable things
Bahnree: >.>

Kemendraugh: Abraham and Sarah- "Sleep with my servant." "Okay!" "I hate her now." "Okay!" FAIL.

Bahnree: I wonder how Abraham recognized that the three men were angels or incarnations of God or whatever they are? Talk about being NERVOUS about house guests!!! "Sarah, PLZ TO MAKE BREAD. QUICK, MUST SLAUGHTER ANIMAL. FASTERRRR."

Snazel: Most of my social life is in bed right now.
(I was talking about vivid dreaming, I swear.)

Kemendraugh: I only keep it because I like a little satanic influence around the house.

Bahnree: Don’t you always default to girls and lechery ANYWAY?
Bahnree: i only said that because it seems like whenever you talk about adam, or that story, really, you’re talking about dirtiness
Bahnree: but feel free to blame me if it helps you sleep at night XD

Bahnree: well good plan then
Bahnree: you should have a slave though
Bahnree: to get you tea

Snazel: AND I’m pretty much lesbian when it comes to snuggling
Bahnree: LOL
Bahnree: now, Snazel
Snazel: perhaps I should change that
Bahnree: you just haven’t had snuggling opportunities with guys
Bahnree: om nom

Snazel: What kind of a line is "hi, I’m naked."
Bahnree: um
Bahnree: well
Bahnree: it’s a line
Bahnree: with information
Bahnree: i need to read more of KP
Bahnree: lol
Snazel: Hehehehehehehehehehehehheh
Snazel: No one uses the line in KP
Snazel: spambots are hitting on me again
Bahnree: ah, okay
Bahnree: hahahaha
Bahnree: it sounds like something from KP
Bahnree: which
Bahnree: is disturbing
Bahnree: now

Snazel: no kay
Snazel: I do too
Snazel: I will now write
Snazel: seriously
Rose Ainsworth: bye then
Snazel: danke
Rose Ainsworth: ….
Snazel: I like hedgehogs
Rose Ainsworth: yeah?
Rose Ainsworth: good for you
Snazel: they’re all spikey!
Rose Ainsworth: yes, they are…and when they arent grumpy that are fun to play with
Snazel: I saw one once in a store
Rose Ainsworth: …k
Snazel: that’s the extent of it
Rose Ainsworth: …k
Rose Ainsworth: just.. don’t get one based on just that?

March was a good month. 😀

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