I love Japan! And Exclamation points!

Oh, new contest! Must warn you!

Emily Horner is giving away three ARCs of her upcoming Debut, A Love Story: Starring My Dead Best Friend. ALSO she’ll give the winners something cool from Japan! AND *drumroll please* it’s open internationally!

*happy squee about international contests*

Here’s what she has to say about it!

I am giving out THREE ARCs of A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend, and each winner will also get a nifty thing from Japan. Will it be something from the Ghibli museum? Something from the youth culture mecca of Harajuku or the geek culture mecca of Akihabara? Traditional Japanese handicrafts? I don’t know! If you have a preference, please say so when you enter the contest, but I won’t guarantee anything beyond it being something I personally find cool, and wouldn’t necessarily be able to get in the US.

You can enter here! Go! Comment! Dream of pretty things from Japan!


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