The few, the mighty, the quotes of april.

So it is entirely possible that I forgot to take quotes for most of the month.

Yeah, about that. *sheepish*

HOWEVER, people were very quotey online in the first few days, or possibly one day, so I have A FEW quotes! Yay!

Bahnree: Yeah, like I said, I don’t stalk. I just walk behind people I’m curious about. Rofl.

PCB: also I get depressed talking to you about the future
PCB: which I hope you won’t take as an insult
PCB: That, wasn’t the answer I was expecting

Snazel: I’m so confused
Neldor: what blood?
Snazel: Somehow I read "from russian with love" as "blood on the ice"

Snazel: *watches Farmir*
Bahnree: ^_^
Snazel: I heart him
Snazel: forever
Snazel: ^_^
Bahnree: inorite
Snazel: I’m soooooo glad I met him in the book first
Bahnree: INORITE
Bahnree: I’m sure i would have hated him forever
Bahnree: if i hadn’t
Snazel: I just put movie-face on book-chara
Bahnree: yeah
Bahnree: lol
Snazel: Tasty
Snazel: heheheh
Bahnree: hehehe
Bahnree: Faramir is probably the number 1 fictional character i would marry
Snazel: heheheheheh
Snazel: is he your number one "I’d have his babies" though?
Bahnree: LOL
Snazel: Sometimes nottt, that’s all I’m saying!
Bahnree: XD
Snazel: But true, you’re a good girl
Bahnree: shocking, Snazel! XD
Snazel: ^_^
Bahnree: i would have no objection to faramir’s babies
Bahnree: hahahahaha oh man
Snazel: hahahahahahahaha
Bahnree: *Waves to anyone hacking this convo*


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