Today I came home from work and set about making cookies. While doing so, I realized that one of my little sisters was recording a story on a cellphone for her school activity, and another little sister was threading a loom.

Let’s just say we’re tolerant of ALL levels of technology. 😀


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  1. This made me smile like this —> 😀

    Also, you need to know something. This morning, I was up before anyone else, and went down for breakfast. I was pretty asleep, and for some reason started thinking about you and your siblings. Then I was like “I wonder if I can name them all off now, and have the right faces for each name.” So I got you, Riley, Courtney, Sam…then I knew there's a Bonnie, Georgia (?) and Elizabeth, that I can't remember which is which, which including Gideon brought it to 8. I was like GAHHH TWO MORE WHO ARE THEY. Then I remembered Victor and was like YAY! Then I realized I'd been pacing in the kitchen (and NOT eating or being productive) for like 10 minutes? And I had to leave soon for school. I still haven't remembered the other sibling. So I might cry.

  2. Your comment made me smile like this —> 😀

    And the one you forgot is Charlotte! We go in order Jasmine Riley Courtney Victor Bonny Elizabeth Georgia Charlotte Gideon Samuel. Soon you get to meet those who still live here! !!!! 😀

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