Restoring Harmony, Joelle Anthony

Molly McClure is a 16 year old farm girl, on her way to the big city for the first time. The local doctor diagnosed her mother’s pregnancy as high-risk just before he died in an accident, but now Mrs. McClure isn’t going to listen to ANYONE except a(nother) doctor about taking it easy. She’s too busy fretting about her Father, left alone in the city since his wife has just died. Without Molly’s grandmother to take care of him, he’ll soon be wearing clothes with no buttons, and starving to death when he runs out of food that doesn’t need to be prepared. He also happens to be a doctor.

Mr. McClure looks at his wife, in need of a doctor and fretting about her father the doctor, and then he looks at resourceful, stubborn, hardworking, never-say-die Molly.

So Molly is on the way to the big city for the first time, to fetch her grandfather and bring him back to their island. As soon as she leaves home she finds out that the trip isn’t going to be as smooth as everyone had thought- and once she finally arrives at her destination she finds out that getting there was the easy part. Soon she’s up to her eyebrows in making money, summer canning, the hazards of busking in areas with organized crime, a cute boy who might just be involved in that organized crime, orphan children, and transportation in a time when the train lines aren’t exactly reliable, and it might be faster to go by foot. Also, stubbornness seems to run in the family.

Oh, and it’s set in 2041. ^_________^

I loved this book. I loved the futuristic setting, I loved that the heroine was Canadian, I loved the organized crime element, I loved the romance, and I loved the political climate. Yes, the politics. Usually in SF books everything dissolves into anarchy after the Great Crash, but this one kept things in a recognizable setting- just twisted. I delighted in that. 😀 Oh, and the romance! I believed in this one! I could rant about it all, but I won’t. It’s just sweet, and redemptive, and lovely. *happy*

Okay, this is rapidly sliding into true incoherence, but I just had to mention one more thing that I liked. You know how when people are from the country in books, usually it’s a bad thing? They have to “get over it,” and learn to function in “real life.” Not in this book. Molly is a farm girl, thank you very much, and she can handle herself. Better than YOU can, probable. 🙂

AND THE MISSIONARY IS WIN OF ALL WIN. That’s all I’m gonna say there, cause you just have to meet, and see for yourself, the wonder and joy of those scenes.

I gave it four stars out of five. I will recommend it to any of my siblings who are able to handle a guy getting beaten.


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