Quotes from May, June, July, AND YES, August

So yes. I’ve been failing at collecting quotes lately. But I’ve finally got enough together to get a decent post, and so HERE YOU GO. 

In order of collection.


Bahnree: LOL
Bahnree: that was good suspense
Bahnree: geez
Snazel: heheheh, good
Bahnree: I started at uncomfortable and rapidly escalted to RUN AWAY NOW

Snazel: "There’s no I in Manly!"

A bunch of teenager and near-teenagers escaped from the Home School conference and went to the mall. Which was awkward when people found out.
Shop lady (On hearing that we’re home schoolers.) "Well, it’s good that you can- get out and play with the other children!"
Joy: *awkardly* "Yes, we do know how to have fun!"

Stolen from facebook – The Liturgy Boys talk women
Matthew VanMilligen: I like my beer like I like my women; blonde, belgian, leaving me dizzy at a first-pass.
Landon Coleman: I too like my beer like I like my women; German, in large quantities, complimented by a piping hot serving of shnitzel.
Jesse Butler: Me too: Irish, stout, heavy, and lukewarm.

June: This was actually a hilarious month, but with the exception of these few I scribbled down in the car, I didn’t write any down. I need to start carrying a pen.

Bahnree: "You’re whispering sweet nothing again, and I can’t hear them!"

Kemendraugh: "That was a good one. I was funny then."

Snazel: "Do you ever wear suspenders?"
Bahnree: "Uh, nooooo…."
Snazel: "You totally should! They’re like- magical bust-finding devices!"

Snazel: "I really like this shirt." *plays with shirt* "And- I’m stroking my own chest now."
Kemendraugh: "it’s yours, do what you want with it!"


Bahnree "NO. I refuse to eat ice cream out of dirty wineglasses."

Kemendraugh: I just aligned myself with the goddess of death, and the evil godess of darkness, poison, and spiders! Aren’t you proud?

Mommy: *as I’m leaving for work* "Looks like you fell on the wrinkle grenade for everyone else. How noble of you."

Customer: "WHAT a day. It’s just like living in a hair dryer."

August: Look, I actually started taking down quotes! GO ME.

PCB: you are so very strange and inscrutable
PCB: you maniacal inscrutable feminine strangeling, you
Snazel: You’re welcome

Customer: "Sorry, I mixed a lot of paint today. Too much huffing- what was the question again?"

Little Sister: *After I’d told her about a man who went into the hospital for cancer treatments, only to find that the "growth" was a pea plant in his lung* "What a valiant pea!"
Snazel: *stare* "But it was all for naught, it still died."
Little Sister: "Oh, that’s good! He wasn’t supposed to be there. Valiant but- misguided."

Snazel: *As Daddy’s coffee spills three times in quick succession* "That was exciting."
Daddy: *meditatively* "It… wanted to be free."

Mommy: *Listening to Kim Mitchell.* "It’s Snazel’s Nursery Rhymes!:

Mommy: *Listening to Techno* "It’s like vacuuming your head!"

Bahnree: NO
Bahnree: NO-NO I no wear damaged jeans!
Bahnree: well, at least i don’t buy them
Bahnree: because they’re like $20 more if you buy them damaged…if i WANTS them damaged i will take an axe to them

PCB: so they butchered your book
PCB: I have no idea why you let Stallone have the rights

Bahnree: The reception was OUTSIDE from 6 -11.
Bahnree: And the mosquitos were like WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Kemendraugh: cream of wheat
Kemendraugh: it’s over quickly

Snazel: "I should get dressed. Clothed and in my right mind."
Little Sister: "Good Luck."

Snazel: *pets your hair*
Snazel: just pack KD
Bahnree: no i’m busy decapitating gummi bears and sticking the sticky parts to my face
Snazel: Right

Snazel: Boys hair is cute when it’s wet and spiky
Snazel: *wants to bat at it*
Bahnree: o.O
Bahnree: oh my
Bahnree: are you a cat?
Snazel: YES
Snazel: and a moth
Bahnree: mothses are fragile!
Bahnree: *protects*
Snazel: I found one in my hat today
Snazel: it was dead
Snazel: *stares at it*
Bahnree: 😥

Little Sister: *out of the blue* "He was girded with snaky whiles."


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