"I have no special skills. I am only passionately curious."

I’ve been looking at going back to university. And y’know, it looks interesting and all, but I’ve written if off for years simply because it’s so expensive. That and I already had education debts. But I’m a.) finally paying off my debts as of two weeks from now, and b.) feeling trapped in a small town. So I’m looking again at getting OUT of here, and since I am passionately curious about many things, university seems a logical avenue to look into.

But I have to MOVE away, which means rent and food costs. Which means, with tuition and maybe buying two books or going to the theatre once a year, I’m looking at about 20 thousand dollars in living and school expenses for most schools.

A year.

I didn’t make that much last year, all year! And I was working in a bank!

And since I and my family am not high income by the standards of anyone who lives in the Western World, I have to do it all on loans.

Which means in four years, I’m taking on about 80 thousand dollars in loans.

I HATE debts. They sap the joy from my soul, and the work I need to take to pay them off does the same. And it’ll take YEARS to pay them off. Which I’m taking on to be frivolous and play around in books, with the ridiculous idea that I’m going to get a scholarship or teaching position out of it at the end. If I even LIKE teaching.

Cue despair?


2 thoughts on “"I have no special skills. I am only passionately curious."

  1. K but can't you get like scholarships or something? Especially if your family isn't high-end income??? Gaia didn't really have any money for college, and she was homeschooled, and she's going to Bryn Mawr on like a 80% discount. Maybe you wouldn't get that much but there ARE scholarships out there for people so they can go to college. NO DESPAIR FOR YOU.
    Also, you should come HERE and live with me and go to UO. ^_^ Ahem. Jk. “Hey, I can dream, can't I?”

  2. 😀

    Living with you would be fun! I just can't afford it. 😛

    And most of the entrance scholarships are for people a.) right out of high school, and b.) who have high school marks. Which I don't. The rest of them are for location or employment history, which I don't have. So basically I've yet to find a scholarship I'm eligible for.

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