Devilish, Maureen Johnson

Jane is brilliant, sarcastic, loyal, and failing school because she can’t really be bothered to care about her standing. Why engage in class when it’s all politics and drama, and you can do the advanced school work in your 15 minutes before the bus arrives? She does care for the sake of her friend Ally, though, and if Ally wants to participate in traditions like Big Little day, where Freshmen (Littles) choose Senior mentors (Bigs), she’ll be damned if she’s gonna see Ally go without a Little.

She’s been best friends with Ally since forever. Which means she’s in a prime position to notice when her BFF, (after a really tragic public vomiting incident,) starts acting- differently. To the point of sudden knowledge of Latin, entire wardrobe and style change, and new personality to go with the hair.

Jane’s never really been one to take No for an answer, or acknowledge subtle hinting to back off, so it doesn’t take many self-igniting text books and freak hail storms before she’s figured out that Ally’s actually sold her soul to the devil, via a new girl at school. And now this middleman for Hell is willing to strike a deal with Jane for Ally’s freedom, just sign here please…

Maureen Johnson is a hilarious writer, and I really think this is the most fun I’ve had with any of her books I loled irl at least once a chapter, and was grinning like a maniac at the page for the rest of the time. Maybe I find demon possession hilarious. DON’T JUDGE ME OKAY?

But I both found it hilarious, and my religious sensibilities weren’t (really) freaked out by the treatment of demons. There was no falling in love with fallen angels, for example. I always find that one a little bit hard to buy into, given the whole trust component in falling in love. Instead this time, the love interest was SO CUTE I just want to RUFFLE HIS HAIR and grin at him. *cough*

So yes, I loved the characters, including her whole family and the teachers, I loved the dialogue, the plot was satisfying, and I generally enjoyed it. I gave it four stars out of five.


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