Forms! Options! Triumph!

So, I have fought with Google Docs for the right to make forms, and I do believe I’ve won.
*triumphant clash of cymbals*

Now commences stage two of reading for a good cause! Putting up the cash. Or more accurately, saying how much cash you’ll put up on the 10th of October. (After I’ve racked my body with caffeine and sugar and ruined my eyes with reading. I’m so excited. :D) Right now I am just collecting pledges.

There are three ways you can pledge money to Candlelighters. (Which provides support for families affected by Childhood Cancer, does research into Childhood Cancers, and is generally awesome.)

    • In this one, you pledge to give a certain amount for every hour I, (or any of the other readers,) keep reading. 
    • Or, as I read fast, you could pledge to give a certain amount per book I (or any of the other readers) read! 
    • *hand held high* I promise I will not resort to speeding through the Franklin books if all the pledges are of that sort. (Heh.) 
    • I estimate I can read 12 books in 24 hours, and that is what I’m going to aim for.
    • And for option three, you could pay what you think is a fair amount to make me read a book and review it. As long as I can get ahold of the book and it does not offend my morals, I will read it. I might review VERY SARCASTICALLY, but yes, I will read it. 😀
    • I’m the only one you can sponsor this way, as Bonny wants to choose her own books. No imagination, that girl.
    • And yes, if you want me to read Twilight, I reserve the right to ask for the money up front. Not going through that again without some reassurance that I’m actually making money for Candlelighters.
    • Because I estimate I’m only getting through 12 books in 24 hours, I am taking a maximum of 12 of these sponsorships. 
      • And I promise you I will not sleep until those books are read.

The form for signing up to pledge is right below.

Alternatively, you have just give money right away, and worry not about amount of books read, hours gone without sleep, or any of that fun stuff.

And, thank you.

Reading is for awesome people. See?

Thank you so much.

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