2nd Samuel

I was actually supposed to read 1st Samuel, which makes more sense. !st Samuel is all about how awesome David is. 2nd Samuel is more like LET”S ALL WATCH IT FALL APART.


  1. Someone needs to stop Joab. He takes his personal vengeance WAY too seriously. I don’t care how good of a general he is. Someone needs to go to David, and say “Dude, this man is stabbing people in front of the whole army. It’s BAD FOR MORALE. And morals.”
  2. Never name your daughter Tamar. That’s just- not a name with a good history.
  3. David is SO BAD with women. I just kept facepalming the whole time, really.
    1. But I still love him. Something about his poetry and way of rallying the troops. 😀
  4. There is SO MUCH politics in this book! Seriously! Everyone’s backstabbing and supporting people, and withdrawing their support, and all that junk. It’s CA-RAY-SEE. 
  5. Also, sexism. There’s a lot of it.

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