The adventures in funding continue…

Right, so, I kind have no way to ease into this, and limited time. So I’ll just dive right into the heart of the matter and say that I’ve been thinking about WHY I’m going to school. Obviously edification of my mind is right up there, but at some point you have to turn the learning time into a job.

So with the information that is available to me right now, it looks like there are three job options once I’m done with my BA.

  1. Go on, stay in school, write and teach. 
    1. I’d probably be writing more in terms of research than in terms of fiction, but I think I’d like this option. I like teaching (I think maybe?) and I definitely am fond of school.
    2. This is the option I know least about, more research is required
  2. Write Fiction.
    1. Not a high-income life, and not something I can get a job in right out of school. There would have to be some lean years in there while I work on my craft. But I love writing, and people tell me I’m good at it. 
    2. Am I good enough to publish, and take the many many rejections that come with this job? Really, only time will tell.
  3. Join the Military.
    1. Despite my lifelong fascination with the Military, I’d never really thought I could make it in that job. Then, like a lightening strike, we (my family) realized that I wouldn’t have to be an infantry officer to join the forces. Because to be honest, I do not think that is where my strength lie. But there are other jobs, and a few of them sound really, really, REALLY interesting. Plus I wouldn’t have to worry about money OR wardrobe any more. *beams at everyone*
    2. I’m not exactly sure if my strong interests and talents do fit into the jobs that I find interesting. More research required as to what I like to study.
So where am I? These jobs all sound interesting, but they all have one thing in common. 
I really can’t decide yet. 😛
Especially with the military, I am truly between two minds in a way I rarely am. I look at the job, and then I look at it again, and then I see the part about sports training, and then I see the part about leadership, and then I see… it goes on and on. *head implodes*
Therefore it seems the most prudent thing to do would be to go to school under my OWN steam, (weak cheer,) and after I know what I like in that field, and how good I am at it, I reevaluate. ^_^ 
I look forward to the news that renders this post entirely invalid the moment I post it, as news has a habit of doing.

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