Decision Making: THE NEXT LEVEL

So I HAVE made decisions about my life in my past. You know, the normal stuff, like “should I cut my hair,” and “should I read that book,” and also bigger things, like “should I go to this college,” and “should I move home after college.” Decisions are not entirely foreign to me.

BUT! I realized today that all of the “Big Decisions,” I’ve made in the past have been Yes or No type things. Do I stay or do I go now…. *sings*

Ah-hem. *cough*

Anyhow. Yes. Decision making being Y/N! I’m pretty cool with that, and making the decision and moving on. Only now, I’m faced with a decision that’s all “oh, pick one of these three options with two mixed variables and several possible outcomes with three funding choices- or not.”


I could go to St FX, or STU, or even MUN, if they accept me. And I could start in January, or September. And I could go on loans, if I could get them, or I could mainly work my way through. And I could study anything in the arts faculty. And today MUN made things MUCH harder, by DARING to have interesting classes I wanna take. So now decisions are hard again. *sulks*

OR I could just give it all up and hitch-hike across Europe! Not gonna like, option Europe is looking pretty good.

Thank you for tuning in. This has been your episode of Jasmine Angsts. Tune in next time to hear Jasmine talk about housing woes. Because woe is me, I’m so woe, and I have woes.


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