Nano Week 2: "[Insert Witty Quote Here]"

So, as you may have heard, Nano is HARD.

Picture’s worth a thousand words? Darn it, I just need eight more pictures to catch up. ^_^

And it just continues to BE hard. Gosh and Golly, it continues to be hard. This may be for a myriad of reasons, including my lack of plot, the fact that all my characters are the same person, or even the rest of my life, which is devouring my brain, soul and memory by the day. University searches, I LOVE YOU. (Wait, that last part was a lie. Oops.)

But the fact remains, I am stuck. I mean, my settings are all pretty, but there’s only so much drive I have to talk about settings, if there’s no PLOT!

*pokes novel with a stick*


4 thoughts on “Nano Week 2: "[Insert Witty Quote Here]"

  1. I love the progress chart. I've set up a spreadsheet to chart my progress and it's really helped me to stay on track. I did fall behind a bit this weekend but I don't think it will take me long to get back on track. I read that you now have a plot so maybe you're writing will take off now and you'll catch up to your word count goal in no time.

  2. Be strong, Jasminay. I believe you have a plot now, so that's good. If you need to flesh out characters, think of someone IRL and give a character a quirk from that someone.

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