The last quotes of 2010

Snazel: snakes
PCB: if your fambly ever complains about being bored
PCB: it is a crime against God and man and Richard Dawkins, even
PCB: what with you being in the same house

PCB: I am so not flying to the US for the foreseeable future
PCB: I’d like to save my virginity for a good-looking girl of my choosing
Snazel: Trains are better
PCB: even buses are better than molestation
Snazel: I agree
PCB "You’ve been to the bus station… but this is the MOLEST-station!"

Bahnree: oooo police and cookies!
Bahnree: oh btw i meant to ask, why did you ask about the marines moving into work or whatever?
Snazel: did you read my short story?
Bahnree: not yet
Snazel: well, yes, of course I thought you’d know about the military takeover of the public universities
Snazel: drafting’s been difficult lately, something like that
Bahnree: ah
Bahnree: there were a lot of uniforms in the cafeteria last time i was on campus…..


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