Town, where the weather is always sunshine and rainbows.

So yesterday I moved into town! It was a long drive, which was rather hazy because I was in AUGH MOVING TIME HAS NO MEANING MUST DRINK MORE COFFEE mode. But my brother PT and his Girlfriend R drove me in, which was lovely of them. There was much conversation which I hope I was lucid for. 
I know we stopped at McDonalds on the way, where this conversation happened. 

PT: “All right, time to hit the road.”
Me: “Aw, but I thought we were living here now!”
R: “They don’t have a playplace. We’ll find a better one.”

Yeah, I was in fine form. 
When we got to the edge of town, no sooner did we get to my neighbourhood than four police cars went screaming by, lights and sirens going. Welcome to the big city, self! 😛 Aside from some moving up of boxes, which is not exiting to relate, that was my evening. (Life!Drama, I has it.) 
Now today I woke up to a beautiful sunshiny day. Er, no, that was some other city. I’m living in Fog City. Thankfully I like fog. 😀 
The objectives of the day were to go shopping for groceries, and go out for coffee with Angie and Kay. I will now conduct the rest of this blog post in pictures, because me and words are ESTRANGED.

This is how foggy I mean. I almost walked past the grocery.


This was brunch, and it was delicious. (Can you tell I like having a camera?)

Kay insisted on taking pictures of me too. So here, you get to see all my gums.
You’re welcome.

On the Left, Curtis.
On the Right, Angie.
They’re lovely. 😀

Kay plays coy with her gloves. This picture taking was our attempt as being “rowdy,” by the way. How do you think we did?

Angie enjoys Starbucks.
We agreed that my phone was prettier, but hers was a SURVIVOR.

Kay’s shy about having her picture taken. 😀
No honestly, she’s just distracted.

I just liked this building. It’s so UGLY.

Ugly was noteworthy because this was about what the rest of downtown looks like. GLASS AND PRETTINESS. 

And here’s the view from my back window! 

3 thoughts on “Town, where the weather is always sunshine and rainbows.

  1. YAYYYY Thank you for posting photos!
    I like fog.
    *takes notes* Gloves=rowdy.
    I REALLY like fog.
    Angie looks like a good egg.
    That breakfast looks delicious.

  2. @beamsofcolor: Thank you! Knowing you are excited for me makes it just that much MORE exciting! 😀

    @Bahnree: YAYYYY, Thank You for commenting!
    I like fog too. Let's be friends!
    And Angie IS a good fresh egg. 😀
    It was. You should come visit again, I'll bring you out for breakfast. 😀

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