Many many pictures and also some words

Yesterday was my day off, (since I work Saturday this week), and I went all around town! Actually I went to the two places I traditionally go, downtown and up by the university, but that’s almost all over town, right? YES, exactly, I’m totally right. ^_^

Due to issues which I’d previously mentioned about MUN, I was going to the university to REJECT THEM. I suppose I could phrase that as “withdraw my registration,” but hey, I was thinking of it as rejection on my part, so that’s how I’m going to write it down.

I find it very odd, the attitude of universities that they have to do nothing to win over their customers. Because that’s what students are- customers. And the majority of schools, or at least the ones I’ve dealt with, appear to see no need whatsoever for customer service. Speaking as someone who is CONSTANTLY having the need for making the customer happy drilled into my head at work, this just seems weird to me.

Maybe I’ve just been low on coffee whenever I talk to them.

ANYWAYS. I spent a small amount of time in MUN, and more wandering over to the public Library. Where I went in with the intention of dropping off all my books, and came out with 22 more checked out. It’s research, okay? STUDY PURPOSES?

Then in the evening I went to The Rooms, which is the provincial art gallery and museum, and offers free admission on Wednesday nights. They also offer the best hot chocolate I’ve ever had in my life. I mean, seriously amazing hot chocolate.

I’m going back next week for another mug of chocolate. And I’m so looking forward to it.

Surprise Knitting Group!

There was also an exhibit in the Museum about sea monsters. I totally knew all of the myths they were referencing.

Except for the Fudge Mermaids…

I still have no idea what’s going on here.

And yes, the main exhibit was a showing of Goya’s The Disasters of War and Los Caprichos. About which I have to say that the next person I hear refer to Napoleon as a folk hero and great man for the people, I’m going to smack them.

4 thoughts on “Many many pictures and also some words

  1. Yeah, I guess universities tend to think that the students should be throwing themselves at the uni's feet…because the uni is just that hot. Idk. It's a weird thing. We pay them money, but on the other hand they DEIGN to receive our money if they like us enough. Which makes them sound like a prostitute with standards.
    IT'S LATE AND I'M SUGAR-HIGH. That's what I'm telling the world tomorrow.

    Also, YUM pictures, and YAY books! Hehehe…it's funny how no matter how many unread books I have on my shelves, if I go to the library, I check out a ton anyway.

  2. Bahnree, I love your imagery, have I ever told you this? 😀 Hehehe, University as Courtesan. Hehe.

    And yes, books are always a good plan. I went to a PARTY and got two bags full, which you know.

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