I’m home for a whole week! I took the bus on Friday, (got up at 5:50 in order to stop by the metrobus lost and found and pick up by wallet (cause I lost my wallet on Thursday, did I mention this?)) and I’ve been back home for MULTIPLE DAYS. It’s been lovely. 😀


Okay, when you get the bright idea to pry the command key off your computer so you can clean underneath it, DON’T DO IT. Just saying.

*fights with the keyboard a bit more*

Anyhow, I’m back in Central! And this visit is lovely for several reasons, some of which I’d been expecting, and some of which I had not. I mean, I expected seeing my family again would be great. (What do you know? It is great. Shocking behaviour!) And I thought being able to eat someone else’s cooking would be peachy keen. (I was right.)

I didn’t expect sleeping in would be great, because I didn’t expect to sleep in. Turns out that turning your alarm on doesn’t do much good if you also turn your phone to silent at 11:30 so your twitter alarms won’t disturb the small ones. None of my family was disturbed by my bright-and-early alarm, much less me…

And also I’ve had a fair amount of time both to think about and talk about life, my reaction to it, and why I’m doing things that I’m doing, (both conscious and unconscious). I’d thought I was going to be SUPER PRODUCTIVE, and I haven’t been, really. I’ve been sleeping late and staring out windows for extended periods of time and staying up to all hours fighting chatting with people online. But my satisfaction with my life isn’t measured in word count so much as in not being a jerkface. Or failing that, knowing how to proceed towards not being a jerkface. Oh, okay, and I just like talking about things. 😀

So yes, that’s been my life so far. On vacation, lazing around wrapped in many blankets, enjoying myself a lot.

I’ve also just done my taxes, which makes me feel very libertarian. 

4 thoughts on “Home!

  1. I just have never had to pay taxes before, being usually minimum-wage or part-time, so I had no IDEA taxes ran to that much when you're just getting by as it is. And yeah, I had nothing saved for it. Eek.

  2. I've been ignoring Blogger lately, lol, so just saw this.

    Yay for home and family and blankets! I approve of all. Sometimes it's good to just NOT be productive. 😛

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