April Quotes

I finally got back into collecting quotes! HURRAH. 


PCB: I’ve decided to interpret that as a racist slur.
(I don’t know when this was said, but it’s a catchphrase, really. :D)

Snazel: well
Snazel: wow, I just need to be more sleep deprived when I plan fanwork
Snazel: is it okay if what I write is super salacious?
Snazel: and slash-y?
PCB: y-yes
PCB: *is afraid*

Snazel: that shows moral weakness, dear
PCB: your FACE shows moral weakness, dear
Snazel: my face CAUSES moral weakness, dear
PCB: nice.
PCB: well-played.
Snazel: thank you

Snazel: Oh
Snazel: I forgot my plot
Snazel: and now Peter is very unhappy
Snazel: Do you think Peter hurts girls?

Kemendraugh: loser
Snazel: that hurt
Snazel: it’s not his fault!
Kemendraugh: doesn’t he have anything better to do?
Kemendraugh: break up marriages or something?
Snazel: he doesn’t "break" marriages
Snazel: they just get more
Snazel: open
Snazel: when he’s around

Bahnree: 😛
Bahnree: i think there is no logic to the jump from friendship to sex
Bahnree: LOL
Bahnree: it’s loooooooove, Snazel
Bahnree: xD

PCB: it’s so cold in this house
Snazel: We are literally burning rafters from the attic to stay warm
Snazel: I win!

Bahnree: i actually knew what the unseen passage was ABOUT
Bahnree: it was fantastic
Snazel: I think you need root beer for a job well done!
Snazel: oooooooo
Bahnree: last time there was a dead bear and i was like "This CAN’T be right."
Bahnree: and it wasn’t.

*at work, Nikki has just asked me about a hot boy I apparently served, who I don’t remember. She finds my lack of remembering unbelievable.*
Snazel: "I don’t look at boys like you do!"
Nikki: "I look at them like MEAT."
Snazel: *laughs*
Jennifer: "I think Snazel’s vegetarian."

Snazel: *purrs*
Snazel: You SURE?
Bahnree: sorry, that was my horrified yodel
Bahnree: not Damien’s

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