Have some quotes!

Rachel: “I haven’t met you!”
Steven: “You haven’t? Oh, woe is you!”

Rachel: “And your name?”
Gavin: “Gavin.”
Madi: “He prefers to go by Catherine.”

4:52:51 PM Zack Candy: is Bolander the iambic pentametre guy
4:54:37 PM Medusa: No, that’s Russell
4:54:44 PM Medusa: Bolander is the fox-vomiting girl
4:54:54 PM Zack: sounds attractive
4:55:05 PM Medusa: oh, she has two boyfriends
4:55:20 PM Zack: sounds Mormon
4:55:26 PM Zack: er, reverse Mormon
4:55:37 PM Zack: it’s like Satanism, only probably actually good

Steven: “I don’t like snuggling, I just like to be warm!”

“That’s why I do children’s ministries. The club beats!”

Madi: “Gavin put me on facebook as his daughter. Yeah. But I refused to accept him as my father.”

Fitch: “Every sermon ever preached is the same 3-point sermon. *counts on fingers* “God is Great, You’re Not, and Try Harder.” And it’s a great sermon. I hope to preach it today.”

Agnes: “What about the fly?”
Steven: “Oh, the fly is a fly.”

Crys: *expands a haiku for 7 minutes.*
Melissa: “Can I spend like 5 minutes in your brain?”

Stephanie: Just sent you another Annie draft.
Stephanie: You know, to make the day more repetitive

Kendra: yeah, I rolled over on my alarm
Medusa: heheheheh
Kendra: and then had a dream which involved a hamster’s excessive sleeping until I woke up and realized it was my outraged clock

Rachael: “In a way it’s better that I don’t have office hours, because you can call me up any hour of the day or night. 3 am! “Madame, Madame! Combien font duex et duex!” And I’ll tell you.”

Steven: “I guess you can compare it to the God thing if you really WANT to.”

Madi: *sick and distracted in class* “99 bottles of beer on the wall…”
Kailyn: “99 papers of homework on the table…”
Madi: *piteous cry* “Noooo! Take it off! Take it all off!”

Kailyn. “Je suis ananas.”

*In the lunch line, someone drops a plate.*
The whole line: “Oopa!”

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