Where I am right now.

Madi Smith singing Vitus

Last weekend was Folk Fest, which is when everyone from the school and the community gets together to show off their artistic ability. I did a reading, but that’s not what this post is about. What this post is about is the sheer amount of artistic ability everyone was showing off, and the artistic passion. LOTS of song-writers, and visual artists, and photographers, and crafters; it was fabulous. And what was especially fabulous was the place the art was coming from.

Cause you create art out of your whole life, right? What stirs you, fascinates you, what you think is important and what you just can’t get out of your head. So there were songs about local history. And there were pictures of travel to Europe and Asia. And comics about relationships, and ethical jewelry made out of leather and guitar strings, and it was AWESOME. I have a picture up above of Madi playing guitar and kick drum while singing a song about St. Vitus’s Dance, which I think is a wonderful depiction of SSU in one sentence/image.

Creating art about things out of the ordinary, and thinking outside of the box is really why I wanted to go back to university. I wanted to be able to take history and culture and language and make awesome things with them. And now I’ve found myself in a small artistic intellectual christian community which is close to the ocean, where that’s what people do. Success? I think so. 😀

I am still working through (“asking fondly,” as Milton says), my self and my faith. Most of the time I have no idea if I believe in God or Truth or anything, especially when my emotions are bound and determined to sabotage me. But If I believe in God, and If I believe that God has a beneficent plan for me, and If I believe he wants me to follow all the things that fastinate me and fill me with joy to find that plan, I think God wants me to be here.

So even when I’m panicking over my inadequacy and failure, (more often than not), I need to cling to that knowledge. Where am I? I’m in the right place for right now.

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