Why it is hard for me to write.

The answer is– I’m not sure of the answer. Maybe because I focused so much on writing over this summer and for the past year, and I just burnt myself out. Maybe because I focused so much on writing over the past four years that now I have unrealistic expectations of perfection and I can’t get past the first page. Maybe because the language part of my brain is taking a little holiday. Maybe because I know people are reading this, so I’m struck with stage fright.

Whatever the reason, I am finding writing very difficult right now.

(This is not a going-silent post, and neither is it a I’m-giving-up-all-fiction post.)

I just wanted to say that I am trying to get words out of my head and onto the screen, but it is not the smoothest ride. And that’s why I haven’t been blogging frequently. Fighting myself over every phrase will do that to a post. 😛 I am going to continue to try! I just ask for your understanding as most of what I put up is short and disjointed, infrequent and lacking in logic. (And on that note, here’s a link to my Tumblr.)

In blog news, I managed to get a school tab up in the top menu, there. There’s links to posts about school subjects. Riveting, I know. 😛

I also put up a tab for reading! I’m working on the non-fiction reports I have to put up for school, but hopefully over Christmas I’ll get some fiction reviews selected and placed as well. (I also have the hope that I’ll be able to get a writing tab done over Christmas, but who knows. I may just celebrate the holiday with my family or something. Crazy thought, I know.)

This has been blog news! Go about your normal business. (3.5 more weeks of term AUGH AUGH YAY AUGH.)


2 thoughts on “Why it is hard for me to write.

  1. I’m glad you’re not just giving up, even though it’s discouraging. :C I think writing tends to come and go violently and phases, so if you stick through the bad phases you are pretty much a deity. 😉 I haven’t done very much writing at all over the last couple of years, and idk if Nano will help or hurt that. More likely I’ll just stay the same.

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