Gender and Employment…

“One effect of our segregation of male and female spheres has been the over-investment of women in homes and children and the over-investment of men in the workplace. One response to this, implied in the previous pages, is to move women into the waged workplace in a manner that allows them the same opportunities as men. But must the public, wage-earning sphere always remain geographically separate from the private, domestic sphere? That, it seems to me, is a Faustian bargain we have made with the Industrial Revolution whose full price we are just beginning to realize. We have traded a progressively higher standard of material living for fragmented and emotionally problematic relations between the sexes and generations. And as we have built an industrial economy around the model of the commuter-father, we have also multiplied our environmental problems: too many cars, too much duplication of heated or cooled space and too much concentration of energy use during the nine-to-five work-day.”

— Mary Steward Van Leeuwen, Gender and Grace

So this is one of the most fascinating non-fiction books I’ve ever read. AND I’m reading it without it being assigned in a class! This is awesome! *puts holds on all the books about gender and sociology and culture*

I also realized last night that if I get all my loans and go straight through with my education now, it will probably take me until age forty five to get them paid off. So perhaps my sudden ability to read non-fiction comes at a good time!

4 thoughts on “Gender and Employment…

  1. Why will it take you until forty five? If I remember your tweets, weren’t you calculating that based on minimum wage? If so, that’s not necessarily a foregone conclusion.

    • My calculation was no-life at minimum wage, or a better standard of living, with new computers every 4 years and going to the theatre occasionally, at a higher wage. How long are YOU in for?

      • So basically you calculated the worst case scenario? I mean, I guess that’s prudent, but it doesn’t seem likely.

        I haven’t done the calculations because they matter very little. You see, I will be fabulously wealthy very soon.

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