I always reserve the rights to take my own survey results and run into the sunset with them, giggling maniacally.

So remember that survey I did before vacation, when I thought I was going to accomplish things? Yeah. I tried to forget too, but it’s still hanging around.

So here are the results!

  • The most popular options, with five votes each are;
    •  Sleep. More sleep
    • Work on a short story and send it out for sale. I don’t care what story it is, just send it out! Are you a professional or not?,
  • Close behind, with four votes each;
    •  Work on Expendables
    • Eat all the things.
  • With three votes was;
    • Work on Karma Police! I know that story has a soul in there somewhere…
  • There was still some popularity behind these options, each with two votes;
    • Write that story you said you were working on 4 months ago, the one about the wings and the plants that eat people.
    • Write that story with the first line “The snake in my bed was expected, but the boy underneath it was a surprise.”
    • Write more reviews! I don’t have NEARLY enough snark in my life!,
    • Forget writing, READ ALL THE THINGS,
    • Write something new and creative! I’m sure there’s a shred of creativity in there somewhere!,
    • Learn to play mine craft.
  • With a single vote each, some people felt I should use my time in;
    • I think you should dye your hair a cool colour. Like Orange. Yeah.,
    • Learn to play Halo.
    • Forget writing, learn to play the drums.
    • Forget writing, learn to knit. Like a boss.
    • Dedicate your time to producing a truly excellent tumblr.
  • And finally, there were two write-in votes.
    • Enjoy the simple things in life – crisp winter air, a hot shower, a steaming cup of coffee/tea or cider, a warm bed, the smile of a friend, the laughter of a child, curling up with a good book that no one has told you to read, helping someone do something simple, music that calms your soul…
    • Psanky eggs!!!

As you can see, I have not achieved everything on that list. Not quite.

The good news is that now my “school vacation” extends until September! I can totally manage to get another few things crossed off the list by then! Like dying my hair and/or eating all the things!

8 thoughts on “I always reserve the rights to take my own survey results and run into the sunset with them, giggling maniacally.

    • I definitely am not going to return to SSU IN JANUARY. I still intend to finish my degree, but– Clarion ate too much of my money. (My credit, to be more precise.) So my plan until April is to attempt to work here in town, and spend minimal money. Save like a bamf= my new motto.

      This is mostly because I’ve been offered a job here in town, and my living expenses are very cheap. If I was offered a job at 15 dollars an hour I might follow that, but really I have a good place. Hopefully. Many things can still shake down in a weekend. 😛

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