What 2012 looks like for me.

It doesn’t include the end of the world, let me tell you that.


If the apocalypse comes, I am not at home. I’ve read enough fiction to know that. Sheesh.

I should probably disclaim at this point: my plans are always nebulous. I’ve had enough curve balls thrown at me to (hopefully) not be too set on any plan I attempt to predict the future with. I am no prophet.

Anyways, my plan for the next year comes in three parts. I had originally planned to go back to school in January. I was gonna take 6 courses, it was gonna be awesome. And then, (curve ball ahoy) my funding (in the form of a long-shot bank loan) for next term did not appear. At that point I took a long hard look at my bank account and– I get to work for the next term!

As much as I am regretful about not being able to go back and study Celtic History and Logic and Greek/Roman History and Psychology and French and Global Short Fiction– all those courses should still be offered when I get back Next winter. And I am so looking forward to being able to look at my bank account and feel I’m snubbing bankruptcy. (Right now our flirting is about toescalate to tongue-kissing, to illustrate the state of my bank account.)

So for the next for months I work and read books from the library, and take pictures, and WRITE. Dude I can write again. Duuuuuuuuddddde I might be able to make words happen. Duuuuuuuuuuude.

Then in April through August, my plan is to, um, do some things. I’m working on several options, including moving to Ottawa and/or St. John’s. The part about where I’ll be sleeping is nebulous. The part about what cons I’ll be going to is not! I’m going to attend Readercon and Chicon. (And maybe, together with the writing, I’ll be able to have a credit to my name? Maybe two?)

Also in the summer, I should write more. Yes.

Then in September I go back to University, have my birthday, and spend a term in Asia. I feel so giddy to be able to say that. The term should be split between Malaysia, the Phillipines and Thailand. We may be in Chiang Mai for Loi Krathong.


That strange sound you hear may be me vibrating with excitement.

So yeah. That’s my year in plans. Sounds pretty awesome.

11 thoughts on “What 2012 looks like for me.

  1. You have awesome plans. I will cheer! And possibly go to cons with you. It depends on the money thing and if I have a job and whether said job will let me go anywhere. I have no plans. I’mma wing it.
    ^Stop laughing and make plans, ya tool.

    • I would be deliriously happy if you came to cons with me. We would shift the course of science fiction with our very presence. 😀

      If you wing it, can I be the wind beneath your wings?

  2. Oh hunny!! I am sad I will be losing a roommate and perhaps will not see you again 😦 I miss you already and I am mourning inside. I am glad that you have a plan, though 🙂 Good luck with everything darling!

    • Thank you! ❤ ❤

      I hope you end up with an awesome roomie (or lack of roomie) and that your plans all work out WELL. *hugs* Good luck. And tell me when you graduate, I'd like to try to attend– wherever it is. 🙂

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