Change of writing plans.

As of this morning, my plan was to write two novels this year. They are both ideas I’ve sat on for years, so I figured it would be hard, but doable. And I’d done a bunch of brain-storming on my world building, I was working on character sketches, i was READY TO WRITE.

And then I read an article about funeral traditions in the Victorian era, and realized no, I was NOT ready to write. I have a lot of research to do. I have so much research to do that I am downgrading my objective from two novels to one.

This is what I am looking into;

  • Death, Morning and Grief in various cultures
  • Honour, Politeness and Face in various cultures
  • The concept of formality vs the concept of affection in various cultures
  • Pandemics, reaction to
    • societal reaction to population devastation
    • political reaction to population devastation
    • economic reaction to population devastation
  • Amnesia
    • Construction of identity and gender
    • examples of what is retained and what is lost
    • face blindness
  • Blindness, Deafness and Paralysis in children due to accident or illness
  • Cultural and historical significance of
    • food in various cultures
    • education in various cultures
  • Factory Culture
  • Shipyard Culture/Airports.
  • Maturity in various cultures.
  • Con men
  • Virology
  • Physics
    • Yes, I’m still building that space station.
I once wrote a blog post about how it was better to write Science Fiction or Fantasy instead of contemporary fiction, because instead of doing research you can just make stuff up.
See, it’s things like that which let me know that I’m getting better.
In other news terrified because I really don’t know how to research this stuff. On the one hand, societal and historical importance of food in Hong Kong, Ireland, and Mainland China, I can probably find at the library. On the other hand, construction of gender and identity in children affected by amnesia?  NO SWEET CLUE. Time to be very glad that I’m going to live on a university campus, where I can go live in the psychology/history sections.
P.S. I also choose to write this MG novel first, because “it will be simpler.” HAHAHAHAHAH oh Jasmine. Oh Jasmine you are so not wise.

4 thoughts on “Change of writing plans.

    • Hehehehe. Now I’ve made it look way more exciting than it is. 😀

      Thank you. You will get a copy, for sure. 😀

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