Race Against Time– Stephen Lewis

Stephen Lewis is angry, and with good reason. He served as the UN Secretary-General’s special envoy for HIV/AIDS for six years, and he spent those years watching people die. In this book– a collection of five lectures– he uses the Millennium Development Goals as a jumping-off point to explain the gravity of the AIDS crisis in Africa and how Western governments, (and the UN), have exacerbated the terrible situation both by their inaction and by the deployment of “aid” that hurts almost as much, if not more than, it helps. He says that we need to help. We need to help because we caused the situation, and we need to help because we are human.

(I was getting very wordy, so I put the individual chapter summaries into blog posts, below.)

Context: It Shames and Diminishes Us All

Pandemic: My Country Is On Its Knees

Education: An Avalanche of Studies, Little Studying

Women: Half the World, Barely Represented

Solutions: A Gallery of Alternatives in Good Faith


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