"And if anything about this flight or the service doesn’t meet your standards, please feel free to lower those standards!"

I went to Moon Unit’s church on Sunday! She attends a Reform Presbyterian church. This was the first time I’d attended that particular denomination, and it was quite interesting. I realized the bulk of my church attendance, that I remember, at least, has been either Highly liturgical, fairly Charismatic, or home churching. And this was none of the above. 😀 *thinks* There’s stained glass, and no organ or piano? How do I cope?!? 

However, I liked it. There wasn’t the mega-church effect that inspires panic attacks in me, I agreed with the theology I heard, and the people seemed genuinely friendly, without stalking the new people. Also, there was coffee after the service, and then potluck. *big grin* Free food? I’m there! 
Then we had to go back home, get my luggage together, check for things left behind, and go to the airport. *cut to Moon Unit and I remaining determinedly up-beat the whole way, despite shakiness* We got caught in a small amount of traffic on the way. Not much, but just enough to make getting checked in and through security more URGENT than usual. 
So I checked in, in a matter of less then ten minutes- God Bless West Jet- and hurried down through security. Zaktrik had come to see me off as well, which was nice of him. At that point of panic about missing my flight, however, I waved, said good-bye, and dashed off through security with a minimum of protracted farewells to anyone. And I made my flight with minute to spare, which I am sure is a tribute to the power of prayer. 
However, once we got to Toronto, it chanced that only one of the runways was open. So we circled the city for some time. 

While we were circling, I realized, with a shocking lack of panic, that I had 35 minutes to make my connection. Before I started being delayed. Mmmmm. Well, if I got stuck in Toronto, I know people to call! And there’s free internet, I could go to the Lush store, and it would make a great blog entry! Yes, that is the way I think, in actuality. However, we landed only a few minutes late, and I started walking quickly through the airport. Speed walk… And while speed walking, I hear the final boarding call for my flight come over the intercom. That is a marvelously motivational thing to hear. You find that your speed walking in heels can indeed accelerate even faster. 
Fast enough to see two other women closing in on your gate just ahead of you, and the door still open! Yay! We scurried down the tunnel onto the plane, the door closing behind me, and hurried to our respective seats. Whereupon we then sat on the tarmac for ten extra minutes, while the one usable runway was opened up. Air travel is so logical, timeline wise… 
Then I got into St. Johns, yadda yadda yadda, got my baggage, blah blah blah, took a taxi to Ms. B’s house, yabbla yabbla yabbla, went to ring her to let her know I was there- and she doesn’t have her apartment set up with a bell. Okay, I seem to remember something like this in the planning session. I am just gonna call her cell phone. Only I don’t have a cell phone. Right. Okay, I’ll ring the other people in the building who I know. They don’t answer. No need to panic, no need to panic, I’ll just log onto the internet- I have the password from when I stayed here before- and msn her that I’m here. A quick check later, I can’t see her internet router. Maybe panic is a good idea… No, wait! I can just sleep here on the bench in the lobby until someone comes in, and get them to let me into the building! Only, I seem to remember that it’s almost 1 o-clock, and I’ve heard complaining rumors about people coming in loaded drunk after midnight to this building, making all kinds of noise… So, uh, uh, uh, I’ll go out and throw rocks at her window! Sadly, (and yes I am saddened by this, at this hour), I can’t identify which one is her window. It’s a three story building, and even shouting in my best WHERE-ARE-THE-NEFARIOUS-TRAITORS-WHO-HAVE-COMMITTED-THIS-TERRIBLE-TRESPASS voice does not provoke a magical turning on of lights or head at the door. 
This is about where I sat down on my luggage in the wet grass and reassessed my situation. It was after midnight. I was tired. I had no phone. I had no cash. I apparently had no place to stay. I was in the student ghetto. It was dark (but not raining!) 
What to do? I could go to the mall, which I could see, only they close at night. And so does the Tim’s in the mall, obviously. And so does the University library, oddly enough. But there, there’s the hospital! I can see it! Open 24 hours! And I know people there, I know the cafeteria, I even know where there are vacant couches! Plus, I only have to get on the bus in 6 hours, now. I can stay awake for six hours, if needed. Right? Right. Cue me standing up and getting ready to progress down the street. But then one little niggling bit of social graces in the back of my head mentioned that it’d be hard to explain why I didn’t show up at Ms. B’s apartment, after making all those arrangements. Plus I might need to explain to my parents…. I decided to try the other doors in the fire escape and such. Just in case. So I could say I really couldn’t get in- oh look this one opens i don’t have to sleep on the side of the hallway!
And I got inside, had a lovely time chatting and not sleeping with Ms. B, slept on the bus, and made it home without further drama. I even had a welcoming committee. 

The committee had put up a banner for me. 😀

A Glimpse Into Renovations

Last week was Reno Week, which I was helping with, I think I may have mentioned. Of course, my helping was to run the kitchen, but it still counts, right? Anyhow, at one point I also wandered around with a camera, and this was the result.

Apologies are probably necessary. I’m sorry. *maniac chuckle*

Reno Glimpse from Amber on Vimeo.

"I’ll tell you about our new security system. All our chefs are armed."

The little girls are all now proud owners of lip shaped whistles. They, however, keep forgetting which one belongs to which person, and that has led to some comments rather funny to overhear.


“Give me back my lips!”
“Those are my lips!”
“No they aren’t, they’re mine!”
“Get your hands off my lips!”
And even;
“I like your lips.”
Good times with dollar store toys. 
It appears that Gid will be in the hospital for at least 10 days, as his blood cultures area growing something. So, I rule the roost for a while more. *evil smile* I’m become more used to being in charge again, which is good. 
Sam and I are hanging out a lot. (Sam is my three-year old little brother. ) Once supper was prepared yesterday, we were waiting for the others to get back from the park, so I read Crime and Punishment, ( a lovely book), and Sam read over my shoulder for a while. Then I let him listen to one ear of my ipod, which he was most pleased about. 
Here’s a bad picture. 

And here’s a slightly better one of him at his birthday party. 

And then after everyone went to sleep last night, Mommy and I had a girls’ night. We did our nails, and ate chips, and watched Ocean’s 11, which is a very fun movie.

"I could say something about how modern art is representative of the post modern viewpoint in which there is no truth and therefore anything is art…

I keep realizing more pieces of how Augustine has affected the way I think. My sister Slonner mentioned that she wants to go to art school when she grows up, and I ALMOST started a rant about postmodernism and performance art and the absence of truth in modern society and how that has changed the purpose of art, but I didn’t. I know, for those who were there, you are probably saying, “yes, yes you did rant,” but trust me, I didn’t. I also wanted to start a discussion about the influences of subjective truth on personhood and science fiction, but again I didn’t. *wide grin* I hope I keep this way of looking at the world, cause even if I don’t have anyone to talk to about it, it is very interesting.

Speaking of intersting things, it is quite intersting to move back to a place. I wasn’t really old enough to notice things before we moved to San Diego, but I am now. The land just feels right in a way which Ottawa didn’t, even after 8 months. I suppose that’s becuase of all the memories here, so things are familiar. It is also very interesting to have people recoginize me, after living in the city. I came in on the bus on Wednseday, and then took a taxi to the other end of town. The taxi driver recognized me from when I worked at Tim Horton’s two years before, and knew where I wanted to go before I told him. Small towns!

I am also loving the sound of the sea and the smell of salt and wood smoke on the wind.

But I am missing the Augustinians. *sigh* Moving is problematic.

There is a whole list of people and activities queing up for me to notice their absence. Currently missing things like puns are being shouted down by things like the lack of Third World, but I know they are just lying in wait to attack me. Bah.

On the other hand, I went on an expedenture with the small ones to buy band-aids, and they wanted an explanation for everything.
“How does the water in the ditch get there?” (spring run off)
“How far could we go if we followed the trail?” (Vancouver)
“Can we buy that, or that, or That?” (No, becase you forgot your money)
“Why does that lady look like she’s in pain?” (that one was a little delicate to explain, as she was mentally handicaped. *cringes internally* But I think they were good with my explanation, that her brain hadn’t grown when her body had.)
That’s fun, being the big sister again. It’s good to be home.

I just- have a strange relationship with gravity…

(After Third World flicked water on me, and I chased her around the house with a sponge.)
Moon Unit: “Darlings, do try to keep the violence to a minimum, we want to keep this at a PG rating.” *pause* “Jokes, jokes…”

I’m not sure if I can actually act “normal,” but I know I can get closer to it that I am acting now, if only by sitting still and not talking. *sideways grin* I know this, because I know I have in the past acted differently. I just wonder if it’s worth the effort?

On the other hand, “acting normal” may not be so much of an issue once I go home. For one thing, I’ll have to be mature again. *sigh* It’s been a lot of fun not being the oldest, but I’ll be closing in on age 20 when I get back. That tends to lend its self to being restrained and normal. *big sigh* Also, I’ll finally be able to get out and walk. I really can’t go for any kind of walk here; I hit a sketchy neighbourhood anyway I turn. So here, the idea of walking out is not very attractive, and I end up wound rather tight from excess energy. *quivers*

I suppose I am worrying about going home again. I can’t wait to see all my family again, but I’m also really going to miss my friends here. *cries* Bah, moving away from friends is not fun. However, I am determined to keep in contact with my friends from here! And I’ve been told that it’ll be my responsibility to visit other people, since everyone is getting jobs and entering college/university, and they won’t have time to travel. We’ll just see about that, *smiles* But I am determined to go visit Moon Unit and Third World in their natural habitats, even if they don’t reciprocate the visit. *is heroically determined*

ANYWAYS, that was a completely odd post, and I now need to go read some of my art sources. God go with you.

The most beautiful place in the world

That’s where I live. I rode in to St. John’s on Saturday, and I realized again just how beautiful my home is.

The drive in was very fun. Daddy was driving, and he had made 4 mix cd’s of driving music, everything from country, to blues, to rock, to folk, to pop… So we talked, and listened to music, and took pictures. Essentially, my dad is very excellent.

Once we got into St. John’s we went to Costco, and my soul was pleased within me. Warehouse stores… *smiles* A HUGE warehouse with wide aisle, containing everything from wide screen tvs, to canned milk! And the selection is always changing! SO yes, you won’t be able to find runners here today, but check back next week. I tell you, if I could, I would do most of my household shopping there, just leaving produce for the grocery store. Gallon jars of marchino cherries, 50 lb bags of flour; the Scottish part of my ancestry is delighted! Unfortunately, there is no way I can shop at a similar store here. It would take me months to get through the amount of bulk they sell in, and I don’t have the storage facilities. But someday, I will shop at Costco!

And there was another purchase Daddy made at Costco. An ipod shuffle, for me!
Now I understand Frauline’s making a quilt to keep her ipod warm! It’s so pretty and shiny and mac and cute. *sighs* Thank you Daddy!

Life is fun.


So, I’m folding laundry. My little brother walks into the room. He says:

“Wow Snazel you look so much thinner! Why do- is that Frauline’s sweater? It’s not baggy! You look so much thinner!

He walks out. I look at my sweater, which I have owned for 6 months.