"Look! We’re in Orc Country!"

I am writing this in the front seat of Fraulein’s van Carrie, as she drives down the TCH. We are listening to John Mayer on my computer, and just finished milkshakes.

Is this a epic road trip, or is this an epic road trip? You’re right, it’s an epic road trip! You’re so clever…. *pats you on the head*

We left our town yesterday, to travel to the West Coast (of Newfoundland), specifically, to /Location Censored/. Our friend Historian was getting married! Though of course, at this point, the proper tense is “is now married,” but I’m hardly a grammar stickler. Only when i want to be. 😀 (Woah, Police car.)

*cough* Is it legal to be on a laptop in a car? I think it is…. It’s not as though I’m the one driving, or anything. (Heheh, we just passed Boot Brook, where someone has nailed rubbers to the highway sign. This amused me.) ANYHOW. Yes, Fraulein is the one driving. It is her car, after all. I am merely a humble passenger.

We made the incredible and amazing five hour journey yesterday, and arrived at the church just as the decorating committee arrived. (That was a tire by the side of the road. Strangeness.) I should probably mention that the journey takes a normal person four hours, and certain members of Historian’s family all of three hours. But we’re nice law-abiding characters, and also we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy sandals and band-aids. Fraulein got some lovely strappy sandals, and I got a pair of black leather gladiator sandals. (This amuses me too.) (You know who makes good music? Terry Penney. You should go buy some. Especially the album “Time That Town Forgot”. Go, look on itunes, gosh. *sings along to Plan B*) However, we did have a little tiny bit of trouble getting into Wal-Mart. We drove into the wrong parking lot, which didn’t have an exit in the way we wanted to go. Well, that’s no problem. We’ll just cut across this flat empty lot and get into the right parking lot that way- It wasn’t flat. That “empty” lot contained a marvelous selection of novelty potholes, to the extent that we conducted an impromptu test of the suspension, seat belts, and cup holders. The cup holders failed the test, but everything else passed with flying colours. GJ Carrie! (Which is the name of Fraulien’s van, in case you’ve forgotten.)

When we got to the church, we helped blow up balloons at the church, set out tables, twisted streamers, and generally assisted in making the church basement beautiful. Then we went back to Historian’s house, where Fraulein and I hung out played wii fit, tried on dresses, and talked with his sisters.

Oh! There was a previous triumph I should mention, where we dispensed with the mapquest directions and used an actual map to find the church. It was very exciting. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I have thrown continuity out of the window, there to shatter spectacularly and be run over. If you can’t figure out what I’m saying, you don’t deserve to know what’s going on in my tremendous life! And the girls wanted to straighten my hair, and I said something about it previously having taken three people two hours to do so. They viewed this as a challenge. So my hair is now straight, and I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. 😀

In the morning we got a crash course in how to use the video cameras, and then we filmed the ceremony in the afternoon! (Someone left a red jacket by the side of the road.) This was the first ceremony that I’ve been to where I actually knew the people involved, which made it rather different. I was priviledged to be able to be zoomed in, via camera, on the faces of the (deliriously) happy couple, and they were very, very cute. *grins* They spent the time beaming at each other, and then being embarrassed about the people there, and then forgetting to be embarrassed and beaming at each other. Everybody together now, say “awwww!”

Which leads me again to hope our filming job was good… *nervous*

However, both Frauelien and I are working tomorrow, so we had to leave right after the ceremony. And now we’re pelting down the highway, heading for home.

I hope we get to a Tims soon, I could really use some coffee.

Fraulein: “Your name is Fred!” *bites gummy snake* *pauses* “Oh, I really shouldn’t have named my snake before I ate it.”

"And if anything about this flight or the service doesn’t meet your standards, please feel free to lower those standards!"

I went to Moon Unit’s church on Sunday! She attends a Reform Presbyterian church. This was the first time I’d attended that particular denomination, and it was quite interesting. I realized the bulk of my church attendance, that I remember, at least, has been either Highly liturgical, fairly Charismatic, or home churching. And this was none of the above. 😀 *thinks* There’s stained glass, and no organ or piano? How do I cope?!? 

However, I liked it. There wasn’t the mega-church effect that inspires panic attacks in me, I agreed with the theology I heard, and the people seemed genuinely friendly, without stalking the new people. Also, there was coffee after the service, and then potluck. *big grin* Free food? I’m there! 
Then we had to go back home, get my luggage together, check for things left behind, and go to the airport. *cut to Moon Unit and I remaining determinedly up-beat the whole way, despite shakiness* We got caught in a small amount of traffic on the way. Not much, but just enough to make getting checked in and through security more URGENT than usual. 
So I checked in, in a matter of less then ten minutes- God Bless West Jet- and hurried down through security. Zaktrik had come to see me off as well, which was nice of him. At that point of panic about missing my flight, however, I waved, said good-bye, and dashed off through security with a minimum of protracted farewells to anyone. And I made my flight with minute to spare, which I am sure is a tribute to the power of prayer. 
However, once we got to Toronto, it chanced that only one of the runways was open. So we circled the city for some time. 

While we were circling, I realized, with a shocking lack of panic, that I had 35 minutes to make my connection. Before I started being delayed. Mmmmm. Well, if I got stuck in Toronto, I know people to call! And there’s free internet, I could go to the Lush store, and it would make a great blog entry! Yes, that is the way I think, in actuality. However, we landed only a few minutes late, and I started walking quickly through the airport. Speed walk… And while speed walking, I hear the final boarding call for my flight come over the intercom. That is a marvelously motivational thing to hear. You find that your speed walking in heels can indeed accelerate even faster. 
Fast enough to see two other women closing in on your gate just ahead of you, and the door still open! Yay! We scurried down the tunnel onto the plane, the door closing behind me, and hurried to our respective seats. Whereupon we then sat on the tarmac for ten extra minutes, while the one usable runway was opened up. Air travel is so logical, timeline wise… 
Then I got into St. Johns, yadda yadda yadda, got my baggage, blah blah blah, took a taxi to Ms. B’s house, yabbla yabbla yabbla, went to ring her to let her know I was there- and she doesn’t have her apartment set up with a bell. Okay, I seem to remember something like this in the planning session. I am just gonna call her cell phone. Only I don’t have a cell phone. Right. Okay, I’ll ring the other people in the building who I know. They don’t answer. No need to panic, no need to panic, I’ll just log onto the internet- I have the password from when I stayed here before- and msn her that I’m here. A quick check later, I can’t see her internet router. Maybe panic is a good idea… No, wait! I can just sleep here on the bench in the lobby until someone comes in, and get them to let me into the building! Only, I seem to remember that it’s almost 1 o-clock, and I’ve heard complaining rumors about people coming in loaded drunk after midnight to this building, making all kinds of noise… So, uh, uh, uh, I’ll go out and throw rocks at her window! Sadly, (and yes I am saddened by this, at this hour), I can’t identify which one is her window. It’s a three story building, and even shouting in my best WHERE-ARE-THE-NEFARIOUS-TRAITORS-WHO-HAVE-COMMITTED-THIS-TERRIBLE-TRESPASS voice does not provoke a magical turning on of lights or head at the door. 
This is about where I sat down on my luggage in the wet grass and reassessed my situation. It was after midnight. I was tired. I had no phone. I had no cash. I apparently had no place to stay. I was in the student ghetto. It was dark (but not raining!) 
What to do? I could go to the mall, which I could see, only they close at night. And so does the Tim’s in the mall, obviously. And so does the University library, oddly enough. But there, there’s the hospital! I can see it! Open 24 hours! And I know people there, I know the cafeteria, I even know where there are vacant couches! Plus, I only have to get on the bus in 6 hours, now. I can stay awake for six hours, if needed. Right? Right. Cue me standing up and getting ready to progress down the street. But then one little niggling bit of social graces in the back of my head mentioned that it’d be hard to explain why I didn’t show up at Ms. B’s apartment, after making all those arrangements. Plus I might need to explain to my parents…. I decided to try the other doors in the fire escape and such. Just in case. So I could say I really couldn’t get in- oh look this one opens i don’t have to sleep on the side of the hallway!
And I got inside, had a lovely time chatting and not sleeping with Ms. B, slept on the bus, and made it home without further drama. I even had a welcoming committee. 

The committee had put up a banner for me. 😀


I’ve successfully traveled overseas, using two different flights, AND I still have all my baggage. I even got in early. How about that West Jet, eh? The whole process of passing from one airport to another, in fact, was startlingly uneventful. I’m afraid this makes for poor blog entries, but I think I’ll defer my complains, for now. 😀 

And then I got to Ottawa, and Moonunit and Rose was there too meet me at the airport! With Moonunit’s parents, and a sign with my name on it! It was totally the most exciting day of my ENTIRE LIFE!!!! *pauses* Well, maybe not, but it was pretty awesome. I would have run down the escalator (and caught my skirt and tripped and spent the next little while in the hospital), only there was someone in front of me. So I had to wait while the whole escalator moved the whole length of the whole baggage claim. And then I attacked Moonunit, and she attacked me, and Rose watched- it was very exiting. Oh, and Moonunit’s parent’s took pictures! So I guess I need to get a copy of those. 

Now I’m at the College, where I’m staying for the next couple of days. The only thing is, I have no internet. No one knows what the password is for the College access, so I can’t log on. I have no idea when you’ll get this, if at all…

EDIT: Here, have some pictures.

Newfoundland, from the sky!

Killing time in Halifax.
Yes, those spots are on the window, you’re not just passing out. I thought it made a nice effect. And see, that’s the plane that brought me to Ottawa! Isn’t it shiny?

The lovely Ruth uses the borrowed internet-computer. It made the rounds…

Later, Moon Unit uses the same computer to send in her last assignment. Doesn’t she look harmless? 😀

"Are YOU a sea squirt?"

I’m gonna blog when I wake up. Cause nothing good comes of writing now. 

After five hours of sleep…

Anyhow, yesterday. I started the day by sleeping through the Free Continental Breakfast at the hotel. (A mistake I did not make today, by the way.) So I salved my wounded soul with coffee and internet, and then headed out to the Avalon Mall, where I was scheduled to meet up with two old friends, Zach and Beth. I did consider bussing to the mall there, then I looked at the transfer I would have to make and remembered my notorious skills with buses, and took a cab. 😀 And mercy of mercies, I had a cab driver who WASN’T chatty! We drove the five or ten km in complete silence, which was nice.
So Zach and Beth showed up, and we chatted for a while, and then walked around the mall, and walked over to the university, and walked to Beth’s house, and walked to the bus, and took the bus downtown, and walked around downtown- I’m starting to sense why I might be tired. Usually when I come to St. John’s I just go to the mall. NO MORE. Now I shall “just” go downtown. The shops are so much more lovely, and the whole atmosphere is much more conducive to my eudamonia. I had intended to take pictures of downtown, but that came to naught. Regrettably, I found my batteries were gone as soon as I stepped off the bus. It was a sad moment. But then we went into the Hemp Store, and it was all better. 
Um, that sounded less law-abiding than I intended. *sheepish grin* It’s all legal, I assure you… I bought some glass ladybug magnets. And then we just roved along the street, skipping into teashops for samples and checking out record stores and cosmetic shops and t-shirt/magnet stores with amusing slogans. “I’m all that’s left of a bizarre childhood.” (I liked that one a lot. *grins*) Fred’s records was especially fun, because there are listening stations. So I put on the headphones and rocked out just a little. 😀 It was fun. 
And THEN. (Yes, the day is not over yet. Social events on top of social events!) We went to Zach’s family’s house for supper. They had graciously insisted that I come over to eat once they heard I was in town. This was followed by PT picking us up, and he, Zach and Beth and I celebrating his birthday by driving downtown again, exploring Value Village, and then seeing a movie. Then I collapsed and slept. 😀 So much for the planned lazy day! PT wanted set off some rockets in a parking lot, but the Law-abiding Zach wouldn’t let him. Which was what led to trying on funny hats at Value Village. What, you don’t see the connection? That’s just tragic, that is. Oh, and the movie was State of Play which was good- well worth the half-price ticket. However, it’s based on a 6 hour BBC production, which I want to see now. It felt like the movie didn’t quite have enough time to wrap things up properly, or something. They spend two hours laying a red herring, and then WHAM- no here’s the truth over here! Oh, movie’s over. Have a nice day! So, *cough* I’d like to see the long version. Also I’m a fan of British television. Right. 
Woah, the coffee’s finally kicking in. *blinks* Good times! *looks around with a vague smile* Oh look, my eyes focus and everything! Moreover, the man in the breakfast line ahead of me this morning tried to warm up an egg in the microwave. My family is laughing about now, but it seems a shocking amount of people don’t know what happens when you do that. So for those who haven’t tried the egg-speriment yet- (Get it? Eggs? Oh, I crack myself up) I’ll tell you what happens. 
The egg egg-splodes. 
Okay, I’ll go now, before the puns eat out my brain. Off to the airport in an hour and a half!

"Happy trails, to youuuuuu!!!"

I made it through day one of travel! With no major catastrophes! I feel as though I’m competent, or something! 

Okay, and I’ve also used up my exclamations marks for the day. Possibly for the month. *cough*
At any rate, I’m safely in St. Johns! Daddy drove me up to the bus stop in town, and five hours later, there I was, at the MUN student centre, in TOWN! Opps, exclamation marks again. *cough* The bus ride was mostly uneventful. I dosed and watched the trees go by. For a little while, I will admit, I was watching the trees with extreme interest, because the seats in front of me were occupied by a teenage couple who proceeded to kiss each other for about half an hour, (or half a century, you know.) He had a lip ring, too, which just looks technically difficult. And then they fell asleep in the same seat together, which is another technically difficult thing. I mean, those seat are not that large. *shakes head* But they were silent after a time, and I zoned out. Mommy had packed me a decorated lunch- see above- and I occupied my time with eating that, too. Then PT picked me up at the Student Centre, which was lovely. (I was delivering some presents from home.) 
Incidentally, the bus stop in St. Johns is right outside the student bar, and today was the last day  of exams. We therefore witnessed some shockingly short skirts on college girls. I’m pretty sure at least one of those outfits was technically just a shirt- glued down. When your skirt is so short you can’t move without a privacy shield, you know you have issues. 
And then PT and I booted about Downtown St. Johns. (Caught the exclamation mark just in time.) Due to the darkness, I couldn’t get many good pictures, but I caught a semblance of the view from Signal Hill.  See, isn’t it pretty?

We also talked about going DOWNtown. You see, it’s PT’s Birthday *checks clock* now, so legally he could go drink now. However, if he had a celebratory drink, that would leave me driving a standard car, through a notoriously hard to navigate city, in the dark. And the alternative idea of me tipsy can reduce strong men to tears of terror. (Not that I’ve tested this, but it should okay? okay?) So we had ice cream at DQ instead. 
Now I’m checked in to my very own hotel room, about to collapse and sleep. Sounds like a good plan, if I do say so myself. Shalom!

"Somehow I can’t believe, that anything should happen…"

First thing you should know; I’m packing. And, in a similar fashion to cleaning my room, that activity has a rather special effect on my frame of mind. For one, it tends to bring items to light I’d forgotten about. (a pair of shoes, a magnetic braclet, some nail polish, devastating red lipstick, a ring of mysterious keys…) Packing also means I’m going somewhere. In this case, I’m taking a bus, a taxi and plane somewhere. In One Two Three Four Days I leave. My heart rate hasn’t been stable for about a week now. *takes a quiet moment to hyperventilate and then comes back*

I am excited. True Story. And due to this excitement, subsequent glee, and utter lack of care for what I appear as, I am dressed in creative fashion. I just keep adding and substituting parts of my outfit, becoming progressively more eccentric. I started packing in my nice professional clothes. Now, halfway through, I am garbed in argyle knee-socks, a paisley skirt, red canvas shoes, my dangly grab-bag earrings, a t-shirt with four guitars and “choose your weapon” on it, and a necklace in my hair. Yes, you read that last item back there correctly. I wear necklaces as hair ornaments.

And this is only halfway through. It’s entirely possible I’ll have resorted to face paint by the time I’m done. And the state of mind I’m in, I would paint my face, and then walk through the entire centre of town to Tim’s. Possibly chortling. For ten km. *ponders whether there was something in her morning coffee*

Okay, I’ll be good, I’ll calm down, I’ll make my eyes focus, I’ll- keep working on my heart rate.

I have a plane ticket and a hotel reservation and visa card and an arranged pickup at the airport and I’m packing.