June Quotes

It’s a bit like being in a sensory deprivation tank with Oscar Wilde, really.
-James W.

I mean, let’s really get this unicorn horn on the table.

How about this: a new genre, right? Swords and Suburbia.
-James W.

More workshop quotes.


Guess who just applied for student loans? THAT’S RIGHT I DID. I ROCK.

Well, I mean, I got most of the way through. I just have to declare officially that I didn’t lie on my application, and then wait to be turned down! It’s a wonderful weight off my shoulders!

Yes, I’m not the MOST confident. This happens when every-time you look at a standardized application you don’t fit on it. None of my education to-date has been “normal,” which makes then trying to go the average route a little dicey. Remind me to tell you the hilarious story about how I don’t ever qualify for any “guaranteed scholarships” sometime. But at least the fate of my academic future is out of my hands for now! It’s wonderfully liberating. 😀

I’ve been trying to chip away at my to-do list, but other than moving once and writing three short stories it seems that most of what I’ve done is watch movies. Hm. *ponders this* I’ve gone to the theatre three times, and watched a bunch of TV to boot!

The best part of any movie about pirates.

I went to see Pirates Of The Caribbean 4, which was not at all premeditated on my part. I enjoyed the first movie, and after the second and third, my expectations for this film were fantastically low. I attribute my complete lack of expectations, in part, for the fact that I did enjoy the movie!  Cause the first half fully lived up to my expectations. It was all pointless fight scenes and Jack being feminine and pointlessness.  Seriously, there’s a whole little arc where someone is impersonating Jack, and it turns out to be a woman. I still don’t know the reason we had that story, other than an excuse to fight on top of wine barrels.

And then Blackbeard walked onto the scene, and everything got much, much better. I have this strange addiction to actual characters, and his arrival heralded the entrance of people who possessed real motivation, and y’know, facets. MULTIDIMENSIONAL CHARACTERS? SAY IT ISN”T SO! (And don’t get your hopes up, I mean two facets. And in the case of Blackbeard, those facets are Evil and MoreEvil.)

I don’t want to talk about the plot any more for fear of spoilers, but it was satisfying! Much more so than I had expected! I especially liked the use of redemption and faith as motivators. And yes, revenge, because this IS a movie about PIRATES after all.

Also there were deadly mermaids and ships in bottles and a missionary who was NOT especially lame (who knew it could be done!?!?) and Eeeevil pirates, not just the “all pirates are good pirates” BALDERDASH they were spouting in pirates 2 and 3. The fight scenes should not be why anyone thought it was a good idea to watch this movie. So there you have it! My $0.03!

I leave the country in 15 days. Please excuse me while I hyperventilate up the linings of my lungs.


For reasons that seemed good at the time, this morning I have drunk two coffees, a tea and a French vanilla. All before 10:00 AM.

I’m now trying to remember how to blink. 

An open question for the internet

My sister is visiting me this week, and perhaps in reaction to the 3 weeks previous I spent alone, we’ve been doing a lot of talking. And since she’s recently returned from L’Abri, and I have in the past shown some interest in philosophy, we’ve been talking a lot about the purpose of life, the value of entertainment, plans for the future, and suchlike. Your usual basic conversation topics. 😀

These conversations have led me to the realization that my overall goal towards life is to make sure I enjoy it. 
That’s not quite as narcissistic and lazy as it sounds, because I know to be able to enjoy my life I have to be able to look back at my individual days and say “that was a good day.” And to be able to call a day “good” when it’s over, I need to be productive within the day.

But it’s still pretty narcissistic and lazy.

So I guess my question is this. Is it wrong to be trying to work towards feeling happy most of the time? (Ironically, since I figured out I’d been doing this I haven’t felt particularly delighted with my life.) Is it especially wrong since most of my coping mechanisms seem to be lazy (sleeping 9 hours a night) or especially self-serving (writing fun things and reading?) It’s just that after spending so many years unhappy I am very jealous of my emotional happiness, and the methods I’ve found to attain it. But should I look for more useful, productive methods of finding happiness? 

This blog post turned into mostly whining, I’m sorry!

When I moved to town, I had this wonderful mental plan all worked out. By walking distances and up and down hills carrying groceries and such all the time, I’d finally get a proper cardiovascular system! *throws confetti*

It has been a lifelong goal of mine to finally get to the point where I can exert myself at all without practically sucking the leaves off of trees I pass, so this plan was legitimately awesome, in my mind. And now it’s been over four months, and now when I walk up hills I- appear to have an interest in becoming a human vacuum.

It is getting quite frustrating, to be honest. I got halfway to the mall today, (going to watch a movie, (Thor, it was fun,)) and I almost cried from the sheer frustration of my lungs not keeping up with the rest of me. The rest of my body was rested and ready to go- and my throat was closing. AUUUGGGHHHHHHHH. (ahem.)

I don’t like to think of myself as a physical weakling, and in fact for a number of years I’ve identified myself as being the person who can totally walk 14 km just for the heck of it. And instead to not being able to break over the barrier and get the taste of blood out of my mouth? Seriously, it should not take four months to get my lungs working…

That was my mental state. And then recently I flashed back to a doctor’s appt a few years ago when I had this cough I couldn’t kick. I was told that I have reactive airways, which was basically a mild form of asthma. I read this as being told “it’s all in your head, here, have a placebo,” and wikipedia seemed to back that up. Now though, I’m wondering if I should speak to a doctor about actually getting a puffer. Or an actual “it’s all in your head” verdict.

I mean, I’ve walked enough that I’ve actually developed muscles in my legs, and most of the walking has been up and down hills. However, I have not gotten at all less gaspy about walking up and down those hills. I have to stop and get my breath back at the top of every one- and there are a lot. That doesn’t seen like an issue other people have, so much?

Oh, I’m probably just making a mountain out of a molehill. I’ll tell you more about Thor later. 😀

I’m better disguised than I thought.

So, at work, one of the customers said “Oh, what a lovely accent,” and I assumed she was talking about me. Not that I assume naturally that my accent is “lovely,” but I’ve been told enough times that I have one, that one of my core beliefs is that I “talk funny.” So I smiled, and said “mine?”


It turns out she was referring to my english co-worker, and clarified this by saying. “No, you’re just a regular Newfie!” *reproachful stare at me* *wistful stare at my co-worker with the accent*

It wasn’t the most complimentary way to be told that after going on ten years of living in Newfoundland, I’ve finally acclimatized. But this is a good development? I think?