"I’m not quite down with the way they roll/ they throw knives from their eyes at my parasol."

Si vales, valeo!

I bought an airline ticket! Moreover, it is not Air Canada, which causes me much joy. My, it is nice knowing that if my flight gets canceled due to flooding or bomb threats or freak snow storms of mechanical failure, I am covered. Not that getting stuck in airports isn’t interesting, but it does also tend to mess up the schedule. 

And why, you ask, did I buy an airline ticket? Was it just for the wonderful experience of modern economy air travel? No, I answer, it was not. You see, on Monday I was startled to find out that I get paid vacation time at work, and I needed to figure out when I was taking it. Like, NOW I needed to figure out when I was taking time off. Cue me sitting on my bed staring at a schedule and panicking. One of the options I was leaning towards was popping over to Europe for a week and climbing around castles. However, traveling Europe alone, for my first Vacation, (read: I’m not an experienced traveler), didn’t really seem safe. I need someone to watch my luggage while I’m on the train, and stuff. And I was unable to find someone to commit to European travel for a week in the summer on twenty minutes notice. *sigh* People are so unimaginative, all hung up about work terms, and internships, and money, and study terms…. Just jesting, you know I jest. Well, not about the not being able to find someone, but about the fact that I am vexed at people for not being available for two weeks in England. *cough* 
Moving on! The next option that came to mind was; Visit People! It was right about then that I remembered that my College, (Augustine College– you should go), has a graduation this year. Just like last year, in fact. However, this year I am an Alumnus- Alumna- Alumnas- I am a person who has successfully graduated, and the fact that I remember none of my Latin has absolutely no bearing on that fact. Moreover, it is an Augustinian tradition, of sorts, to attend later graduations in full stately robes and sarcasm, and pat the students fondly on their sleep-deprived heads. ALSO, (yes, there were more reasons,) Em is still at the college, Moon Unit is in town and will be attending, Moon Unit’s friend Zaktrik is graduating, Lord willing, and some of the other alumni might be there as well! 
Then, I looked at air costs for the two days I was going to be traveling. Lo and behold, not only were the two flights the lowest fares within 28 days, what with airline costs and such the cost of the ticket was still just covered by my shiny new Visa card. At this point, I was clearly receiving divine signs. And who am I to tamper in the divine plan? I bought the tickets. 😀
All joking aside, though, I am continually amazed at how obvious and easy things are when that’s what God wants me to do/where God wants me to be. Problems just take one look at me and melt away. 
Anyway, that’s my news. And I’m excited to travel and take my first ever professional vacation, and I’m trying not to count down the days from TOO far in advance. 

Why I’m going to be wearing turtlenecks for the next few days.

For work, I have a key I have to carry around. It goes to my cashbox, and to reduce the chance I loose it I wear it on a lanyard. All nice and logical, no? Well, logical if you’re me. If you’re not me you might carry the key with your car keys or something. Anyhow, being me, I choose to carry mine on a lanyard, around my neck. 

Then this evening, after five hours at work, one of the Brownies asked why I had green on my neck. Me: “Green?” *runs for the washroom* My first thought, given my prior history, was that I had poked at my sore neck with a green indelible marker. But no, the truth was much more subtle and devious than that. Instead, the lanyard had diabolically decided to leave a line of corroded metal around my neck. It’s just about the colour of copper that’s been left outside for five years, and shows up nicely on my pasty skin. For those who do not have quite my skin tone, that is also the colour that bruises make after they’ve started to heal. As one of the leaders said, “it looks like you had something around your neck and someone really yanked it off.”
Which leads me to postulate that high collars are totally in this month. All the best people are (going to) be wearing them!

"Downtown Lewisporte, alive and well. Only, it’s not exactly alive, or well. But it is Downtown Lewisporte…"

A quote from the McWork meeting on Tuesday, when we were asked if all the managers enforced the rules consistently. 

Kenneth: “Yeah, they do. They all always tell me to shave every time I come in.”
Joan: “Don’t feel bad, they tell me to shave too.”

Work today was rather amusing, due to the fact that no one had had quite enough sleep. (Reasons ranged from early-riser children, to drunk’n’rowdy husbands, to vivid dreaming. I’ll let you decide which one applied to me…) We were all giggly. Including the guys, which was rather disconcerting whenever you stopped to think about it. *smirks* 

There was one moment that could have gotten quite interesting- when Norman told me to shut up and go away cause I was taking all the fun out of everything- but our manager Pauline managed to keep the peace. 
The situation arose in this manner. 
As anyone who knows me knows, I tend to use archaic, unusual, large, and even subculture-specific words in general conversation. As anyone who knows me also knows, I have a difficult time letting other people’s smart remarks pass without a returning smart remark of my own. If the person is quick, a delicious verbal battle usually commences. If the person is not quick (or unused to girls talking back) a confused expression is donned and the conversation dies. Norman does not seem to be one of the former group. He tries, but is severely hampered by not recognizing most of my vocabulary. At any rate, after I responded to one of his remarks, I don’t remember what it was, he said that I sucked all the fun out of life because I turned everything into an educational moment. Hmmmm. I should point out here that no one else at work has yet made a negative comment about my vocabulary.  So. Norman seemed to find that observation hilarious, and he kept repeating it at intervals throughout the morning. All in a joking manner, and not mean-spirited- but still… Pauline, the manager, noticed that I wasn’t grinning quite so broadly at the comments after a couple of hours. And after Norman told me to shut up and go away, she said- in his presence; “He’s just intimidated by your intelligence, honey. You should get used to that.” So I stopped reverting to my age ten memories of being told I talked weird, and perked right up. Norman, on the other hand, went quiet and stopped teasing me. So a crisis was averted. 😛
Then after work, the family went up to the Penney’s for a BBQ. The food was lovely, and the conversation was hilarious. My stomach hurt from laughing by the time dessert was brought out. Unfortunately I can’t quite remember any of the quotes. They wouldn’t be the same without the accent anyhow. *makes dismissive motion*

"There is nothing wrong with a life of peace and prosperity!"

I got onto the system today! And my brain exploded. 

Yeah, I’ve had a headache since about Noon. This is due to doing nine courses that are supposed to take an average of an hour each, in five and a half hours. Which is what happens when you read fast and have worked in customer service before. But I did learn some interesting things. Did you know, to be eligible for Private Wealth Management, you have to have over a million dollars under the care of CIBC? I was pretty impressed. (and here I had a minor rant about things, and then realized that I was probably contravening the privacy policy I just agreed to today. Hmmmm)
Although, the one guy who didn’t look at me for the past two days? The Only Guy, (OG), in the office? I walked in today in a grey shirt, and was invisible. Then I changed to a pink shirt, as per branch policy for the day, and he suddenly perked up, said hello, and waved at me. Now, the first time I walked right past OG’s line of vision, and everybody else said hi to me, and he said hi to everyone else, so it wasn’t that I was sneaking in or that he was occupied. Maybe he doesn’t acknowledge girls who don’t wear pastels. 
A mystery…
Tomorrow is work at McWork. In fact, I’m working at either McWork or the Bank every day through Thursday. Then on Friday, I’m working at both. 😛 More power to me!

"Cause I’d probably let you in if we had a hostage situation cause I like company."

I’ve done two shifts at the bank so far. 

Impressions? I think I’m going to like it. 
The vault is awesome. 

“It’s like in the movies, except there’s no one drilling up through the floor…”

Really, it reminds me of a cross between a submarine and a storage closet. The door is about 9 inches thick, and incredibly heavy. Also, all the safes have double locks, of which any one person can only know the combination for one, and more locks inside. And they’re on time combinations, which is mildly marvelous. 
There is also a whirring machine that counts bills, and a cart to push coins around since they’re too heavy to carry. And I can see the inside of the ABMs and the Night Deposit, uh, thing. I don’t think I’m high ranked enough to actually count the deposits, but that may come in time! *is hopeful*
The actual job looks quite interesting. *grins* Foreign Exchange… Of course, it will take a while until I’m actually out front. I have a lot of training to do. And the training is not hurried along by the whole IT vs. HR issue. First HR hadn’t given me a employee number, so I couldn’t be logged on to any computer. That was yesterday. Then today I received an employee number, logged on, and came up against IT. It seems that HR hadn’t talked to IT, so IT didn’t know I was allowed on the system. “Try again tomorrow…” FUN. But despite the fact that I’ve not been able to do any actual training so far, I have learned a couple of things. For one, due to a “possible or perceived” conflict of interest, I’m not allowed to serve anyone I’m related to, in a relationship with, or was formerly employed by. Also, I’m supposed to make the experience of banking at our branch “delightful” for customers. Not just pleasant, delightful. No use aiming low, eh?
Oh, and the break room looks like a church basement. The same out-of-date-but-still-hearty furniture. The same immortal fridge. The same cupboards full of mismatched cups. Even the same pale yellow paint and sunflower border. So there’s a strange sense of deja vu involved in taking break time. 
The co-workers seem to be nice. I forgot to bring lunch the first day (too much time on Fast Food), and most of the staff pitched in to give me something. 😀 Since they are all on the thinner side of toothpick, I ended up having a larger dinner than most of the staff. 😀 There is one lady, the other recent hire, who doesn’t like me because I got the part-time job and she was hired for call-in. This is probably exacerbated by the fact that most people seem to think I’m 17. But maybe if I ignore the office politics, they’ll go away! Right? 😀 The one guy in the office has also yet to look me in the eye. He just slides on by whenever I”m present, talking loudly to everyone else within eyesight. Which is slightly disconcerting, but I’m used to being invisible if necessary. *grins*
It’s a little overwhelming, but I think I’ll like it. 

"I’m just telling it how I see it-" "You need to get your eyes checked."

After stepping into a puddle up to my ankles, I realized that what I had forgotten to bring was my new work shoes. 

True story. 
However, the day decided to disregard that omen, and be a good one. 
The reason I stepped in the puddle was that I had just had an epiphany- of sorts. I’ve been feeling rather out-of-sorts lately. Wound too tight, if that makes any sense. At any rate, I realized that a big reason I was in that state is that I’ve just come up for air after working all summer, and slowed down as everyone else sped up. Most of my friends are getting ready for school, or getting new jobs, or going off to camp, etc, etc, ad nauseam.  Meanwhile, I’m not really doing anything. “I got 13 hours of sleep last night. Does that count?” *cough* Once I know where an emotion’s coming from I can usually get my head around dealing with it, or ignoring it, which ever works. I therefore apologize, (once again,) if I’ve been weird to anyone. I do that, but nothing is meant. Anyhow, I had one of those lovely moments when a whole host of thoughts just click into place, and didn’t tread the edge of the puddle carefully enough. *tsk* 
(For those who might have been worried by my previous post, I have no actual plan to shave my head. “I was being facetious. There was no call for it.” )