I spent most of the last three years working in a bank and in a fast food establishment. (McDonalds, if you’re wondering. They’re good to their employees. (And no, due to corporate advertising policy I can’t tell you what bank I worked for.)) That was a good three years! I worked with a lot of good people, and I had lots of time to purse my passions that work well when self-directed, such as writing. I learned a ton.

And now, since September, I’m currently engaged in wracking up debt by going to school again. I am currently a student at Saint Stephen’s University, and I am enjoying it very much. I get to focus on learning wild abstract things, and it is part of my JOB to read poetry and the news. How awesome is that? 😀 The debt isn’t so fun, and neither is the complete panic about getting things done in time, but I am just so privileged to be able to go to this crazy school and study. (And argue, and discuss, and read, and discuss more…)


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