"It’s kinda a big deal."

And with seven hours (max) of sleep, we headed for Sin Jawns! The youngsters were all going to Camp Delight for eight days, and us adults were going along to drive, and- well, um, *waves hands vaguely* see people. You know, as adults do.

All the camp people crammed into the van of excitement and hysteria, and Daddy, Slonner and I were exiled to the car. *Looks at Van crammed full of excited children* *looks at VW full of space and a working radio* *compares*
Clearly, we had the short end of the stick. It was tragic, I tell you.

Daddy and I spent the 4.5 hour drive in listening to the radio, and talking art and marketing. As one does. Then we dropped off the children at Camp, where they took the absolute minimum amount of time getting settled in. THROW the luggage from the van. LUG AT HIGH SPEED to the cabins. HUG parents. Bye now! Trapezoid especially was very efficient. I was still helping small girls carry suitcases bigger than themselves when he had finished carrying three suitcases and a bag taller than him to his cabin. Then he vanished to do arcane boy things with his cabin. I didn’t ask questions.

Now, as previously mentioned in the last post, I’d bought some earrings the day before. That meant that when we actually got to town, I didn’t have my usual monies to spend on books or theatres. My normal Modus Operandi would have to be ADJUSTED. Therefore, while my industrious father went to take the ferry over to an old iron mine to take pictures of an indie turkish rock band, bringing my lovely mother and energetic small brother, I stayed in the hotel and chased a sunspot along the couch.

After this long and involved exercise, and after- incidentally- my family in town were barred from their ferry and had to wait for the next one, we had chinese food and entertained a newly married couple who were slightly younger than I. The entertainment mainly consisted of talk of schools and the music industry, and coffee and timbits. Which obviously is the best of all possible conversations. 😀

After we’d exsausted the coffee, I was brought out in state to help grocery pick, and be driven about town at night, and see the new apartment. The new apartment was, of course, lovely. We watched the Taking Of Pelham 123, which was significantly less lovely. Profanity can be used effectively in a story, but I really don’t think professional people use one word as the noun, verb, adjective and other modifiers in one sentence. And it’s all the same word? I mean, if I’ve met people who REALLY swear, they at least have two or three words they alternate between. This was just awkward and tiring. The only person who really pulled it off was John Travolta, who was quite believably insane. ^_^ But yeah, the story was so muddled it might have been good- but I really have no idea, I cared about a random sniper more than the MC, and the triumphant ending was- really not. SIGH. If you’re going to present a conflict, people, have the goodness to resolve it! If you’re dealing with layers of lies, either wink and nod when you leave, or TELL THE TRUTH, don’t just wander aimlessly into the sunset. *glares at storywriters* John Travolta was the best part.

In the morning I woke up. Which I put as a point of interest, seeing as I was up until 2:30+ the night before, and then up at 8, and I don’t function well on less than nine hours. YOU DO THE MATH. So then we, hmmm. *thinks* We went to costco, and McDonalds, where someone named James- I love you James, learn to be observant- neglected to get my salad dressings or tell me that he had to tell someone else about out for 15 minutes. Which when you’re standing by the counter of a fast food restaurant, is a LONG TIME. And then we went to Long and McQuade, where I stayed in the car and read, and then went home.  The trip back was spent looking at the views, talking Churchill, computers, income and jobs. As one also does. 

Epic blog entry of epicness

Here begineth the epic blog entry of last weekend. I’m hoping to get it all into one post without my fingers or language skills giving out- I’ll see how that works out.

So, the plan was for Angelica to come out and spend the weekend with us. She was going to drive out from Sin Jawns on Thursday, and return on Sunday. Unfortunately, Thursday rolled in, and so did car troubles. Cue change of plans! (But what is a road trip without transportation issues? Seriously?) Instead, she was going to come in on the bus, on Friday. So Friday rolled in, and so did a blizzard. To make things even better, this was the last day before reading week for MUN students, so the bus stop was full of students anxious to make it home. Angelica didn’t make it on the first bus.

In the charming way which DRL has of dealing with overflow passengers, they said they’d wake up the other driver and acquire another bus, come back in an hour. (Btw, the bus was supposed to leave at seven in the morning in the first place. Don’t you getting out of bed in time to make it the bus stop at seven am on a saturday, in a snow storm, and being told to come back later? LOVE.) But an hour later, the next bus arrived, and Angelica embarked for the wilds of central newfoundland. It’s supposed to be a six hour drive, including an hour meal break for lunch in Gander airport. (An airport so busy that it has two gates. One for departing, one for arrivals. AWESOME, no?) However, due to the snow on the roads, her bus arrived EIGHT HOURS after it left St. John’s. Which is nine hours after she was supposed to leave, remember. Which was ten hours after she got up that morning. Given that this was her first bus ride, all I can say is that it gets better! Honestly! 😛

But then my lovely family had cupcakes and party games as any excuse for a party to welcome her, and I got home from work in time for rock band tutorials (I really should never play again,) and to watch Up. (I heart that movie.)

Saturday I slept in.. *cough* Not for the whole morning, however! Because we went sledding. It was EPIC.

The picture of grace and dignity, that’s me. And Angelica seems to be being attacked by my hair… Poor girl.
There’s my mom, isn’t she pretty?

After sledding we hung around for a while more, and I read, and then we went bowling! I bowled at 113, I think. Anyways, I broke one hundred, which made me happy. Even if I was the inspiration for the phrase “throwing really enthusiastic gutter balls.” Sigh. Oh, and then we went to K and C’s house for cake, hot dogs and Charlotte’s Web! I queried people about art school and the rise of the civil rights movement. Strangely, people didn’t see the connection between those two things when I started asking questions. Their minds must be so boring.. Or organized. That too.

Actually, however, my plot for Karma Police had fallen apart in my hands on Thursday, and I was trying frantically to shoe-horn it back together. Which was the basis for most of my questions, but some people didn’t see that immediately. ANYWAYS.

On Sunday we went on an Explorer Girls adventure! Only this time, because we had a destination, and also there were four persons of the male persuasion in attendance, it was more of a, Expedition Persons adventure. We went out to K and C’s cabin. The cabin was nice and warm, and contained hot chocolate and cookies. The trek out TO the cabin contained a great deal of slush and ice crystals, and wind off the ocean. I poked some ice pans with my toe, saw them fall gently apart and decided not to try jumping on them while they were in the water, and stomped several loose boards on the wharf back into place with my steel toed boots. Frauline was enraptured with some seaweed frozen into a block of ice that looked like swiss cheese, and the small ones climbed small cliffs. And those formalities over with, then we went inside and had lovely hot chocolate. 😀

Oh, and Angelica had brought her camera, and K had brought her alter-ego Iris’s wig, so we had a minor photo shoot which was lots of fun. There was only one wig, so the four of us that jumped at the chance to be in the picture had to take turns wearing it, and then Angelica had to stich it together using her arcane photo arts. See the result?

Aren’t we fetching?

And then it was sunday afternoon, so Daddy and Angelica and I were going back to Town. Oh, didn’t I mention that I was going too? Silly me. Yes, I had my passport, some spare rope and my credit card. So why WOULDN”T I be going? #rhetoricalquestionsftw

We drove in, which was a five hour drive ornamented with many much snow and awesome music, and then we dropped Angelica off at her house, and met up with my brother PT, (You remember PT, don’t you? He fixes pianos and has a leopard gecko) at a suitably high-class establishment. So once I’d ordered my bacon cheeseburger and PT had his fries and drink, we sat down to chat. I know, you’re amazed at the depth of our pocketbooks and my wild social life.

*cough* At any rate, we got a lovely phone call from our cousin announcing that she was engaged, which surprised no one but pleased us all, and then Daddy had to go calling, and PT and I decided to check out the theatre. Once we got there, there was a slight disagreement between myself and my brother as to which movie we wanted to see. He was strongly on the side of Shutter Island, and myself and my hyper imagination was just as firmly on the side of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. We decided the only way to choose fairly between them was Rock, Paper, Scissors. Yes, in the theatre lobby, in front of all the cool city teenagers who looked aslant at the baymen. Part of the joy of being as weird as I am is having minimal shame. 😀

So, we watched Percy Jackson. *Celebratory Rock Paper Scissors dance* And the movie. Hmmm…

I am a hearty fan of the books. I had just read Last Olympian, which is the last volume in a five-book set, and I loved it. I loved all the details and the use of Greek Mythology, and the excellent way it’s all crafted. Oh, and the great characters help too! The movie, well. In the words of my friend Rose after seeing it. “It’s an amusing fanfic.”Unfortunately, I’d spent much of the day working out and fixing plot issues with my story. So when I was trying to fall asleep (and falling off of) a couch later, I ended up spending much of the night working out and fixing plot issues with the movie. I’m pretty sure I fixed it all and it was marvellous! Too bad I can’t remember anything now…

Then in the morning, blessed morning, Daddy and I went to Cora’s for breakfast. I am still baffled by the purpose of ground cherries. But they put on a good show, and sometimes that’s all you need from your food. After food, we went to the Janeway, which was brutal and heartbreaking as always. I want to write a book there, but I’m afraid of getting it wrong, and crying too much. I have nothing more to say on that subject right now.

At this point it was lunch time, or close enough for Government work. I was dropped off at the mall while Daddy went to make Important Business Connections. I was a good girl and bought work shoes first. And then I was magnetically drawn towards the bookstores.

Last time I was in reach of a bookstore I bought fifteen books. This time I bought twenty. However, because this time I was savvy enough to browse the paperback section instead of the hardbacks, it cost me 30% less. See my spoils? *presents them proudly*

I know it doesn’t look like it, but this is honestly broadening my reading horizons, and with books that I think I’ll actually READ. Unlike when I pick up Brothers K and say “Oh, I’m gonna read this next.” Lies, I read the cheesy things I get from the library before I ready heavy russian things. Ahem.

Also I may or may not have climbed over a fence to get to Chapters. Silly unexpected rivers. Silly barbed wire. Sillest of all mud.

And then we drove home, with a brief stop for dance class. Here endeth the epic weekend.

Trip to Town, pt. 1!

This weekend I was IN TOWN. Which is the local term for being out of town, in the Big City. (It’s a Newfoundland thing.) I went to a concert, and a party, and the mall, and BOOK STORES, and wished greatly for more time, but overall it was ver’ shiny. I shall begin at the beginning, and recap. *clears throat*

My whole family had to go in for a party on Sunday, and because it’s a four or five hour drive (depending on how many bathroom breaks we take and how closely we pay attention to the speed limit,) we decided to go in on Saturday, scatter to spend time with friends, and then return in time for work on Monday. Because I’m awesome, I got to go in with the early car. *smug* I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but my dad has awesome taste in music. (I’m serious!) I generally leave the car with a list of at least four songs I need to buy for my own, and this time was no different.
Anyhow, after four hours of music and coffee, we got to Town. So we immediately went to the mall. (We’re from a small town, what can I say?) Daddy was meeting people for business, and I was christmas shopping. It was- busy. People filling the concourse, I can take. It’s like moving through an airport, and the crowds have no real connection to me. Crowds in stores, are not so much fun. I was going to try to spend a gift card on some work clothes, so I marched my way into the designated shop. I saw the line for the changing room stretch past the cashes, and marched right back out again. But I fought my way past the messy hordes in Sears, and bought the required gifts! The time in line was long enough to hear all about the latest divorce of the woman behind me, and her starbucks addiction, which information just added to the flavour of the day. It’s not a proper trip to the mall without hearing personal information you wish you hadn’t!
But I hadn’t had enough punishment yet, I still felt the need to shop! I went to American Eagle, grabbed pretty things, saw the prices, put most of the pretty things back… Also, has anyone noticed how many layers the models in that store wear? I mean, I counted six layers in one instance, and she still didn’t look warm. I had time to count, because I was in line for many, many minutes. *draws a veil over the line* It was long enough that once I was released I walked with a sense of urgency to the bookstore. Bookstores just calm the panic, y’know? And there I realized that I’ve been watching quite a few “best of the year” lists of YA books go by, lately, and these books were actually THERE, in FRONT OF ME, for SALE. And I had MONEY. (Not for long…)
I bought books. *cough*
I bought quite a few books. It’s research, right? And I haven’t been in a new bookstore in a year, and any bookstore at all in eight months. So we’ll just pass by the issue of how much money I spent there…
Oh, and then we went to Chapters. ^_^
Daddy had to tell me not to unbuckle before we were fully parked. “It’s not a tactical strike!” I actually skipped into the store, and literally was cooing over the bookshelves at one point. (I love how the staff is so jaded, they don’t even blink when you’re all but making out with your new purchases. (No, that wasn’t me, that was a guy with some new Manga, which he apparently had abstained from for too long)) So I, uh, got some more reading material there. But by then my panic in the mall and euphoria over new books was starting to show, in addition to the fact that I hadn’t eaten for quite a few hours. So we went to a restaurant! I had fajitas, and they were lovely.
Let me see, what else happened? Oh yes! Then Daddy dropped me off at a friend’s house, and we talked for an hour before I walked down and saw the Messiah, then I came back and we watched two movies. Busy day, yes?
I shall talk about Messiah tomorrow. Sleep is calling me now. Okay, okay, I hear you! Bye, internets!

A REAL Post.


As you may have noticed by my previous post, or perhaps by the lack of posting in the past, hmmm, several months, I have not been greatly inspired to blog lately.

What, what’s that? You say you didn’t notice? Hush, I’m busy deluding myself, which is- after all- the main point of blogging. Ahem.

BUT! *orator hands* I do have an excuse! Yes I do. And I’m going to bring it out now, and WAVE it at you. In your very FACE.

My hands hurt.

There you have it. Wasn’t that a wonderful excuse? No, you say? Well, well, um, uh, *trails off uselessly* But the majority of sarcasm aside, (I can’t put it all aside, that just is a personal impossibility,) I have indeed had sore hands. Apparently counting money for seven hours a day, five days a week, and then coming home and writing fiction – e.g. internet chatting while ignoring a blank word processor- for several more hours, has an effect! Who knew?

And, um, I’m lame. *cheesy grin* But anyways!

It was my birthday on Sunday! I turned 21! I spent it, in true Snazel-fashion, sleeping, browsing pictures on facebook, and playing Duck Duck Goose. 😀 Also there was cheesecake. Oh my, there was cheesecake. Mmmmm. I deeply love Cheesecake, and especially this one. Yum. Thank you, Mommy!

Fraulien gave me a lovely shirt that covers my abdomen and my smaller siblings gave me chocolate and itunes, and mommy and daddy gave me BOOKS in the form of a Chapters card, and it was generally very jolly. 😀 Oh, and because I watch Jeopardy like it’s a competition- what do you mean Alex can’t hear me? I shouted loud enough!- we played a trivia game. I ran my team into the red immediately and then masterfully kept them there with my fast reaction times and stunning guess skills. 😀 It was a fun birthday, indeed!

Okay, my brain is now gone. Byes.

For those who say there are no omens….

On the day I was born, the number one song in the US was Sweet Child O’ Mine, by Guns and Roses, and in the UK it was A Groovy Kind Of Love by Phil Collins.

Yes. No further comment on that one….

Also, according to this picture, my Dad and I have the same facial expressions. The world is just lucky I choose to stay inside most of the time. That’s all I’m saying. ^_^

A Glimpse Into Renovations

Last week was Reno Week, which I was helping with, I think I may have mentioned. Of course, my helping was to run the kitchen, but it still counts, right? Anyhow, at one point I also wandered around with a camera, and this was the result.

Apologies are probably necessary. I’m sorry. *maniac chuckle*

Reno Glimpse from Amber on Vimeo.

"My pursuit of information knows no shame."

Day: 6
Date: 23/07/08
Event: Animal Kingdom and More

Today I entered and exited 3 theme parks, rode 3 monorails and 2 buses, ate in 1 restaurant, took 2 taxis and 6 rides. I also saw an ant-eater, discussed the mindset and propaganda machine that is the Disney entity, and drank three cups of coffee. Oh, and I saw a cute guy in the line behind me in Dinoland.

The day’s plan of attack;

  • Arrive at Animal Kingdom with Family, Split up
  • Ride the two rides in Dinoland USA. (ish)
  • Meaner over to “Asia” and ride Expedition Everest. (awesome)
  • Book it out of the park and take a bus to Epcot.
  • Sidle along to Mexico and eat lunch, pausing for a discussion of Pleasure, Pain, and Utility.
  • March out of Epcot and take two monorail to Magic Kingdom.
  • Fight our way over to Tomorrowland, ride Indy Speedway. (meh)
  • Be sucked into Space Mountain. (great)
  • Persevere across the park into Splash Mountain. (good)
  • Elbow our way out of Magic Kingdom, stopping to buy ice cream from a bearded woman from Hati.
  • Gawk at an amazing barbershop quartet by the gate.
  • Take a monorail and a bus back to Animal Kingdom.
  • Meet up with Mommy, Daddy and the small ones.
  • Taxi to the Hotel.
  • Order in Chinese food and discuss the jaw-dropping efficiency and pervasiveness of Disney.

And now some quotes from the past 6 days.

Walrus’s idea of smalltalk: “Oh, I just noticed! Your legs are really hairy!”

Gail (A nurse back home): “Mickey loves everyone, even if you haven’t met him before.”
Daddy: “Actually, Mickey is just an actor in a plastic suit. And he’s probably dying of heat stroke, which is why his smile is painted on.”

Person 1 in line: “And when you have the whole Big Mac meal, it’s over a thousand calories.”
Person 2: “Don’t think about that! You only die once, so you may as well enjoy yourself.”

Taxi Driver: “And after 9/11 none of the Americans were flying, so the Brits kept this town alive. Of course, they’re used to fighting the NRA, so Al Queda was no biggie.”

Gid, with a big grin; “I ate you!”

Gid: “I have lightning shoes!”

Me, draping myself over a balcony: “I’m going into Internet withdrawal.”

Walrus: “I’m drinking jelly beans!”

Mommy: “Well, Gid saw a dragonfly, Lacey saw a Giraffe, and Snazel saw a cute guy; so the day was a success.”

Daddy: “This whole experience is the kind of thing which requires years of prior conditioning- which we don’t have. Which might be why we’re a little skeptical of the $20 pirate mouse ears.”

Sam, riding down the freeway. “Car! Car! Car! Car! Car! Car?”
PT: “No, that’s a truck.”
Sam: “Oh. Truck! Truck! Truck! Truck!”

"I will work harder."

Wow, the days are really just whirring by. What has happened since I last posted? Hmm…

First order of priority, which colours all the other news, is the fact that I successfully pulled off a 67 hour work-week. *pats self on back* Only.. seven more of those to go… 😛 It was good though. My nearing total lack of a “life” makes it relatively easy to spend most of my waking hours at work, since I’m not taking away from anything to do so. 😀

I got to call Third World on Friday night/Saturday morning, which was super jolly. 😀 Given that it was after midnight when I called, and I had already worked an 8 hour McDay, I don’t think it was the most intelligent conversation on my part, but it was lovely to hear her voice again. *grins*

Then Saturday night Fraulein and I watched How She Move after I got home in the evening. It was a very fun movie, and I think rather better than the other heartwarming-tale-of-a-dancer-who-struggles-to-escape-the-ghetto movies I’ve come across. The people reacted more realistically, the set-up was not really far-fetched, and the characters said believable things. Yeah, on the topic of “saying,” there were definitely language issues. But in traditional fashion, I didn’t really notice until I was repeating the dialogue in my head. “Hmmm, I shan’t be repeating that one- or that line- or that line- nor that one either. Hmmmm…” Yes, it was fun.

Then on Sunday, we all watched Nancy Drew. The movie had been the catalyst for the movie watching of Fraulein and I the previous night, since, if they were going to have a special movie, we needed one too! *cough* And, since we weren’t doing anything special, we watched it as well! I know, we’re bad. 😀 It was a fun movie, though I personally wouldn’t watch it again. The characters were somewhat- how shall we say- shallow. Best part? Nancy performs an emergency tracheotomy on an anaphylactic party-goer. (Am I serious? You’ll have to see the movie to verify.) This was the first almost-grown-up movie for the small ones, due to the tense music and made-you-jump cuts, and they were very seriously excited about it. I overheard them talking about it the day after, debating whether Nancy was smarter, or the bad guys were. One was arguing that Nancy was smarter, since she escaped in the end, while her debating and dish washing partner was arguing that the bad guys were smarter, since she didn’t know what was going on until they caught her.

My, but I have cute siblings.

Mommy and Gid came through McDonalds for ice cream on Monday, almost simultaneously as Fraulein and the Small Ones came through the Drive through for Ice Cream, (it was a hot day), and I was struck by that fact again. Gid’s eyes are so huge, and he was dancing around a little in anticipation of his ice cream cone. Not CUTE!

Oh, and on Sunday I was feeling rather tired, so I decided to curl up with a cup of coffee and some cozy books. And what cozy books did I choose? The Wild Children, about displaced children in Russia during Stalin’s ascent to power, and Animal Farm, by George Orwell.

Wild Children was good, and I’ll probably read it again. Animal Farm, however, was whole nother kettle of fish. “It was nasty. I loved it.” I really surprised myself with how much I loved it. It was just so balanced! And yes, I know that made no sense to anyone… Anyhow, I started to read 1984 last year, and I had to stop. I found it too hopeless and nasty. This time, however, I loved Mr. Orwell’s work. *shrugs* What’re ya gonna do?

Mommy and Daddy and Gid returned from St. John’s, and a course of Gid’s new chemo drug, on Sunday evening. They’re going to be back for a week, Lord willing, which is extremely reassuring.

That’s most of what has actually been happening lately, but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, since both my jobs are not exactly highly intellectual. You engage anywhere from 50% to 5% of your brain, and the remainder goes into hiding. Anyhow, the main tidbit which the remainder of my brain has been chewing on has been- a wedding announcement. In fact, the wedding announcement of an OLD friend. How old? We played with caterpillars together when we were both three, in Germany. Our families hung out, and since we were only 6 months different in age, in the logic of our age group, it was decided that we were going to be married when we were really old, like 13 or something. Then, as we grew older, (try age 8) we both realized that more is required for marriage than close ages. Anyhow, I’d barely heard of him for years, though our parents remained in contact. Then our family receives a wedding invitation to this guy’s upcoming wedding.

(Remember, he was only six months older than me.) So, my first thought, when we received the little slip of embossed plastic, ribbon and paper, was “it has begun.” At college, several of the other students, at age 22, had talked about how most of their contemporaries are marrying off and/or having children (both with and without marriage as a prerequisite), so I heralded this guy as a front runner. An early front runner, I suppose, since he was only six months older than me.Wait a second; that really does seem awfully young, you know… Especially since the average age for marriage around here is, um, 26. There seems to be a discrepancy here. I’m sure that the others said that their cohorts were pairing off in the eyes of God and Man at age 22 and 24. 24 being late. But around here, 24 is positively early to get married. I mean, you’re not even done with you Masters, and if it took you a while to decide on your major you might not even be done with your Bachelors.

Slowly, light dawns. Oh, this is a cultural thing. Hmm, so marriage age is cultural, even within Western civilization. What are some other things that are cultural? I muse over the fry vats. Well, alcohol, to drink or not to drink, is certainly cultural within Christendom. Around here, if you’re a Christian, you just don’t drink, while to some of my classmates from the mainland, staunch Christians all, underage drinking is “no big deal,” so long as you don’t overindulge. And whether you download music with payment or no is cultural, and whether your church has evening services, and whether you date or court, and whether you sit in close physical proximity to guys- or any other people- or not, and whether you hug your family often or not, and whether you read fantasy or not, and whether you call your parents by their first names… etc, etc, ad nausem.

So, this is where I tear out my hair, and cry, “Everything’s cultural! There is no “one true way!” There is no truth!” Right? That’s what one is supposed to do at this point in one’s ruminations? Right?

Um, no. (Thank you, Professor Tingley and Alistair MacIntyre.) Repeat after me, class, “The jump to point three of post-modernism is insufficiently supported. Cultural differences are all different ways of striving for the same goals. Peace, harmony, fidelity… Because different cultures define modesty different ways does not mean that there is no such thing as modesty.”

But, it does mean that you have to think about, um, EVERYTHING. You can’t take anything for granted, since, after all, it’s a cultural norm, not necessarily absolute truth. It may in all actuality be absolute truth, (thou shall not kill? Yep, that one doesn’t need much thought), but you can’t assume that the way things are done is the right way to do them, simply since that’s the way they are done. You have to weigh them against the way things are done in other places, and most of all against the bible. (I’m not sure if that made any sense to anyone, or if I seem to be advocating heresy, but I’ll try to explain it if needed.) Nice, a very interesting thing to think on. But it does make for a lot of thinking!

And the other thing the wedding announcement made me thing on- (oh yes, there is more. 😀 This is what happens when I don’t get on the computer for almost three days. And don’t try and follow my jump from the invitation to the following thoughts. You’ll strain your brain.)- was one of the founding and motivating principles of our present society. I am referring to the truism;

You can do anything you set your mind to if you work hard enough.

This is, of course, a lie.

Strong words! What do I have to support this accusation? Well; what is necessary to accomplish something?

  1. Money (everything needs some)
  2. Time (again, every accomplishment needs some, even if it’s just 30 seconds)
  3. Opportunity (as in, I am not banned from said activity by law or ironclad custom.)
  4. Inclination (I need to want it)
  5. Ability (I need to be able to do it, by virtue of my God-given gifts and talents)

That seems to cover it. The problem is that all of these things are finite and limited. For example;

  • I do not have either the time, money, inclination or ability to be a quantum physicist. I have the opportunity, but it is still something that I am not going to accomplish, so far as I can see.
  • I may have the time, money, opportunity and ability to pierce my ears in the bathroom with a needle, or shave my head in the kitchen with a knife, but I do not have the inclination. That is something that I am most likely not going to accomplish.
  • I may have the inclination, opportunity, money, and ability to write a novel this summer, but I do not have the time. Not a probable accomplishment.

Why is this important? Because, for most of us, the accomplishments our inclinations and even our abilities lure us towards outweigh the time and money we can invest in them. It’s the eternal quandary; when we have money, we don’t have time, and when we have time, we don’t have money. It’s one of the less fun things of becoming an adult; realizing that we can’t do it all. It is fairly easy, in retrospect, to accept that those things that lie outside our abilities are most likely not going to be accomplished. Planing to win an Oscar for my acting abilities is not the best idea, given my stunning lack of acting abilities. 😀 Once you learn to look realistically at what you can and not do, you can line off a whole host of accomplishments with a minimum of suffering. (It is hard to learn to look, but that’s just growing-up 101.)

However, it’s harder when you look at your short list, and realize that there is still not enough time in life to fit it all in. Much less money. I want to travel, learn languages, learn, have a family, write, and manage to eat while I’m doing so. Eating, as we all know, requires money, which requires time, which cuts down on time for “fun” things. So, some things have to fall by the wayside, as certain accomplishments take precedent overs.

I think I’ve seen this in the lives of adults I admire. For heaven’s sake, I’ve seen my own parents give up an awful lot for the sake of their family. They put that “accomplishment” over top of things like “a thriving career,” “money,” “travel and vacation time,” even “social standing.” I know for a fact that they were offered opportunities that a lot of people would have taken without a second glance, and they put them on the side for the sake of a passel of unruly children, and their own relationship with each other.

So, as I try and weigh the things I have opportunity to do, as I acquire the necessary money and time, and whether I actually have the inclination and ability to accomplish said things, I have some very good examples close to hand!

This is the test of true character; if you can not loose it while they unload the plane.

I’m back on the Rock!

The whole trip went amazingly smoothly. (and now we discover what I call a “smooth” flight.)

I am definitely flying West Jet if I possibly can in the future. RM drove me out to the airport, and I checked in, and then found that my carry on was too heavy. They’re topped off at 22lbs, and mine was 17 overweight. Heh heh heh. So I repacked in the airport lobby, borrowing a nice lot of tape, and then promenaded off to my gate with a very light bag. Security went smooth as silk, and the flight its self was unremarkable. Though the couple in the seat next to me DID hold hands for the entire trip, which was kind of interesting.

Anyhow, I landed in Halifax, waited a while got on the plane, waited while they loaded more bags, (this delayed us 30 minutes), and landed in St. John’s! The flight was one that had come form Edmonton, and it was mainly full of people who had been in their seats since 6am in Edmonton. When we landed in Newfoundland at 11:10 local time, all the seat belts opened in about 2 seconds. SnapsnapsnapsnapsnapsnapSTANDUP. That was where my title came from- an overheard comment from the back of the plane.

PT and Daddy were there to meet me, which was very jolly. PT had to go straight back to his house, but it was excellent to see him again. He’s such a man. 😛 Then Daddy and I went to the hotel he and Mommy rent while in St. John’s, and I passed out. There was a breif interlude where I tried to keep from tossing around and disturbing Daddy, but then I gave that up as hopeless and conked out.

5 hours later we were up and headed to the Janeway to see Gid and Mommy. Mommy had spent the night with Gid, by the by. It was very good to see them both, and then I got on the bus to Home! My parents are awesome, pretty much. *glee*

So, I pretty much went into a coma for the bus ride, and then on arriving I took a taxi home. It was funny, since the Taxi driver knew me by sight from when I worked at Tim Hortons 2 years ago, and he knew where I wanted to go without being asked. I’m back in my ain Countrie!

And… the library is closing. (the internet is down at home) Write more later, I shall.

The most beautiful place in the world

That’s where I live. I rode in to St. John’s on Saturday, and I realized again just how beautiful my home is.

The drive in was very fun. Daddy was driving, and he had made 4 mix cd’s of driving music, everything from country, to blues, to rock, to folk, to pop… So we talked, and listened to music, and took pictures. Essentially, my dad is very excellent.

Once we got into St. John’s we went to Costco, and my soul was pleased within me. Warehouse stores… *smiles* A HUGE warehouse with wide aisle, containing everything from wide screen tvs, to canned milk! And the selection is always changing! SO yes, you won’t be able to find runners here today, but check back next week. I tell you, if I could, I would do most of my household shopping there, just leaving produce for the grocery store. Gallon jars of marchino cherries, 50 lb bags of flour; the Scottish part of my ancestry is delighted! Unfortunately, there is no way I can shop at a similar store here. It would take me months to get through the amount of bulk they sell in, and I don’t have the storage facilities. But someday, I will shop at Costco!

And there was another purchase Daddy made at Costco. An ipod shuffle, for me!
Now I understand Frauline’s making a quilt to keep her ipod warm! It’s so pretty and shiny and mac and cute. *sighs* Thank you Daddy!

Life is fun.