TGIO, Nano 08

It’s done.

I’m done.
This weight on my back for the last eight months is gone? *doesn’t know how to deal with this strange lightness*
*slaps self*
Okay, sleep is clearly in order. But first, some stats! *cheerful smile*
  • Word Count: 1608
  • Scenes: 3
Since Nov. 1 08
  • Word count: 284,232
  • Days: 293
  • Word Count Per Day: 970
Since Bahnree’s Death Threats
  • Word Count: 78,432
  • Days : 44 (I think?)
  • Word Count Per Day: 1,783
*goes off to eat watermelon and laugh madly*

"Lay me down in sheets of linen/If you please don’t stay all night/Come with me we’ll dance such a wedding/Away to the left and around/To the right"

This is my 200th post. Go me. All are very profound, I’m sure.

Word Count: 5,488
Scenes: 6
My hands hurt. However, I can now say with no little degree of triumph, that all the MAIN scenes are done. *not thinking about the plot holes and savage lack of quality, nope* Now I just have to deal with one last trauma for Jennet and write the stuff that deals with the side charas, and fills in some gaping “what just happened?” holes. Piece of cake.
Did I mentioned that we had Kemendraugh’s itinerary wrong, and she’s not back till the 20th? Yep. So that’s why my lack of panic and/or open triumph. I still am honour bound (HA) to fix some of the easy issues before she gets back.
My head hurts too. Sleep, you are so my friend.

Drugs, a girl’s best friend? Pros and Cons, discuss.

Word count: 3,129

Scenes: 3
I made Kael cry. o.O And I finally got inspired right after I started eating Midol. No, drugs don’t help the writing AT ALL. *cough*
Um, that’s all. I want to keep writing, but I’m suppose to be awake in six hours. So I should get on getting to sleep. *waves* *runs off*
EDIT: 1,586 words, an hour and a half and a scene later, I guess I really SHOULD go to sleep? ^_^

"Gonna drive till I drop/till the tires turn to metal/gonna sleep when I’m dead/gonna laugh like the devil…"

Word Count: 1021

Scenes: 2
I think I maybe filled in some holes. Or maybe I just muddled it up more. It’s kinda unclear. Tomorrow, we get treason! Go me! *throws shoes*
Oh wait, that was the wrong projectile. Oh well. I’ll fix it in revision. ^_^
Also, Where No One Knows Me, by Jann Arden, is a good song. *nods*

"And everybody was for fighting/wouldn’t wanna waste a thing/ cold cold water bring me round…"

Free Jazz:
I am
Well, aside from the fact that everybody dies, and Kael goes crazy and kills herslf

I think I’ve identified the source of the problem.

So it’s done. This scene is totally on drugs, but some kind of a pattern for the rewrite is down in text. I need to back this up… *runs away briefly*

I have to say though, this scene was insanely hard to write. It was the one that sparked this story for me in the first place, only by now all the characters are quite different, as well as the tech and what I have of plot. So I have this really vivid picture in my head, that doesn’t WORK, so I have to keep shooing it away. Also, well, I’m writing from inside Kael’s head. When you catch yourself thinking ~this would just make more sense if I was on drugs, then I could get the real feel of it~ this should be a sign to you that you have issues. I’ve only been trying to write it since Monday? *sigh* I can also attribute the hard-ness of the scene to the fact that I’m doing my traditional reaction to a Big Scene, and loosing interest, as well as doing my traditional reaction to The End Is In Sight, and saying I’m so close that it hardly matters, I can write that tomorrow. All very healthful and good for me. And my story.
And this is a big however. This scene OFFICIALLY marks the end of Kael’s trauma. Everything from here out for her is good, even when it makes her cry. (Especially when it makes her cry.) Jennet is still going to be traumatized just a little, but I promise it’s for the best! You get to be Kick-Ass, Jennet! Isn’t that what you want?
I’ll go sleep now. Tomorrow Dulamon gets to be awesome, and we make Kael cry! *happy smile*


You Noticed!

"You can’t find your way home, but you know my music. It evens out."

Wordcount: 621

Scenes: 1 and a bit?
I went back to fix a bunch of stuff today, which accounts for the small word count. Well, that and the visits, and the park, and meeting the band, and eating, and traveling… *cough* What I did write makes me happy though, which in turn makes me happy in a broader sense. 😛 And I think I might actually be managing to explain the madness that is my mind, and support certain issues, which FILLS ME WITH HOPE.
Not that I need hope.
Noooooooooooooooooo. No need AT ALL.
In other hopeful (?) news, I have ten scenes to write in eight days. GO ME. ahem. (But one of them might involve Haggerty and a table, (which is easy to write,) we’ll see.)

"I don’t know how to deal with being secure. It makes me nervous."

I meant to write this last night, but it just didn’t work out. *cough* At any rate.

My schedule over the next little while worries me. The 18th is my DDD*. This is what my IRL obligations look like.
  • 7th: Work seven hours, attend five hour concert, be social.
  • 8th: As Brother is home, be social. Also, call England with my Phone Card Of Joy. (That one is good.)
  • 9th: Leave in the early morning for a four hour trip to the Town, go to the mall and possibly the theatre.
  • 10th: have hair cut, leave in the afternoon for a four hour trip home.
  • 11th: Work seven hours.
  • 12th: Work seven hours.
  • 13th: Work seven hours.
  • 14th: Work seven hours.
  • 15th: Leave in the early morning for a four hour trip to Town, attend family day at Camp Delight. Spend the night at camp. (No electronics at camp unless medically necessary. No, that does not include my laptop.)
  • 16th: Visit brother, leave in the afternoon for a four hour trip home.
  • 17th: TBA
  • 18th: TBA
So yes, nervous now. o.O
*DDD: Drop Dead Date. If not me, then ALL MY CHARACTERS.