Word Count: 2,238

Scenes: 2
Social day was lose. My eyes hurt. Plot is made of fail. I am no longer able to use the English Language. Not that I could before.
I had to attend a PET SHOW. *headdesk*

"I don’t know how to deal with being secure. It makes me nervous."

I meant to write this last night, but it just didn’t work out. *cough* At any rate.

My schedule over the next little while worries me. The 18th is my DDD*. This is what my IRL obligations look like.
  • 7th: Work seven hours, attend five hour concert, be social.
  • 8th: As Brother is home, be social. Also, call England with my Phone Card Of Joy. (That one is good.)
  • 9th: Leave in the early morning for a four hour trip to the Town, go to the mall and possibly the theatre.
  • 10th: have hair cut, leave in the afternoon for a four hour trip home.
  • 11th: Work seven hours.
  • 12th: Work seven hours.
  • 13th: Work seven hours.
  • 14th: Work seven hours.
  • 15th: Leave in the early morning for a four hour trip to Town, attend family day at Camp Delight. Spend the night at camp. (No electronics at camp unless medically necessary. No, that does not include my laptop.)
  • 16th: Visit brother, leave in the afternoon for a four hour trip home.
  • 17th: TBA
  • 18th: TBA
So yes, nervous now. o.O
*DDD: Drop Dead Date. If not me, then ALL MY CHARACTERS.

La la la la la…. Not thinking about the holes in my plot, not thinking, not thinking, la la la la la la la…..

“I dunno, I think I missed the climax in there. I got all the build-up, and now I get we’re into the denouement, but… yeah, not sure where that climax was.”
-A friend, who is reading my first draft.

And the answer? It’s HIDING. The climax is HIDING. SNEAK-RATIVELY.

*cue mad, hysterical laughter*


Wordcount: 2,282
Scenes: 3
I really have no faith in anything I wrote today. My hope is only that, somewhere WAY underneath the confusion, there’s salvageable stuff. And on the subject of quality being VERY buried; The Scene That Mocked Me.
*level stare at the scene*
*scene laughs gently, knowing that it has won*
We had some fundamental disagreements. For one, the scene wanted Haggerty to beat people up with a table, and I said no, I wanted Tenish to be leet, we have had enough of Haggerty beating people with tables. So the scene sulked and refused to help me with tactics, and threw vauge shadowy veils of incomprehensibility over anything that I managed to wrestled out of it. There might have been pliers involved. What I’ve got now is the second version, becuase last night I gave up and deleted everything I’d written. Written PAINFULLY, and LABORIOUSLY, with much GRIPING and WEEPING and GNASHING OF TEETH. Bahnree knows.
Oh yes… she knows….
Anyhow. *cough* I rewrote it before work today, and I hate it only slightly less than last time. But instead of wanting to destroy it utterly and burn the dust, I only want to stake it out for the sea scavengers to tear into little tiny pieces and eat in front of its slowly desiccating eyes. (When Sea Scavengers = Teh Interwebs.)

I still have hope that there’s something good in there, it’s just WAY buried. Maybe the soldering iron part? ^_^

Burnout! My old friend! It’s been days, how are you? And your boyfriend Distraction, how is he? Been hanging around, if you know what I mean…

Wordcount: 1,829

Scenes: 3

I ALWAYS do this. I get to the big shiny scene I’ve been laying the groundwork for, and I don’t want to write it.
*pokes story*
*story is shiny and awesome and tempting*
*I go off to make tea*
Sigh. Perhaps tomorrow will be better. I have lots of short stuff to write, and then lots of flashback and trauma I’m really insecure about, plot-wise. Sigh Times Two. Anyhow, here’s some Excerpt!