I passed! (the epic blog entry)

WHEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [commence incoherent screaming of joy here]

In case you might have noticed, I was ever so slightly concerned about the possibility of my passing this year. Just slightly. Then we had the oral exam today, and learned the stats of who in the class passed. The verdict? Everyone made it. *punches the air*

Even the Scriptures exam, which as you also might have noticed I was rather concerned about, I passed. I got an 89. This is just wrong. I don’t understand that mark, at all. It was not a good exam. *shakes head vehemently* Not a good exam. But I am not going to try to argue a lower mark, rest assured! I just don’t understand. *is bewildered*

Moving on! Yes, the oral exam was today, and it was rather anti-climatic. I did not cover myself with glory, but neither did I go down in flames. This lack of combustion was chiefly because it was not really possible to ignite ones self, but the point remains! The dinner, on the other hand, was lovely. Em had made the famous braided sandwich rolls, and there were also veggies of joy, and cookies. Twas jolly.

Then the year books arrived, and we signed each other’s and chatted for something like a two hours. It was fun, and my first experience with signing yearbooks. All these experienced signers, and then Snazel biting her pen and trying to think of things to say that are amusing and representative. Not so much. I realized a bit more, when trying to think of things to say, how much I’m gonna miss everybody. I’ve really got used to all these people. *sigh* Grad in on Saturday afternoon, and then we’re scattering to all corners of the continent. West Coast, East Coast, Central, Prairies, South, Midwest; pretty much everywhere except The North or Southern California. *sigh*

But my little yearbook is jolly. *pats it*

We’ve also had our last class events, both official and unofficial, in the last week. The official one was when the class went out to Hal’s house for Community meal on Tuesday. Hal is the Office administrator for the College, and he’s been bringing his family by for community meal all year, which was very nice. It was oodles of fun, though I was tired early, as I had gotten up early to clean. We had done intensive deep cleaning of the house, which involved Moon Unit down on her hands and knees scrubbing the entry way for an HOUR, and general hilarity. We played a mix CD from one of Third World’s friends, very loudly. It was especially amusing when Swinger came in during Play that funky music.

Swinger : “I’d like to point out that there are no white boys in the house except for Peety and me, and we aren’t singing.”
Em: “We started it especially when we saw you coming up the walkway. *very bored* Dance, White boy, dance.”

Anyhow, what with the music and general hilarity, it was a fun cleaning morning. Then we headed out to Hal’s house in the evening. His kids were there, *happy* and we all hung out in the living room and the backyard. We had ribs, and salad, and pop, and marvelous mashed potatoes. It was delicious! Then those who were sports-inclined played soccer, and those we weren’t sat around and chatted. THEN, as evening fell, we had coffee, and unidentified berry-cake-pudding-trifle dessert, and CHOCOLATE CAKE OF GLORY. I called it that by accident after catching a glimpse of it in the kitchen, and the name was appropriate. It was four levels of marvelous dark chocolate cake, and iced with a ganache-ish icing. By then Moon Unit was a little loopy from exhaustion, and so was leaning on Swinger’s shoulder, and Third World and I were alternating leaning on each other and sitting on the ground , but we were leaving in someone else’s care, so we made unintelligent conversation for another two hours. Then we went home and slept like logs. *nods*

Oh, I forgot to mention that Professor Tucker, (lit.) was there, as was Professor Tingley, (Philosophy, Art, and Trivium,) and their respective families. SO there were lots of little ones running around, which was fun, but in retrospect I didn’t have any in my lap, which is why it didn’t feel terribly homey. Not that it was bad- quite the opposite! But the fact that there were children running about didn’t seem as homelike as it might have been. Interesting. And Hal and co. live in a very nice version of suburbia. I am beginning to think that that I may have judged suburbia too hastily. Not all cities are like Southern California! There were trees, and the houses looked different, and the inhabitants seemed to know their neighbors. In fact, the atmosphere was closer to the PMQs, which were a terribly fun place when you were under the age of 10. Kids everywhere, and a back yard that went on for miles. Anyhow, looked like a nice place, and the construction of the houses where definitely nicer than the PMQs!

Then on Wedsday we watched Lord Of The Rings. All day. With only minor breaks of less than 10 minutes. Yes, we are awesome. Sue has the extended version, so we watched the entire trilogy back to back. As this post is already too long I will not bore you with unnessesry details, except to say that it was very cool, and I was there the WHOLE time, and I was the only one who did that. The others skipped out for a couple of pieces of time, but I was there!!!!!

And, Moon Unit, Third World, and I cleaned out the fridges this afternoon. It was epic and furry.

Please support your answers…

I’m done with all the exams. That is such a remarkably strange thought. I am totally not processing it yet. 😛

However, it is not true! I till have the big oral exam on next Thursday, but aside from that I’m done. No more papers, no more exams, (almost), no more classes. I don’t know what to do with myself! Oh, I think I’ll figure something out soon enough, but for know I’m a little at loose ends. I made a list of things I need to do before I go home, so I feel marginally more secure, having that to procrastinate about.

The oral exam was today for Science, and I had the 8:30 slot. I had been making flippant comments about oral exams, saying that I didn’t have a problem with them. This was taken note of by the auditors of the universe, and duly fixed. I now have ascertained that I usually have no issue with answering questions after presentations, because I am so relived that the presentation is over. However, oral exams are rather different. I had never taken one before today, you see. I say a remarkable number of things without actual facts to point to as backup. I still think I’m right, and my facts are right, but I don’t carry names in my head well. *sheepish* Perhaps it’s best that I was first, so there was NO bar to measure up to. One of the later students accidentally saw the grade sheet, and he said that there was no grade lower than B+, for which I am very happy.

"At this time of year, what with marking papers and exams, I was thinking, as one so often does, on grace…"

One left. Only one exam left.

I should be happy about this, but I still feel physically ill from the Scriptures exam. My hands are numb. I have never felt so bad after an exam in my life. I’ve been saying, about my exams, “well, nothing has made me cry yet,” but if I was ever to cry over an exam it would be about that one. I bombed so badly. I can’t talk well about theology ever, and that paper was no exception.

ANYWAYS! I got through music without too much issue. There were questions I was iffy on, but I knew the majority. Even listening I got through without major panic. All thanks must go to Third World and Moon Unit though, for that, who just kept going over the music clips over and over again, and making/letting me memorize them. I still wasn’t good, but I was able to put a name on half the pieces, I think, and an era on everything.

Have you ever noticed what adrenaline does to the body? It’s quite interesting. I wasn’t emotionally scared yesterday, but the adrenaline was definitely going. I was sitting and reading a fun book to try and relax before the exam and looked at the clock. It was ten minute to class, and totally without warning my breathing sped up, my heart rate went up, and I went analytical and noted this all. Then in the exam, I felt perfectly normal, but happened to touch my chest, and my heart was going like a trip hammer. I could feel my heartbeat when I touched my collarbone! And; (random side story) Rach scared me while I was reading earlier in the week and my eyesight sharpened. It was very odd.

Then this morning was literature, which was painful. We hadn’t had a test from this professor yet, so no one know what to expect, and we weren’t disappointed. I really don’t know how I did though. I answered all three questions, but I really don’t know what he was looking for. I don’t have very much experience with exams at all, and I’m not sure I know how to write them. EDIT: I do know, however, that I got halfway through my big essay and realized that I had just disproved my thesis, so I had to frantically rewrite. Fun times 😛

I also don’t have much experience in attending classes I don’t like, which is perhaps why I failed so badly on the scriptures exam. I can usually find something to get at least mildly interested in in any class, but this one- no. I mean, I though I didn’t like math in high school. In retrospect, I loved math. I thought I didn’t like writing. I adored it. I thought I didn’t like my papers this term. They were enjoyable. I thought I didn’t like the art exam. It was fun. Now I know what not liking an activity is, and that is the Scripture exam I just hacked my way through.

OH, and to forestall those people who will tell me, “you didn’t do that bad…” I was to write three essays, which are traditionally two pages each. I wrote one which was two pages, and it achieved that by being mainly comprised of quotes. The other two essays were less than a page each, and a total “scraping the bottom of the barrel” in terms of content. No, scratch that, this is where you beat the barrel apart to try to get at the tiny fragments of content that are stuck in the crevices between the rotten slabs of fumbling that make up the barrel.

That was so REMARKABLY bad. We’re talking a new section in the annals of abysmal exams. Above-the-fold, front page, in the Fumbling Times. Full alert with picture sent out to all those anywhere who attempt to stop idiocy. Full quarantine necessary to stop the incomprehension from infecting unsuspecting bystanders and dragging them down to a lingering painful death.

*sigh* I am going to go out and buy an extra large coffee, and try to study for the 8:30am oral exam I have tomorrow.


In 16 hours I am going to be all done with exams. *smiles*

I passed the paint of panic long ago. Now I’m just waiting for the blade to drop…

The title? Overheard in conversation today after exams. It’s that kind of day. 😛

I, however, am quite happy at this moment. I am very full from all the lovely chili that Em made for community meal, and I am done with three of my exams.
ha! take that, world…

Art was this morning, and I wrote 12 pages, total, of which 10 were double spaced. There was a tense moment in the exam when I, vividly and without preamble, remembered all the comments I got on my last exam… But I put them out of my mind, pulled up more sarcasm, and continued writing. That exam definitely got snarky at times. Third World, Moon Unit and I were rehashing it afterwards, comparing answers, and we’ve decided we want to read each others exams when we get them back. If you give us three any room at all for smart comments, we’ll take it. *grins*

Then we had an intense, college-wide music-study session for four hours, which made sure that any brain cells I had left decided to shut down. I really don’t know how the medical students do it. *shakes head in wonder*

Tomorrow is music, both listening and written, and scriptures/lit prep. Good times!

Four exams to go.

Quid vides. Nihil videmus.

Oh! I can translate that sentence! I think…

Two exams down, five to go.

Latin was this morning, and I actually feel fairly secure about it. I didn’t ace it, for sure, but I was able to answer all the questions. I’m pretty sure I didn’t fail 😛

Philosophy was then in the afternoon, and was good. I don’t think I aced that one either, but I was able to answer most of the questions, in a reasonably coherent manner, and I wrote a 9 page essay in an hour and a half. *big grin* That was actually rather amusing. Last time most everyone left the exam after an hour and 45 minutes, and I was in there writing alone for the last hour. This time, we were all in there up to the last five minutes, and people were coming out of the exam saying things like “I had more to say, but my hand gave out.” The essay was on A big idea you might talk to people about. A nice lot of room for writing there, eh? 😀 I think I wrote about a page and a half in the last 5 minutes, wherein I touched on utilitarianism, Hume, Post-modernism, and a two sentence conclusion. I also wrote the last four pages under the motivation of the tea that professor Tingley made for us. It was really nice; he noticed that a lot of the students had not eaten lunch, and made us a pot of tea. By the time I took a cup it had been steeping for almost two hours, so that it was very dark brown and had a smoky flavour. I added a spoonful of sugar, and was rejuvenated!

And then I came out of class, shaking slightly from focusing for that long, and found that Air Canada finally had sent me some money for losing my baggage. So I can ship my books and blankets back home, and still have some money left over to do fun stuff during marking week.

We’re going to the symphony tonight, should be fun.

Must let Rach’s Other Half have the computer to research his art pieces. *bows*

Wherein Snazel ponders the future

Exam week
Also being a lamentable tale of woe, hysterical laughter, late-night nervous breakdowns and far too much chocolate.

Day the First.
Wherein a Latin exam occurs early in the morning, accompanied by several raving panics, moreover the philosophy exam is undertaken with much weeping and gnashing of teeth, and a select few Augustinians attend the symphony.

Day the Second
Wherein a Art exam invades the morning, being comprised of no less than nine essays of varying lengths, and the panic level increases, abated somewhat by a community meal of much emotion.

Day the Third
Wherein two music exams take place, a written and a listening, and several students disappear into the abyss of insanity.

Day the Fourth
Wherein a literature exam takes place, being a hallucinatory conversation between fictional characters, and a Scriptures exam is followed by mandatory attendance at Chapel.

Day the Fifth
Wherein the entire day is occupied by individual interrogation sessions on science, and half the college runs for the border.

Wherein Snazel ponders the past.

Classes are over. That is such a strange thought. o.O In a week’s time I’ll be done with my exams. Even stranger… The time is just zipping by.

Here is the last week in miniature. 🙂

On Monday we had Latin (fun), and Philosophy (PoMo). It seems strange to think of going back to life without those classes in it. Philosophy is going to leave a big hole, actually. I didn’t understand it much, but it was great when I did! 😛

On Tuesday we had our last art class, which was interesting. We touched on the surrealists and cubists. Then we handed in our papers to Dr. Patrick, and had a lovely community meal: lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and cake with berries and whipped cream. I will certainly miss Tuesdays. *sniffs*

On Wednesday, we had our last music class and last Latin class. I botched the Latin quiz. *weeps* I think I’ll miss Latin. Not the quizzes so much, but the translation is rather fun, in a painful way, and Professor Blaedow is amazing. Music class was enjoyable, but I doubt that I’ll miss it. *sheepish*

On Thursday we had Literature. We did our presentation on items we found on the street, which was jolly. I was so petrified when I read my presentation! I’m pretty sure I was reading in a monotone, in addition to the actual shaking. However, it went reasonably well, and professor Tucker said that I reminded him of the lead character in Becoming Jane. I have never seen that movie, so I’m unsure exactly what he meant *nervous* but I’m pretty sure it’s good. I think. 😛 The other presentations were excellent! It was lots of fun to listen to- an excellent ending class. Despite feeling like a blockhead every time I leave Literature, I’ll miss it. Then we had Scriptures class, which was a review class. To be perfectly frank, I was not at all mournful to see the end of that class.

Oh! And then we went to the mall afterward, Third World and I, and I bought a portable hard drive! So now I can back up my files and pics. *sigh of relief*

On Friday was the last Science class, which was funnish. That was an enjoyable class, but again, I shan’t miss it. In trivium, we then discussed… pacifism. Who wants to go out on a tame note anyways? I think I kept my temper admirably well, though my blood pressure went up a little bit when someone made the comment, “You can’t be a good soldier and a good Christian.” *wide mirthless smile* It basically ended with us running out of time and agreeing only on the fact that Jesus in his incarnation was pacifist in that he did not try to defend himself by violence. *sigh*

Then last night we went to the other girl’s house for Texas’s birthday, and “end of classes party”. That was a ball!

Now, I really need to go study, so, farewell. 😛

Double spaced

There is my art exam sheet in front of me. I pick it up and read;

Write at length (3 or more pages, double-spaced) about one work that we have examined this term.

Then, further down the page;

…writing 2 or more pages (double-spaced) on each.

Pretty clear, no? You have a good idea as what to do? I should know what was going on? NO! my brain performed the following stunning jump of mental logic. Okay, one page double spaced typed equals one page single spaced handwritten, so this means write 3, (or 2), pages single spaced handwritten. I start off.

Halfway through the exam, people start LEAVING! I am only half way through, and I am in great awe of the medical students in the class, who can finish so fast. But people keep leaving! Eventually, with fifteen minutes left in the exam, I am the only one left in the room. I mentally decide that I must really not have studied enough, and write doggedly on. Finally I finish, with five minutes left. I spend the time checking my five double-sided single-spaced pages for spelling, and walk out after two hours and forty five minutes of writing.

Then I found out why it took my twice as long as everybody else to write my exam. Oops…

Philosphy, headache and tea; the perfect combination

I’m writing my Philosophy essay.

I choose to compare and contrast the ethics of the New Testament, and Aristotle’s Nicomacean Ethics.

My sanity is quite possibly in question at this point.

I’m glad I chose this question to write my essay on, as these are two books I was fascinated with when we studied them. But… I would chose the two biggest subjects to discuss. We spend THREE WEEKS on Aristotle, and two on the New Testament. Five weeks of lectures and 75 pages of reading, to distill into 3 pages of essay. The pain, the pain… And then there’s the Philosophy exam itself. And I have three thousand-word essays to prepare for Art. And then there’s Music class. I think I need more tea.

I thank God fervently at this point that the Latin exam was canceled.