"I just waved at those hitchhikers, didn’t I." "Yep, the little flirty wave, too."

Another blog post written on the highway!

  • Soundtrack is: Coldplay
  • Driver is: Fraulein
  • Drink is: Ice cubes left over from McDonald’s Root Beer
  • Destination is: St. John’s and the Home School Conference. 

Okay, now that you have all the vital stats, I suppose I may as well explain in labourious and tedious words.

We’re going to the Home School Conference!


Okay, yes, the language portion of my brain is sadly lacking at this date. But despite this tragic handicap, I persevere and blog, for you, my loyal reader. I’m so noble. *sniffs*

Up until yesterday I though that I was going to stay home, live on tea and noodles, and watch television this weekend. My work schedule meant that I would miss the convey out, you see. And then, someone clever, (not me, sad to say), looked at the calander and noticed that I was off in the early afternoon. “So,” Clever Person said to his or herself, “Snazel could leave on the latter half of the Convoy, if the latter half of the convoy delayed a couple hours. ” And we all saw that this was good, and it was so.

And no we’ve been on the road for a little over two hours, looking to be on the road for a further three hours. Yay. On the other hand, the road is sparkly, and the clouds are beautiful. And I will probably double the amount of my freckles by the time we get there. *sigh*

We’ve gone 168 km, go us!

Geo: “Are we there yet?”
Fraulein: “You should do something fun while you you wait!”
Snazel: “You can always take up slapping yourself for personal amusement!”
Fraulein: “Self abuse is not entertainment.”
Snazel: “I’m just pinking my cheeks the natural way.” *lofty*

Oh, and when we stopped for a bathroom break a lovely old lady asked if four of my younger siblings were my children. This selection of my siblings included Slonner, who is 12 and a half. *headdesk* I guess my work clothes make me look REALLY mature? On the other hand, I just slapped Fraulein while she was driving “to make sure her eyes didn’t close,” and accused her music of being a travesty. So perhaps Maturity is negotiable? Yep, that’s what I think.

In other news, Fraulein and I are meeting up with at least two other friends, perhaps more, and going to a movie tonight! It has been suggested that we watch a chick flick. My response, roughly, was “Yeah, sure! I know a great one called Star Trek! I’m just gonna go watch it, you can join me if you want. Tah!”

At work today my printer wasn’t working when I went to balance out, so I had to call tech support. (We restarted the computer. :D) While waiting for the computer to claw its way back into relevance, I long-dated one arm, and date-stamped the other. It seemed like a good idea at the time. That’s all I have to say on that subject. Annnddd, the air conditioning doesn’t seem to be working. How dreadfully jolly. I think I’m going to buy myself a milkshake at our next stop! Good plan, me!

Geo: “Oh! I see houses!”
Snazel: *monotone* “False hope. False hope.”

"Look! We’re in Orc Country!"

I am writing this in the front seat of Fraulein’s van Carrie, as she drives down the TCH. We are listening to John Mayer on my computer, and just finished milkshakes.

Is this a epic road trip, or is this an epic road trip? You’re right, it’s an epic road trip! You’re so clever…. *pats you on the head*

We left our town yesterday, to travel to the West Coast (of Newfoundland), specifically, to /Location Censored/. Our friend Historian was getting married! Though of course, at this point, the proper tense is “is now married,” but I’m hardly a grammar stickler. Only when i want to be. 😀 (Woah, Police car.)

*cough* Is it legal to be on a laptop in a car? I think it is…. It’s not as though I’m the one driving, or anything. (Heheh, we just passed Boot Brook, where someone has nailed rubbers to the highway sign. This amused me.) ANYHOW. Yes, Fraulein is the one driving. It is her car, after all. I am merely a humble passenger.

We made the incredible and amazing five hour journey yesterday, and arrived at the church just as the decorating committee arrived. (That was a tire by the side of the road. Strangeness.) I should probably mention that the journey takes a normal person four hours, and certain members of Historian’s family all of three hours. But we’re nice law-abiding characters, and also we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy sandals and band-aids. Fraulein got some lovely strappy sandals, and I got a pair of black leather gladiator sandals. (This amuses me too.) (You know who makes good music? Terry Penney. You should go buy some. Especially the album “Time That Town Forgot”. Go, look on itunes, gosh. *sings along to Plan B*) However, we did have a little tiny bit of trouble getting into Wal-Mart. We drove into the wrong parking lot, which didn’t have an exit in the way we wanted to go. Well, that’s no problem. We’ll just cut across this flat empty lot and get into the right parking lot that way- It wasn’t flat. That “empty” lot contained a marvelous selection of novelty potholes, to the extent that we conducted an impromptu test of the suspension, seat belts, and cup holders. The cup holders failed the test, but everything else passed with flying colours. GJ Carrie! (Which is the name of Fraulien’s van, in case you’ve forgotten.)

When we got to the church, we helped blow up balloons at the church, set out tables, twisted streamers, and generally assisted in making the church basement beautiful. Then we went back to Historian’s house, where Fraulein and I hung out played wii fit, tried on dresses, and talked with his sisters.

Oh! There was a previous triumph I should mention, where we dispensed with the mapquest directions and used an actual map to find the church. It was very exciting. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I have thrown continuity out of the window, there to shatter spectacularly and be run over. If you can’t figure out what I’m saying, you don’t deserve to know what’s going on in my tremendous life! And the girls wanted to straighten my hair, and I said something about it previously having taken three people two hours to do so. They viewed this as a challenge. So my hair is now straight, and I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. 😀

In the morning we got a crash course in how to use the video cameras, and then we filmed the ceremony in the afternoon! (Someone left a red jacket by the side of the road.) This was the first ceremony that I’ve been to where I actually knew the people involved, which made it rather different. I was priviledged to be able to be zoomed in, via camera, on the faces of the (deliriously) happy couple, and they were very, very cute. *grins* They spent the time beaming at each other, and then being embarrassed about the people there, and then forgetting to be embarrassed and beaming at each other. Everybody together now, say “awwww!”

Which leads me again to hope our filming job was good… *nervous*

However, both Frauelien and I are working tomorrow, so we had to leave right after the ceremony. And now we’re pelting down the highway, heading for home.

I hope we get to a Tims soon, I could really use some coffee.

Fraulein: “Your name is Fred!” *bites gummy snake* *pauses* “Oh, I really shouldn’t have named my snake before I ate it.”

A Glimpse Into Renovations

Last week was Reno Week, which I was helping with, I think I may have mentioned. Of course, my helping was to run the kitchen, but it still counts, right? Anyhow, at one point I also wandered around with a camera, and this was the result.

Apologies are probably necessary. I’m sorry. *maniac chuckle*

Reno Glimpse from Amber on Vimeo.

"Of course it’s gonna get better/ better better better!"

SO! Fraulein and I went into Gander this evening. She went to dance class, and I hung out in the library. Yes, you wish you had our rollicking social lives. Seriously, you do, it was fun. Two hours in the presence of many books, *happy sigh* and two hours of driving and singing along to the music on Fraulein’s ipod. 

The singing along was rather too much fun. We could manage the range, just, for most of the pop-y songs- the worship, etc. Then we hit Allison Krauss, and it got hard. And then we chanced upon Celtic Woman, and it got impossible. These people make the songs sound so effortless, until you try to emulate them. Which is about when your voice gives out entirely, and you start to suspect that that is blood, there, trickling down the back of your throat. I may have no voice tomorrow. But it was fun!

Also, I did this meme, (it’s a link. Click it) and the result was the below. It was enjoyable, AND creative. You should do it. 😀

So. What’s been up?

There have indeed been actual occurrences in my life! I just fail at blogging. I am heartily ashamed, and bow and scrape in your general direction, my loyal reader. (Wait, you mean there is more than one reader of this blog? My, I have been remiss.)

Let me cast my mind back into the murky depths of the past. What shall I talk about? Oh, the Brownie sleepover last weekend. Words are inadequate, but I shall try. 
  • *deep breath*
  • Oh Oh Oh Oh setting up beds and can I sleep next to my best friend Melissa teacher she says she’s sleeping next to Reagan but I want her to sleep next to me teacherrrrrrrrrr…….
  • Oh look, Pizza! *munches*
  • Oh, never mind, let’s melt plastic cups in the oven and decorate them.
  • LET’S RUN AROUND AND SCREAM- oh, nail polish?
  • Let’s paint the leader’s nails, each nail a different colour!
  • Sleep? Why would we want to do that? Oh look, it’s tomorrow…
  • *leaders pass out sometime about three am*
  • Oh look, it’s morning!
  • *leaders lurch off in search of coffee*
  • *children are perky and RUN AND SCREAM AND SHOUT*
  • *children go home*
  • *leaders clean*
  • *leaders go home*
Yep, that was pretty much the brownie sleepover, in microcosm. Then that evening I went out to Ms. B’s house, and we had a write-in! Which is to say, she worked on school work, and I wrote fun things, and we both put our earbuds in and companionably ignored each other for four hours. Brought me back to Augustine times, I tell you. Of course it was still PM, so not totally Augustine times, but still…. *pauses* I jest, you know I jest. I was a wonderful student. Stellar. I made my professors weep. With joy. *awkward silence falls*
Oh, and then Fraulein and I built a wardrobe last night. Its name is War Drobe, after the shining city in the fair land of Spare Oom. Ahem. And yes, we wrestled that thing up three flights of stairs, because we are awesome, and then we hysterically put it together, because we are skilled. It only took us less than three hours, too. And before you laugh, remember that this was a flatpack wardrobe, with two drawers and doors and so on and so forth, and we built it ALL, without help aside from Slonner assisting with the hinges at the end- when we were too weak with laughter to hold the screwdrivers straight. But it was built, and it is a thing of beauty that I should be filling with clothes instead of blogging. 
Maybe I should work on that? Oh, or I could be working on taxes! So many options!

Family Carnival!

I’m overcoming my lack of interest in text-blogging with some photo-blogging! Hurrah for me! Ahem. Anyhow, here are some pictures. Enjoy. (Yes, that is an imperative. *angelic smile* Why do you ask?)

EDIT: Oh, wait, it seems you might need some explanations. We were running a Carnival, with Booths, in the Living Room. (See? You get to see my Living Room!) Proceeds went to the Family beneficent fund, which this year goes towards feeding PT. Just so as you know, last year it went towards getting me home from College. 😀

Lizzy ran the Blocks Booth, where for a ticket you could build a tower.

Sammy was the main frequenter of that booth, at least in the beginning.

Notice the purse? Yes, that is Sammy’s, and it contains many pennies and tickets. Just ask him, he’ll tell you.

Geo ran the hair styling booth. She was very well prepared.

Slonner poses with the make-up…

Geo works her art on Little Sister.

Little Sister has her eyes done!

Slonner supervising, again. 😀

Beauty is serious business!

The sign was starting to be tired, but we propped it up none the less.

The Block Table experiences a resurge of popularity.

Sammy finds a hiding space…

… in a box full of bears and Slonner.

Still Life With Apples And Jugs.

Slonner gets done over.

Geo waits her turn.

It’s Fraulein! Isn’t she pretty?

And there’s my MOM, who is just lovely on every level. 😀

And… my little brother, who decides to lug around the long-suffering cat.

Fraulein- an action shot.

Lizzy’s strike.

"Sign a Visa application or I’ll sneeze on you." *hard stare*

I’m sorry. I fail at blogging, of late. Really fail. Mmmm, tea. *cough* Anyhow, things have happened of late! It’s true! For one, Fraulein and I had a social weekend. 

Stop laughing, you. It’s true. We really did. And I participated, and everything. *big eyes.* It was like this. Back in the day, I used to take dance lessons, in the next town over. And last weekend, my old teacher, and Fraulein’s current one, invited us out for a sleepover! It was originally intended to be for two nights, but due to work and weather related issues, we were just there for one night. So Miss H came out and picked us up, and took us out for Pizza in the aforementioned next town. So that was delicious, and I ate too much and we talked about many things, and then we rented Nick And Nora’s Infinite Playlist. Which is an amusing film, not for small children. *cough* Or young teenagers. Nope!
The next morning I woke up early, miraculously enough, and then talked over breakfast with Miss H about many more things, for two hours. 😀 It was fun. Oh, and then we went snowshoeing! I had never been snowshoeing, that I remembered, so that was new and hard. I, um, am rarely, if ever, the one to suggest and form of physical activity, other than a walk. But I usually end up enjoying myself, and this time was no exception. Of course, I am also ridiculously out of shape. It’s sad, how out of shape I am. And also how that does not inspire me to any exercise at all. *is sad* BUT- the snowshoeing was fun. And then we came back to the house, and highly awkwardly, I became ill. This is the first time in NINE YEARS that I’ve been stomach sick. So that was not good. It’s strange how apologetic you feel, getting ill in someone else’s house. “Um, I’m sorry, but I just, uh, threw up. I feel fine now though! Really!” *sheepish* So then I dozed off and shook for a little while, and we looked at pictures of Miss H’s trip to the UK, and then we went home early and I slept more. 
There you have it, my social adventure! I really am sorry about being ill, though. Kinda breaks the rules of polite behavior. *sigh*