"You tell us if you have any issues, okay?"

I gave blood for the fourth time yesterday. Thankfully, this donation continued the trend of my third donation, and didn’t hurt. I mean, if it’s at all possible, I’d prefer not to be clenching my jaw and counting heart beats for fifteen minutes. ūüėÄ Fraulein came as well, but unfortunately since she had a cold they wouldn’t let her donate. This continues her string of bad luck, since last time she had a reaction and had to lie down for half an hour. I mention this only¬†because¬†we look alike, as also previously mentioned.¬†

Moreover, Fraulein has a medium skin tone. Myself; on a good day I’m¬†approximately¬†the colour of a saltine cracker. (Complete with speckles.) This led logically to the nurses and volunteers asking me if I felt all right- every two or five minutes- for an hour. *takes a deep breath* But despite looking like I was going to keel over any second, I felt fine! I even walked home over the back hill. ūüėÄ
Wow, I also had an epic laughing attack that morning. I say epic,¬†because¬†I really couldn’t stop laughing, despite the fact it hurt! I was crying primarily from pain by the end of it, but I still couldn’t stop chortling. Twas very strange.¬†
There you have it, the news of the day.

"Extra-Curricular Girl meets Audio/Visual Man- no, that’s really not cliche."

I fell down the stairs today. This has led me to¬†realize¬†I have one of two reactions to falling any distance. I either a.) Laugh, or b.) Get Angry. Today’s incident was of type b, for no discernible reason. But there was no lasting damage to either me or the steps, so I think we’re good. Oh, I also walked through town and looked for birthday presents for those my friends who have upcoming birthdays, (you know who you are.) However, when I realized I was seriously considering red¬†alligator-clips, I decided it was time to go drink Chai at Tim’s and wait for Fraulein and Mommy. They met me ten minutes later, and we had a jolly conversation about many things. Who we would be if we were superheros came up, for instance. Hence the quote which is my title. ūüėÄ

Life has been ticking along, even without me¬†chronicling¬†it. There just hasn’t been a great deal I’ve felt compelled to talk about. I’m back at work, which has been fun, in a work-ish way. I’ve been learning about the new Visa chip cards- to replace the old magnetic stripe-signature ones- and about stop payments on money orders and such. I’m continually¬†amazed¬†at how much goes on behind the scenes in banking. Not that I even see most of it, but I’m learning about it!¬†
Last night we watched First Daughter, which was fun. Fraulein and I watched Chasing Liberty in St. John’s, which has basically the same plot, but is much much worse. FD is actually mildly believable, for example, with characters who act like real people might, and recognition of morals. Hmmmm. I was going to talk about the movies, but now my brain has just gone into¬†caffeine¬†low and I am thinking in words of one syllable. So that’s not going to work.
But I’m still alive, in case anyone was wondering, and life continues!

"Oh everyone believes/ in how they think it oughta be/ oh everyone believes/ and they’re not goin quietly.."

As you may have noticed, last night was New Year’s Eve. The night for ROWDY PARTIES. Following in that¬†honourable¬†tradition, my family watched Wall-E. And to top it off, we had popcorn. Living on the wild side, I know. Then Fraulein and I watched Stick It, which was entertaining. In retrospect, if has¬†occurred¬†to me that I’ve never actually gone to a “New Year’s Party.” Probably¬†because¬†I’ve gone to very few parties in general. Ahem. But after the countdown, I happily¬†received¬†a phone call from Em, Moon Unit, and Moon Unit’s friend Zaktrik. They’re in EST, so they had an hour and a half to spare for chatting, which was very fun. Though I’m afraid, due to the hour, I wasn’t very coherent. *offers¬†apologies*

Something that I forgot to mention, is that PT was home for Christmas, and then his GF came to visit for several days afterwards. I chiefly forgot to mention it because it was so natural to have them around. They’re both very fun people. And I’m not just saying that becuase PT’s my brother. ūüėÄ
Seeing the date, I suppose this is the time for me to offer up some New Year’s Resolutions, eh?
  1. I have eight grand left on my debt, and I’d like to have that gone by the time I’ve been at my new job a year. Yes, that works out to a grand a month, with one month’s leeway.¬†
  2. Finish Expendables! I want to get that story out of my head, and one edit done. At least fix the chronological issues, for example.
  3. Get into some kind of shape other than couch potato, and stay in that non-potato shape.
  4. Oh, and work on being contented where God has placed me. I need to learn to stop fretting to be somewhere else; if God wanted me to be in another place, I’d be there. ūüėÄ
That’s the only things that come to mind, but I think they’ll be challenging enough to try and pull off.¬†

"What are you doing here all by your eyelashes?"

Christmas is over, and I’m STILL tired. That may be attributable to the fact that I didn’t have coffee yet today, though. Hmmmmm….¬†

Anyhow, Christmas. We had what was quite possible the most lavish and epic Christmas I have ever been witness too. We started at 8:00 am, with the unwrapping. And we went until 11:00 am, then took a half hour break for breakfast. The unwrapping commenced again, and continued till 1:30 pm, when we broke for lunch. After a long lunch, and some staring at the wall, we started again at 3:30 pm. We finished the unwrapping at 5:00 pm. Now, for some families that may be normal, but not this one. It took at LEAST twice as long as normal. People have been so incredibly generous, it just boggles the mind. 
So unwrapping took most of the day. Then PT, the Walrus, Fraulein and I watched Walrus’s new movie Transformers in the evening. It was a fun film, so long as I completely suspended all¬†disbelief¬†relating to the Military, and Law Enforcement, and the Intelligence Community, and how Relationships work. Oh, and massive transforming intelligent robots/vehicles. I mean, the SECRETARY OF DEFENSE was running things? And buddy broke an audio¬†signal¬†just by putting a¬†thumb drive¬†containing it in his computer? Blink, heartbeat heartbeat, and we’re seeing all these massive secrets-Right, suspension of¬†disbelief. SUSPEND… *big grin* The Walrus really liked it though, and I thought it was fun, so twas all good. Oh and Moonunit called for 20 minutes, which was terribly jolly. It put me in a good mood. ūüėÄ
And now today I’ve spent most of the day sleeping, so I should really work on looking alive and going for a walk or something.

"Yes, I am going blog EXTENSIVELY about your vest."

No, that was a lie. I shall just mention that Fraulein has a new vest, a denim vest, from winners, that was on sale, and that looks rather spectacularly stylish. She is wearing it today.

Yesterday, she was wearing jeans that fitted marvelously, a stylish blue t-shirt that I am unable to describe other than it was royal blue and stylish, white rosebud earrings, pretty nike sneaks, and a pearl necklace. I, on the other hand, was wearing; a black “Newfoundland Liberation Army” t-shirt that didn’t fit quite as well as Fraulein’s, a man’s black pinstriped fedora, cargo pants that definitely didn’t belong to me to the point that I had to borrow my 13 year old brother’s studded leather belt to keep them on, and my brown Helly Hanson runners (which happen to be men’s shoes, by the way.) There is a reason we don’t borrow clothing from each other’s closets, you see. We have rather different tastes. Despite this, people keep mistaking us for each other. I am starting to be tempted to dye my hair red, just to escape the comments.

Anyhow, Fraulein and I were out by the nurses’ station waiting to go back to the hotel yesterday, and looked each other up and down.
Fraulein: *hopeful* “Maybe now people won’t say we look alike!”
Nurse: *approaching us* “Are you girls twins, or just sisters?”

Then today, I dug deeply into my suitcase that mainly contains books and came up with a denim dress (home schooler uniform!) and cream pashmina. So when a kind elderly man came by to give us some bread and cookies, he assumed that I was my father’s wife.

What will people take me for tomorrow? Stay tuned to see.

"Hello Hello, I’m at a place called Vertigo."

The Christmas Season has begun! Actually, now that I think on it, there have been a startling amount of social events I’ve attended since I last blogged. I should detail them.

Fraulein and I survived the Brownie Party tonight with a minimum of carnage or glue fights, and hopefully not too many embarrassing pictures that will turn up on facebook. *cough* 

Last Tuesday was the Happy Tree opening, which is a classic small town event. The small children singing carols they don’t know, the PA system which mysteriously, (no one knows how) goes on the fritz, the Cadet band with instruments done up in tinsel, the program which- despite it being exactly the same as last year- no one knows. For those who aren’t in this town, the Happy Tree is a charitable, uh, thing, where people donate gifts all December, and then they are distributed on¬†Christmas¬†eve to “disadvantaged¬†families.” (Which one year included us, for some reason. *shakes head in wonderment*)
Then on Thursday was the Christmas Tree lighting, which was basically the same as the Happy Tree, only outside. It was also QUITE cold outside, which makes one look at crowds in a different way. Normally in crowds I’m freakishly aware of everyone within arm’s reach of me, and they’d better stay that distance away. This time, the arm’s length thing is dispensed with entirely. I¬†realized¬†this after it came to my attention that¬†I was less than an inch away from an unknown teenage boy in a leather jacket and knitted beanie. Never seen him before then, but I could now describe the back of his neck. ūüėõ Thankfully right after I¬†noticed¬†this, Sam upset his stroller with himself in it, and I had an¬†excuse¬†to barge out of the crowd and get Sam some hot chocolate.¬†
Oh, and on Saturday was the Santa Claus Parade! My, this town is a¬†happening¬†place. I am now the proud¬†possessor¬†of a coupon for a small order of free fries, and Gid got to ride in the fire truck. ūüėÄ
I need to get back in the blogging habit, my brain is¬†refusing¬†to turn over. Ah well, I’ll try again tomorrow.¬†

"That was a very interesting sentence until you finished it."

I made it back unscathed! Pretty much. I did live through five hours in the Avalon Mall though, so who knows what lasting mental damage that may have inflicted. Then on Sunday I got to go to Ms. B’s and PT’s and PT’s GF’s Church, which was fun. They said their third largest budgetary expense, after the building and the pastor, was coffee. My Kind Of People! The music was very Pentecostal, but they seemed since, which I can respect. And there was a guest speaker, so I’m not quite sure what the teaching actually is like. But there also was a potluck afterwards, which was scrummy. Hurrah for free food! Oh, and PT and his GF were walking downtown to see the christmas parade, so I had to take my things out of the car and bring them back to the church, where I was being picked up. However, the church is downtown, so they lock the doors after normal service hours. Which led to me being locked out of a church, and hammering lightly on the doors. ūüėÄ I mainly sat on my suitcase and waited for someone to come out, but there definitely was a little bit of beating on the door going on. Then they let me in and I had chocolate cake, so it was all good.

On, on the first night I was wearing a pashmina, for grace and the fact that I can hid under it of anyone looks at me. Then when I went up to get coffee a lady looked at me and said; “What you’re wearing looks nice! It looks like you’re wearing a tablecloth, but on you it looks good!” ūüėÄ

And a quote from PT’s GF. “You know today is the first day of Advent? That means today is going to be a day for Extraordinary things.”

Last night Fraulein and I watched Prince Caspian! Since we are avid Narnian Fan girls, we’ve been waiting impatiently for it to come out on DVD. We don’t have a theatre in town, remember? And it was fun. We decided that Peter is generally an idiot, and Susan doubly so. Seriously woman, what is with the leather corset with buckles and such? ISH. And the whole kissing Caspian in front of the crowd, and “you might want to call me sometime-” *facepalm* However, Edmund and Lucy were marvelous, and we love the mice. ūüėÄ “You are a mouse.” I’m still a little if-ish about Miraz and the Telmarines. The whole story was so very far from the book that you have to divide your brain into two stories for the book and the movie. And I’m not sure if the Telmarines are scary or simply a mindless horde of spanish men. I’ll have to watch it again with a critical eye. ūüėÄ

In other news, I’m technically done with Nano now. So I suppose I have to try and break the habit of spending every possible moment on my laptop. *sigh* I know you’re weeping for my sad plight. ūüėõ But first I just have to read some of the shiny NanoNovels my genius internet friends wrote.