Reading for a good cause.

Those of you who follow this blog might have noticed that I like to read.

Those of you who notice time stamps might have noticed that I like to stay up till all hours

So it was pretty obvious that I was going to be participating in Dewey’s 24-Hour read-a-thon.

What is Dewey’s 24-Hour Read-a-thon? For 24 hours, we read books, post to our blogs about our reading, and visit other readers’ blogs. We also participate in mini-challenges throughout the day. It happens twice a year, in April and in October.   

PARTICULARLY because I’m Canadian, and I get Canadian Thanksgiving, so that’s a three day weekend for me, so I don’t fall asleep at work the day after. 😀 Lord Willing. It could still happen. ^_^

But, I should really have a reason to give to my family for staying up for 24 hours, beyond the usual “people on the internet are doing it.” So I thought, and I decided I should raise money for a CAUSE! As one usually does with an a-thon. (I’m so clever.)

And then I had to think about what I should raise money for, which was a hard game! Only it wasn’t, because the idea that came to mind immediately was to raise money for the Candlelighters Association.

Those of you who know me might know that I’m from a family that’s been affected by Childhood Cancer. My little brother Gideon was diagnosed with a Wilms’ Tumor when he was four, and he passed away when he was five. As a result, I am rather interested in funding research into childhood cancers, and the Candlelighters Association is one of the few groups which does this.

Wait, can’t I just give to the Canadian Cancer Society? No, the Canadian Cancer Scociety does not fund research into cancers which only affect children, as that’s such a small segment of the population, and they want to get the most bang for their buck, so to speak. Wilms’ only affects children. Oh, and the Candlelighters also puts funds towards awesome things like Oncology Camps for childhood cancer survivors and children affected by childhood cancer, including siblings and bereaved siblings, which I FULLY SUPPORT. My family looks forward to Camp Delight for basically the whole year. 😀

And I’m getting off topic. But- Candlelighters are awesome, and reading is awesome, and not sleeping is awesome, and TOGETHER we can be UNSTOPPABLE. Ahem.

Now I’m looking for two things; people to read with me, and people to support me!

The Dewey read-a-thon is already an awesomely put together organization, and as long as you like reading and caffeine you’ll have a blast, I am sure. 😀 Talk to me, I will be delighted to walk you through signing up. (No you don’t have to raise money, I just want a reason to keep me going past hour 12, and this is a good one for me.)

For funding, there are several ways you could give the Candlelighters money. You could pledge to give a certain amount, (a dollar is popular, five dollars is for awesome people,) for  every hour I read. Or, as I read fast, you could pledge to give a certain amount per book read! I promise I will not resort to reading through the Franklin books if all my pledges are of that sort. (Heh.) And for option three, you could pay a certain amount ($15.00 would be a good starting point) to make me read a book and review it. As long as I can get ahold of the book and it does not offend my morals, I will read it. I might review VERY SARCASTICALLY, but yes, I will read it. 😀

There you have it! My plans for Thanksgiving weekend. Read for a good cause.