First, a picture.

Second, I have been instruted to blog- hopefully in great detail- by Third World and Moon Unit. To which I answered, “Hahahahah, as if I have a blog, hahahh- oh wait.”

So here I go. Let’s have some history! Which is to say, the modern history of ME- clearly the only reasonable history to look at. *preens*

I went to GF-W on Saturday! It was Exciting! I was served a donair in a pizza shop where Frauline and I were truly, deeply, strongly in the minority because we did not have visible tattoos. This experience affirmed my theorty that- no matter what Hollywood tells you- neck ink does not automatically serve to make you look badass/tough/intimidating. Weighing double a person’s body weight and having an extra 12 inches on them does that. ^_^

But I am ahead of myself. SHAME on me! You see, we were in GF because Frauline was attending a watercolour workshop. I came along for reasons that will be revealed later, and also because I am a fan of road trips. She was going to be playing with brushes and hair dryers for two and a half hours, and so I thought I’d do some reading, maybe walk about, get some coffee; you know, as one does. The only problem with that is that I am very lazy and out of the walking habit. I consider my commute to work to be a walk, and I can do that in four minutes, in heels. If I was to go get coffee, I would have to cross a HIGHWAY. *stricken with exhaustion at the very idea*

So yeah, I read for two and a half hours. ^_^ It was a hard decision, but some things just have to be done. HAHAAHAHAHAH, yes, I enjoyed the reading and didn’t want to stop. But then Frauline finished her art, and we looked at what we were going to do next. Because the OTHER reason we were in GF-W was to go to the theater, and watch Inception. But now it was 4:30, and the show started at 8:30.

I could tell you that I read for four hours, but that would be clearly preposterous, and untrue. I only read for three more hours, tops. But when you walk into the mall and see the blast cages rattling down, and then  go to Wal-mart and peruse it twenty minutes, your options are limited. So we went to the park and read. 😀 (I also got some earrings with feathers. They cause me delight and a bit of a dragon-ish hoarding instinct.)

But finally, we found the theatre- which must be sketchily accessed through a vacant lot at the back of a building built before my parents were born- and then we watched the movie! *jazz hands*

Several people have asked me what I thought of it. So, I’m gonna try to articulate my thoughts. 😛 There is no denying that Inception is a very effective story. It sucked me in for the entire two and a half hours, and I cared about how it ended. However, once it ended, I’m not sure that I want to watch it again. It wasn’t really visually stunning, the characters didn’t make me love them, there was startlingly little snappy dialogue to pour over, and I’m not terribly sure what it was saying.

Plus, that ending makes me angry. 😛 I WANT CLOSURE. It was good, and if suggested, I think I’d be happy to see it again- I just didn’t really go away saying “Man, I Loved that!” I walked out going “I’m not quite sure what just happened, and I’m not sure if I like it.”

And then we drove home. ^_^

There you have it. 😀 The first part of my DRAMATIC WEEKEND.

I need chocolate and tea now.

Nothing has happened in MY life. Which is why I haven’t blogged for a whopping 15 days. I”M ON A NON-BLOGGING STREAK! KEEP IT GOING.. Oh. I just broke it.

Oh, I bet you don’t hate me too much for breaking it. Right? Right? That’s right, you’re merciful, beautiful human beings. And if you’re not human, that’s all right, I’m not intolerant. I tolerate everyone. Except injustice.
Yes, that was a marvellous and marvellously subtle quote from Ryan Cook, the grind-core metal screamer turned Country Artist. He’s hilarious when not singing, you should look him up. *nods* Yes, though I am feeling significantly more friendly towards Country then I used to, I’m still only on the fringes of the the Genre. Sugarland? Please, Please, stop WHINING at me. Thank you.
And some people are reading that last paragragh again, trying to winnow out some logic. They will fail, of course, but it’s a good hope. Everyone would have some abitions in life. It builds character!
Whew, it looks like the blogging portion of my brain is beside its self and gibbering with joy at finally being let out. I should put the rest of this post into bullet points to scare it into coherency.
1.) Country music.
-Yes, I did say that I was feeling more friendly towards the genre.
-Why, you ask?
-I will tell you.
> Taylor Swift
~*hums Breathe and You Belong With Me.*
~Also, this is a chance to be anti-Kanye! WHAT IS NOT TO LOVE?!!?!?!?!?!????
>Also, the weather channel.
~Why the weather channel, you ask?
~Oh, I will tell you.
} My wicket at work is DIRECTLY in front of the television.
} Said television, for eight months, played the Weather Channel.
} Have you heard those well-dressed and well-heeled persons try to hide
their glee at disasters, manufacture doom and gloom to talk about, and
recycle the same clip every twenty minutes all day- for eight months?
+ Yes? Then you know my pain
} When the television was changed to CMT, I counted my blessings and
enjoyed the pretty music, trucks, and hair on display.
+ Seriously, there was a lot of pretty hair.
>Therefore I don’t hate the genre so much.
>Thank you.
2.) Snow.
-It snowed yesterday, and this morning.
-I went for a walk in steel toed boots, and then dried out my pant legs by the fire and
drank hot chocolate for five hours.
-This is an excellent way to spend the day.
-You should all try it.
-*nods at you*
3.) My Mother is hardcore.
-If I haven’t mentioned this before, shame on me. She really is wonderful, and spectacularly multi-talented.
-She also can walk around half the day with splinters driven up under her nails, unconcerned.
>Sorry, what?
>Yes, you read that correctly.
>Splinters, under her fingernails.
~Well, one fingernail.
~But still.
>She was putting the salt away in the kitchen, and accidentally picked up a splinter.
~This splinter was easily two centimetres long.
} That’s PAST the nail bed, people.
~And then I couldn’t pull it out with my dinky tweezers.
~So I went to work.
~And Mommy did an afternoon’s work around the house.
} *takes a moment to hyperventilate over my mother’s pain tolerance
~She said when I got back, that “Heh, maybe we can get it out with hot wax?”
} (Think about this for a second, people. Hot wax? Splinters up under
fingernails? Anyone else seeing a disturbing trend here? A certain flavour?
Yes? No? Next we break out the boiling oil to make it slip out really easily?)
~Daddy pulled it out in the evening.
~And Mommy continued to be unconcerned, beyond mentioning that it was funny,
she was having phantom pain all the way up to her elbow before it was taken out.
-HARDCORE, I tell you, people. My mother is EXEMPLARY.
-And now I’m more concerned when she says that childbirth isn’t really that bad…