I’m the Queen of the May!

Today I went over the back hill with Slonner and we picked flowers. I wore them home. No, you may not have pictures. Not yet, at any rate.

I’ve been enjoying my time in New Bruswick, but things have been mercifully short of blogging material. I have not stabbed myself in the foot, (that was last week), I made all my bus connections and got off at the right stops, (unlike last year), all my luggage is with me, (curse you, Air Canada), and I haven’t stepped on any slugs.
Oh wait, I did.
I stepped on a slug, and I wasn’t wearing shoes.
I know, you’re all scarred now. ^_^
Anyhow, I’ll hit the high points.
  • On Monday Slonner and I made it safely to Grammy and Grampy’s house, and then we chiefly slept.
  • Tuesday we mall-ratted, as I believe I mentioned, and I didn’t buy any books! My canvas shoes were tan when I bought them. Then we went to Value Village, where I did buy books.
  • Wednesday we walked along the walking trail on the waterfront, and across the old train bridge. I brought my camera but was sorely remiss in taking pictures. The tan shoes became more dusty coloured.
  • Thursday Slonner and I took the bus across town to the mall again. There we met up with Historian and his lovely wife, we discussed smuggling methods, and then we watched UP in the theater. The meeting, the discussion and the movie were all lovely. ^_^
  • Friday we went up country and clamored around a waterfall. The shoes became more and more brown, with green streaks. Moss is treacherous, did you know that? Also, dogs enjoy drying themselves on your legs, it seems. We had dinner in the EIO and came home, and then we watched Yours, Mine and Ours, and had banana splits. A very good evening. 😀
  • Saturday, I walked over the back hill in my bare feet, and met slugs. So when I came back for round two of the ramble, shoes were involved. Said shoes are now really brown, and green, and speckled, and wet, and well broken in. I also wore through a blister on the back of my heel, (red patch!) and met my Cousin’s husband for the first time with a bouquet of flowers woven in my hair. I’m so awesome. 😀 Then we had a family dinner, and I listened avidly while inhaling marvelous food. Salads, sandwiches, good bread, and chocolate mousse for dessert. Mmmmmm.
And tomorrow I go home on eht bus with Slonner! So I should get off of my aunt’s internet and go pack. *waves*

"Look! We’re in Orc Country!"

I am writing this in the front seat of Fraulein’s van Carrie, as she drives down the TCH. We are listening to John Mayer on my computer, and just finished milkshakes.

Is this a epic road trip, or is this an epic road trip? You’re right, it’s an epic road trip! You’re so clever…. *pats you on the head*

We left our town yesterday, to travel to the West Coast (of Newfoundland), specifically, to /Location Censored/. Our friend Historian was getting married! Though of course, at this point, the proper tense is “is now married,” but I’m hardly a grammar stickler. Only when i want to be. 😀 (Woah, Police car.)

*cough* Is it legal to be on a laptop in a car? I think it is…. It’s not as though I’m the one driving, or anything. (Heheh, we just passed Boot Brook, where someone has nailed rubbers to the highway sign. This amused me.) ANYHOW. Yes, Fraulein is the one driving. It is her car, after all. I am merely a humble passenger.

We made the incredible and amazing five hour journey yesterday, and arrived at the church just as the decorating committee arrived. (That was a tire by the side of the road. Strangeness.) I should probably mention that the journey takes a normal person four hours, and certain members of Historian’s family all of three hours. But we’re nice law-abiding characters, and also we stopped at Wal-Mart to buy sandals and band-aids. Fraulein got some lovely strappy sandals, and I got a pair of black leather gladiator sandals. (This amuses me too.) (You know who makes good music? Terry Penney. You should go buy some. Especially the album “Time That Town Forgot”. Go, look on itunes, gosh. *sings along to Plan B*) However, we did have a little tiny bit of trouble getting into Wal-Mart. We drove into the wrong parking lot, which didn’t have an exit in the way we wanted to go. Well, that’s no problem. We’ll just cut across this flat empty lot and get into the right parking lot that way- It wasn’t flat. That “empty” lot contained a marvelous selection of novelty potholes, to the extent that we conducted an impromptu test of the suspension, seat belts, and cup holders. The cup holders failed the test, but everything else passed with flying colours. GJ Carrie! (Which is the name of Fraulien’s van, in case you’ve forgotten.)

When we got to the church, we helped blow up balloons at the church, set out tables, twisted streamers, and generally assisted in making the church basement beautiful. Then we went back to Historian’s house, where Fraulein and I hung out played wii fit, tried on dresses, and talked with his sisters.

Oh! There was a previous triumph I should mention, where we dispensed with the mapquest directions and used an actual map to find the church. It was very exciting. Oh, and in case you haven’t noticed, I have thrown continuity out of the window, there to shatter spectacularly and be run over. If you can’t figure out what I’m saying, you don’t deserve to know what’s going on in my tremendous life! And the girls wanted to straighten my hair, and I said something about it previously having taken three people two hours to do so. They viewed this as a challenge. So my hair is now straight, and I don’t recognize myself in the mirror. 😀

In the morning we got a crash course in how to use the video cameras, and then we filmed the ceremony in the afternoon! (Someone left a red jacket by the side of the road.) This was the first ceremony that I’ve been to where I actually knew the people involved, which made it rather different. I was priviledged to be able to be zoomed in, via camera, on the faces of the (deliriously) happy couple, and they were very, very cute. *grins* They spent the time beaming at each other, and then being embarrassed about the people there, and then forgetting to be embarrassed and beaming at each other. Everybody together now, say “awwww!”

Which leads me again to hope our filming job was good… *nervous*

However, both Frauelien and I are working tomorrow, so we had to leave right after the ceremony. And now we’re pelting down the highway, heading for home.

I hope we get to a Tims soon, I could really use some coffee.

Fraulein: “Your name is Fred!” *bites gummy snake* *pauses* “Oh, I really shouldn’t have named my snake before I ate it.”