"Reality, dude. Get some."

Another Alumnus, a certain Matt, came by for Breakfast today. Alison, who’s from the same year that he attended, came as well, and much hilarity ensued. I decided that I needed to work on improving my memory, and so I took note of the following quotes in honour of Moon Unit and Third World. *weeps*

Alison: (talking about Emily’s egg puffs) They’re cool cause they’re just the kind of thing you can bring in the car in the morning. Kinda hot and greasy though.
Matt: (in a high pitched voice) Like me!
Alison: Were you talking for me or you there?
Matt: Draw your own conclusions

Alison: Have you seen “Sweet Home Alabama?”
Matt: Do I look like a girl? No-
Me: You’re wearing pink.

Emily: (Talking about a boy’s really flowery prose style) It’s like his writing’s in drag!

Emily: Man, that Chaucer looks bubonic!

Matt: You’re making it your objective to destroy every ounce of propriety I have, aren’t you.
Emily: No, we know you don’t actually have any. We’re just tearing down the artifice.

Matt: (after Alison made a face at him) Excellent rebuttal.

Then after they left I went for a walk in the rain. Just in case that sounds really morbid, I hasten to say that I like rain, honestly! I think I’m getting my walking skills back, because I was able to go quite a distance. I headed up to Parliament, as per my brother PT’s advice, but unfortunately you had to pay for a tour, and I was really not in the mood to wander around alone. So I took the long way home, stopping in at Zellers to buy a wicked hat. It was half price, and actually fits me! (it’s a black pinstriped fedora, and now I will say no more about it. )

As I think I mentioned before, it’s raining. I have also heard that it is supposed to snow tomorrow. At this point, I actually find that hilarious. However, I really think that, given my druthers, I would prefer to be stuck in actually in transit, not just stalled before even getting on the plane, as happened over Christmas. Hopefully I at least get off the ground tomorrow.

I was running through the pictures on my camera before I went out, deleting the bad ones, and I found a bunch of shots I had taken on Saturday. I made a total nuisance of myself that morning in my constant firing away of pictures, but I got some good shots. Really, it’s just cause they are of my lovely former house mates that I love them. I had somehow forgotten that those pics were in the memory card, and I came a hair’s breadth away from bawling over my camera.

I’ve only actually cried the once since people started leaving- I don’t cry easily- but there is a pain in my chest, and I find it hard to breath when thinking of several of my classmates. Lamd, Swinger (also know as the Pun master :), Moon Unit, and Third World, I miss you. Enjoy yourself, you hear? And maybe I’ll get shunted out your way while traveling. You never know! I’m packing my passport, just in case. 😀

"I’m still proud of what I am. I am- A LIBRARIAN."

The snow is piling up outside, similar to the work piling up inside.

Unfortunately, the assignments this term are almost all about subjects that I know nothing about, and am not interested in. However, the literature assignment still looks pretty interesting, and Dr. Patrick’s should be useful, if nothing else.

Any other news…?

Lamd has gone on a cruise. The class is not at all jealous, of course. *grin*

*wider grin* Ha, this is amusing. Alright, he borrowed my library card on Thursday, so he could get some books out of the Ottawa U library. I went through the paper work at the beginning of the year to get the card, but I’ve never actually used it. Anyways, he picked out two books about Messiaen. Then on getting to the desk, he found that there is some extra paperwork you have to go through the first time you check out. The following conversation resulted;

Lamd: Can I leave them at the desk? (thinking that he would get me to pick them up)
Deskman: Okay. What name is that again?
Lamd: *hesitantly* Stairs?
Deskman: First name?
Lamd: Um, J – She’s my sister.
Deskman: Oh?
Lamd: Don’t bother to hold the books. *walks out*

Hmm, I don’t know how people make it thorough life without the arts. If I didn’t have music to listen to, it would be UGLY. And I’m much better when I can write.

Got to go read about language acquisition

"Don’t share a room with the bass player. Just don’t."

It’s a lovely day. Or, at least it’s not snowing. The sun is coming out too. Yes, it’s a lovely day.

The dinner at our prof’s house was good. Thank goodness for Lamd’s endless supply of conversation topics. He can talk about anything, on no cue at all. Quite remarkably, really. This came in very useful as the professor is sometimes a little hard to talk too in normal conversation. Anyways, Lamd had five glasses of wine, two cups of strong coffee, and kept the conversation going.

Yes, there was wine, but I didn’t have any. (That information is for you, Frauline. *grin* I know you’d be worried.)

The title is something I said, not remembering that Lamd is a bass player. Opps. I don’t even know how the topic came up, but we were talking about musician’s health, and I remembered a class I took in that during the ecma’s. One of the speakers was a musician who gave the strangest advice! That was one of his kernels of wisdom. *thinks about it* *top of head comes off*

Moving on!

In the end, on of my classmates borrowed a car and we all drove up. I seem fated not to take the bus. In every event so far that has necessitated a bus ride, I’ve been volentold to take the a car. Or the bus has not been necessary. I kind of like the bus in company though. It’s interesting… So it’s always those who get carsick who take the bus, and I end up in the car. Funny.

(of course, now that I’ve said this, I will end up alone on the bus, next to some odious person, for a long time. Such is the way of the world. )

I’m going grocery shopping. Exciting!

Life in the Big City

I’m quite enjoying myself now back at College. I met RM, Moon-Unit and Third World in the Kitchen on Sunday, and it was basically as though we had never left. Chatting away right away. It is us four who constitute Augustine Munitions, I have decided. (We’re the bomb! : )

We dove right in with a discussion of freewill on Monday in Philosophy, which was very hard, but interesting! I tell myself that I will not totally enjoy any of the classes this week, and after I am adjusted it will be better. And yet, I am already enjoying the classes, so this bodes well for the year to come.

We had a painful lecture on the relationship between God and Reason in Art class, (Tuesday.) Namely, that choosing between them is a false dichotomy. For me God is reasonable. He invented reason. He is reason. However, for the med students and Public schooled people in the class, this involved a bunch of mental re-jigging. It was mainly painful, come to think of it, because I had seen the art that we will cover when we get to the Renaissance, and I wanted to see what the Prof was going to say about them. We didn’t really cover any art. Next week…

Then we had Dr Patrick’s class on Tuesday, and that was Quite interesting. He gave an overview of what we will cover, talked about our papers, and then talked about… Sexuality. Dr. Patrick tackles all the topics no one else really wants to touch; except really I don’t have a problem visualizing any of my profs discussing “Dr. Patrick’s topics”. Maybe, the topics the students don’t want to touch. It was actually a very interesting/useful lecture though, despite the high proportion of “I really wish I wasn’t here right now” moments. Dr. Patrick asking Lamd how long it took for guys to be ready for sex? *yucky dance!* Moon-unit and I were sitting across from each other, and we hid our heads in our hands in unison. By the end of the class I was picturing ice cubes being dropped down my back in an effort to keep a straight face. Yes, Dr. Patrick is back with a vengence!

For Book Club this term we are reading The four loves, by C. S. Lewis, which I am really enjoying. I think I should make an effort to read more Lewis, because I really like the book. Em is leading the discussion as well, which is cool.

Let me see, we also had Latin class on Wednesday, of which the history discussion of Cataline and Agustus was excellent, and the quiz was excruciating. *pulls a veil over the quiz* Let’s not talk about that.

Music on Wednesday was fun. I’m adjusted fairly well to Prof Warren’s style now, and even enjoy his side excursions up and down the sides of music history. We talked about Bach and Handel.

Prof W. He wrote the music for the Royal Fireworks, but unfortunately the fireworks went wrong. They blew up. *pauses to consider several tons of fireworks going off together* The music survived though!

That is still not my favourite class, but it is certainly becoming fun.

Now today we had literature class. Professor Tucker is essentially cool, and I really enjoyed it. We got the verdict on our fiction pieces everyone was so worried over. *tears hair methodically* Everyone was in the eighties, except for Rach, who got a 95! I could very easily let myself become jealous of that mark, because I know she worked on it for a week and I worked on mine for at least three weeks – only hers was very very good. Prof Tucker read it aloud and I was entirely sucked in. She certainly has the gift of words. In addition to money, looks, brains, artistic talent, musical talent, acting talent and a boyfriend. *dead silence*

However, by the Grace of God I don’t mind. My God is Able. I wouldn’t want her life, (mine is better, : ) and she is nice. Besides, Prof. Tucker said he was discussing my writing style with Dr. Patrick (!) and they agreed I have “incredible breadth of diction.” I had to look that up. *sheepish*


1. style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: good diction.

Diction usually implies a high level of usage; it refers chiefly to the choice of words, their arrangement, and the force, accuracy, and distinction with which they are used: The speaker was distinguished for his excellent diction; poetic diction.

Now if only I can keep that up into this term…

Scriptures class was this afternoon, and my patience was GONE. For no real reason, it just disappeared while I was boiling the kettle for tea. No, that’s a lie. It disappeared during a discussion of Christmas in Lit. I was reminded forcibly that I come from a different income bracket than many of my classmates. There was nothing really annoying there, just the calm assumption that everyone would have, more money than I think I do. I kept my mouth shut, made myself tea, and had no patience when Scriptures class rolled around. Hmmmm

It wasn’t that bad. I took class notes, and made a list of what Air Canada has lost me. They still haven’t found my luggage, so I’m calling them tomorrow to talk about repayment. Just inside my head, it looks as though I might possibley be able to live off the money for the rest of the term. I don’t really need new clothes, so if after re-buying my books I have $500 I’ll be living well! We’ll see.

Then today I went to the Met! I wasn’t really interested, but I told myself sternly that I had to get outside the Augustine Bubble, and went. It was quite good! They’re talking about love for the next five weeks, which dovetails neatly with The Four Loves, so I’m definitely going at least that long. The singing was nice, though there wasn’t much passion! Come on people, get your body language into this at least! You look like you’re standing in a Customs line-up! I rocked it out for “better is one day,” which I didn’t realize I was familiar with. I just knew it was not to be sung in a lacklustre way, and didn’t. No dancing, never fear, but I had my head going. : ) Passion, People! It won’t hurt much to act like you believe it!

The sermon was interesting. I kept seeing “logical errors”, and then realizing that they were not actually, he just hadn’t explained himself first. I’ve been spoiled with Class discussion, my Profs, and my Dad! Then after there was coffee downstairs. I fear I may have been rude unintentially. I was getting some chocolate and overheard three men having a discussion of free will. I thought, “Philosophy! I have ammunition! I just read On Grace and Free Will!” So I stood there and listened openly for five minutes. By this time the discussion had shrunk to two men. THEN, when one guy was saying that he didn’t like the idea of irresistible grace I jumped in with the idea of an entirely corrupted will. Total depravity, only I didn’t put it in that way, since that phrase seems to elicit a knee-jerk response from some people. At any rate, I commented only one other time, and the discussion ended. The two men walked away, and I realized that maybe jumping into other people’s theological discussions without so much as a prior name-exchange might not be the best idea. Oops. Again, I’ve been spoiled by Class discussions. However, the man who was arguing for irresistible grace is in a leadership position in the church, so that quiets some of the lingering uneasiness I had about the theology. It should be fun.

Now this weekend I have to read 22 pages of Aquinas, learn the three perfect tenses in four conjugations of Latin, translate 12 sentences of Latin, read the 10th book of Paradise Lost, and read Lilith. Easy! Oh, I also have to buttonhole Air Canada. The weekend suddenly looks challenging. Just breathe, and One Day at a Time!

My God is able.