Fight, SEDUCE!

Definitely Not Legal
Word count: 20931
Words remaining: 10916

I wrote 1239 words today. Feels like a lot, but then I keep thinking about the spectre of May. *May looms on the Horizon* 50,000 words in a month is what I”m gonna be doing then. *crawls under desk and whimpers*

I got to arrest Alexander, which makes me happy. I finally figured our who he is, (yes, Death Note had a light hand in his character,) just when he got taken down. However, I wasn’t in time to stop him killing someone. With a knife thrown over the shoulder, no less.

Mr. X is just creepy, but Alexander is cool. I want him in jail for a LONG time. No, actually I want him in a penal colony. No, actually I want his memory wiped so I can marry him.

jokes, jokes… *evil grin* However, I was feeling guilty about the insanity of my military people; their lack of security and general incompetence; so I replaced them with S.I.O. (Special Information Operations.) Therefore they can take him away never to be heard off again.

Now my characters are painted out in my head and I know what is going on, I want to go back and edit!!!! *cries*

*clears throat* I got my characters out of the terminal, which makes me happy. Now everything else is in the ambulances and Hospital. Oh, and “interviews.” Hmmmm, Alison is gonna have some hardcore explaining to do. And so will Michael. And Lynn’s parents.

Fragmented entry. I need to go look at my Britten paper for Music

edit: Ha, I just noticed the Death Note, Light reference. And it was entirely subconscious!

If I hit the word-count button enough times, it’ll change, right?

I have a comb. It’s all red and pretty. *laughs* So, after many months of being driven crazy by my hair, Bahnree finally snapped and combed it herself. And then she gave me the comb. I think there might be a hint in there somewhere.

Ha, I’ve nonplussed Bahnree quite successfully several times today. First I adopted the method of simply draping myself over her when she says something unanswerable. This was rather effective. Then I called her “m’lover.” This was slightly more effective. To explain, that is just a term of affectionate address where I come from; it’s strictly platonic.

Teasing Bahnree is rarely effective, but it is fun!

You noticed the lack of writing content? It matches the lack of writing. NO, that’s not true. I wrote a blurb about Lynn and Michael staving off hypothermia. But the creative brain died halfway through, and I fear it’s not funny, just wrong. Oh well.

Time to sleep.

"Have fun." "Oh, I intend to."

This is what happens when you have multiple writers in the same house

Jasmine: I just shot one of my characters.
Stephanie: Mine all got mind-raped.
Jasmine: oh

I just disposed of 2/3s of my Main characters. I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself. I also got to use the title line, and give Mr. X a chance to show his creepiness. Good times with rhubarb crumble and caffeine overload.

It’s funny, I thought up the story and characters before I came to Ottawa, and at the time the names I chose were all not attached to any people I knew. Now half of my MC’s share names. Moreover, the characters are pretty much diametrically opposed to the people. The characters are:

  • Alison: 18. red hair. Gangly, but can move quite quietly when she wants too. She’s got a temper. Good with guns. Uncomfortably accurate memory. Currently planning something illegal.
  • Katie: 15, (the youngest). Sweet. Stubborn. Talkative. Unexpected planner and observer. Cute. Currently going to fetch firemen.
  • Ben: 16. Goof ball. Really quiet when he wants to be. Good at recovering from his tactlessness. Hand to hand combat. Currently going to fetch help, and towards a prepared Mr. X.
  • Kathleen. 16. Serene. A ridiculous mind for numbers. Currently keeping track of everything that moves in or out.
  • Lynn: 17. Arrogant. Handsome and boy does he know it. Surprisingly good at acting drunk. Rich. Currently “limp and white” in a storage container in -20 weather.
  • Michael: 18. Pretty much a man. Liberating supplies? no problem. Currently tied up and shot in a storage container in -20 weather.

Any correlations seen? *smile*

Ah, I like my people, but I like Alison, Lynn and Michael best. I’m glad I’m writing this for an age group which necessitates that I don’t kill off my MC’s. They can get mauled a bit, but not killed. *gentle smile* However, I need to get Michael to relax a bit.


Just cause he was right, doesn’t mean he needs to go about being grim! Maybe blood loss will help.