"I’ll tell you about our new security system. All our chefs are armed."

The little girls are all now proud owners of lip shaped whistles. They, however, keep forgetting which one belongs to which person, and that has led to some comments rather funny to overhear.


“Give me back my lips!”
“Those are my lips!”
“No they aren’t, they’re mine!”
“Get your hands off my lips!”
And even;
“I like your lips.”
Good times with dollar store toys. 
It appears that Gid will be in the hospital for at least 10 days, as his blood cultures area growing something. So, I rule the roost for a while more. *evil smile* I’m become more used to being in charge again, which is good. 
Sam and I are hanging out a lot. (Sam is my three-year old little brother. ) Once supper was prepared yesterday, we were waiting for the others to get back from the park, so I read Crime and Punishment, ( a lovely book), and Sam read over my shoulder for a while. Then I let him listen to one ear of my ipod, which he was most pleased about. 
Here’s a bad picture. 

And here’s a slightly better one of him at his birthday party. 

And then after everyone went to sleep last night, Mommy and I had a girls’ night. We did our nails, and ate chips, and watched Ocean’s 11, which is a very fun movie.