Congratulations Mr. Simpson. By your calculations we are presently sailing through Sub-Saharan Africa.

Yes, the Scriptures paper did make it in time. And yes, it should never have seen the light of day. And yes, my grade probably dropped 30%, or whatever percentage of my grade that it was worth, but it’s done, right? OVER!!!!

And now we move on to other work…

I could at this point list all the work I need to do, but I’ve done that before, I seem to remember. Moreover, if you’re interested, you’re probably in the same classes with me, and know what needs to me done. If you’re not in the classes, you probably don’t want an exhaustive point by point explanation of what school work I should be doing at this moment. Just let it be know, that there is a lot. *grins* *breaks down and weeps*

OH, there is one thing. For literature class, we had to go out and find 5 – 10 items outside, bring them home, and write a presentation in the style of Annie Dillard about them. In the last class, we will read these essays/presentations. The reaction of the Med students to this assigment was rather amusing, as was that of the budding engineers.
“He wants us to do what?
“What’s the theme?” “You are the theme!”
Rather a fun assigment, all in all. Particularly since Prof. Tucker gave us free rein to use colloquialisms. *rubs hands in glee* I really really want to frame my intro as a mock css stylesheet.

eh? eh? Unfortunately, everyone I’ve talked to so far doesn’t think that you can call code a colloquialism. What do you think? No?

In other news, Moon Unit is staying here on the weekends until graduation, which is very jolly. Our minds have degenerated to the point that now all we do is schoolwork, watch movies, or laugh. We watched three Horatio Hornblower movies in the past 2 days: One on Friday and two on Saturday. Moon Unit’s Friend came over for a sleepover last night and thereupon we also watched the movie Serenity. Stupid use of my time and I’ll regret it later, no doubt, but they were GOOD movies.

It was also earth hour last night, so from 8 – 9 we turned off all the electric appliances and didn’t run water. Amusing, since of those in the house, only Rach was at all excited about it. The rest of us kinda just wanted to have candles. Or, maybe that was just me. *sheepish* I declare, the other girls are ridiculously paranoid about me and knives or flame or hot wax. Moon Unit kept taking tea lights away from me. *sulks* Then Third World came over and sat on my lap to pin my hands down. Meanwhile, Moon Unit’s Friend is calmly emptying candles to make a ball of wax, and playing with a large knife that had been brought out to cut a giant easter egg, and no one noticed!!! Basically we spent the entire hour laughing. Good times.

And, here are some pictures from the last week or two:

Moon Unit, Third World and I went out to the park to find our 5 – 10 objects. There is a crust on the snow, but it is melting enough that we would occasionally break through. Here, I turned to take a picture of my friends, went through over my knees, and fell over. “Oooh, pretty perspective!”

The park, also from up to my knees in the snow.

Changed to black and white, and got a surprisingly emo picture of Third World and Moon Unit. *is surprised*

Then, happy Third World!

Happy Moon Unit, visiting the trees.

Walked down the friendly alley behind Amnesty International…

People waiting for the bus.

Parliament seen from over the river, at sun down. Third World and I decided that we didn’t want to cook, and celebrated our lack of classes on that day by going to the food court. Taken from a bridge.

Here comes the next contestant…

*puts art paper aside*

Yes, I am in fact still alive, all appearances to the contrary. Just working away on my papers, and their inexorable deadlines. Moon Unit stayed here again this weekend to work on her papers, so the house is full of quietly studious people. *hysterical laughter ensues* Right now, that is.

Nothing much has been going on, except for studying. It’s funny. I got four sources books from the University library, for my paper, and I got less out of them than I got out of one lecture by Professor Tingley. Shows how much information he packs into those three hour lectures.

Oh, and Third World and I went to the coffee shop on Thursday to study. So, and hour passes of us reading quietly, and then she realized that maybe she should go into classical studies. (NOT out of the blue! There was lead up and a logical train of thought, I just can’t remember it.) Then we started talking about the classics, and travel, and history, and politics, and everything… and then realized that we had spent 3 hours chatting, not studying. *sigh* It was an excellent conversation though. I remembered that I actually do like English and history, and am now looking forward to studying them. I had forgotten that school is sometimes fun. “Yeah, that’s why I came here!”*grins*

We almost decided to go to Europe next summer, when she has the time off from school. Travelling makes me happy! So we just have to lure more people along to come with us, and get the money. *blinks* Then I come back home and work for three months and head out again with Frauline. *evil grin*

The future looks fun.

I just- have a strange relationship with gravity…

(After Third World flicked water on me, and I chased her around the house with a sponge.)
Moon Unit: “Darlings, do try to keep the violence to a minimum, we want to keep this at a PG rating.” *pause* “Jokes, jokes…”

I’m not sure if I can actually act “normal,” but I know I can get closer to it that I am acting now, if only by sitting still and not talking. *sideways grin* I know this, because I know I have in the past acted differently. I just wonder if it’s worth the effort?

On the other hand, “acting normal” may not be so much of an issue once I go home. For one thing, I’ll have to be mature again. *sigh* It’s been a lot of fun not being the oldest, but I’ll be closing in on age 20 when I get back. That tends to lend its self to being restrained and normal. *big sigh* Also, I’ll finally be able to get out and walk. I really can’t go for any kind of walk here; I hit a sketchy neighbourhood anyway I turn. So here, the idea of walking out is not very attractive, and I end up wound rather tight from excess energy. *quivers*

I suppose I am worrying about going home again. I can’t wait to see all my family again, but I’m also really going to miss my friends here. *cries* Bah, moving away from friends is not fun. However, I am determined to keep in contact with my friends from here! And I’ve been told that it’ll be my responsibility to visit other people, since everyone is getting jobs and entering college/university, and they won’t have time to travel. We’ll just see about that, *smiles* But I am determined to go visit Moon Unit and Third World in their natural habitats, even if they don’t reciprocate the visit. *is heroically determined*

ANYWAYS, that was a completely odd post, and I now need to go read some of my art sources. God go with you.

After this, furthermore, nextly- wait.

I got my Presentation done today! *collapses from relief* I did a 10 minute presentation in Science, Medicine and Faith on Human Language Development and Acquisition, specifically First Languages.

We’re looking at Darwinism is Science class, and we each have to do a 10 minute presentation on a subject that is often used in evolutionary debates. I have come to the conclusion that I am not a scientist. However, the others said that I did a good job *sceptical* and now that’s one less thing to worry about!

The class was- amusing. Moon Unit has a cold, so she had to leave the class because of a coughing fit. Third World and I told her later that God gave her that cold so that she wouldn’t have to sit though the discussion of homosexuality. That was definitely a case of TMI.

Tomorrow, Music paper due and Latin Quiz. *blinks* Actually, that’s today now, isn’t it. Time to sleep.

*wanders off to bed*

The roads which never saw the sun nor sky…

For the past little while I’ve been a little bit at loose ends. I’ve made an awful nuisance of myself to Third World and Moon Unit, I think. Mainly Third World, I’m afraid, because Moon Unit escapes me on weekends. *stares madly around in all directions* *drapes self over arm of chair* But I feel better now.

I went on a nice LONG walk after class; up behind the Parliament buildings. It was very pretty. I’ll need to take my camera along and repeat the walk. It’s good to see a bit of space. I’m used to vistas, and behind stuck in between buildings starts to wear on one after a while.

Unfortunately, it was so pretty I didn’t consider the fact that I would have to repeat the walk in the other direction… I think I’ll sleep very soundly tonight.

Reading Week is starting to look less like a phantom and more like a reprieve, and it’s very soon! Only two more days of classes, then nine days off. *slumps in relife*

The objective is to get lots and lots and lots of school work done. Let’s hope I can live up to that lofty goal. I think I know where I”m going with my Music paper and my Presentation, so those should get knocked off first.

We’re going to the other girls’ house, the “party house,” for Sue’s birthday party tonight. Also; proof that God is merciful to foolish girls who don’t consider return journeys; we have been loaned a car for the evening. Should be fun!

There is nothing more real than this, nothing more terrible.

This week in Philosophy we’re reading Descartes and Pascal. They’re interesting. I like the way the translator, um, translated. Also, these men are covering subjects we haven’t hit previously, which is cool. I’m looking forward the the lecture.

This is a nice change, also, because in this semester to date the classes have been rather “flat, stale and unprofitable.” No eureka moments, and no classes where I walk out saying “that was so amazingly cool.” I’m used to the classes now. I seem to remember someone warning me about that… *smile* Hopefully I’ll get inspired, about my papers at least.

Ah, Moon unit and I baked today, so now the kitchen is full of bread. I was teaching her and decided that she would make two loves, while I would make four. Halfway into mixing, I realized that the recipe I had doubled made four loaves, not two. Opps.

So now there are 12 loaves worth of bread ornamenting every flat surface in the kitchen.

I keep meaning to call my family and friends, and then when I remember the phone is in use. If you haven’t got a call from me, that doesn’t in any way mean that I am not thinking of you! (just so you know.)

Great Excitiment involving Grocery Stores

No, there wasn’t actually much excitement, I just felt like saying that.

I went shopping, along with Third World, Rach, Rach’s Other Half, and Moon Unit. When we got to the grocery store Third World and I took one cart, and Rach and her Other Half took another, and Moon unit roved between the two parties. I got flour, so now I can make bread! w00t!

In actual true fact, I got 22lbs of flour, which is where any possible excitement comes in. We were planning on getting a delivery, so our car was buying in bulk. A full cart. Including canned goods and a 22lb bag of flour, as previously mentioned. (I was slightly tramatised by the bag of flour, which weighed 22lbs, if I forgot to mention it.)

As we were heading down the last aisle, what should come over the speaker but an announcement saying :

It’s five o clock and our delivery service is over for the day. Thank you for shopping with us!

I was not exceptionally pleased.

However, our lovely checkout lady said that the groceries could be put in the cooler and delivered first run tomorrow morning. *huge sigh of relief*

Tomorrow is the talent show. Due to my disinclination to inflict my lack of performance talents on my classmates, I’m helping set up and serving refreshments. It should be really fun.

Life in the Big City

I’m quite enjoying myself now back at College. I met RM, Moon-Unit and Third World in the Kitchen on Sunday, and it was basically as though we had never left. Chatting away right away. It is us four who constitute Augustine Munitions, I have decided. (We’re the bomb! : )

We dove right in with a discussion of freewill on Monday in Philosophy, which was very hard, but interesting! I tell myself that I will not totally enjoy any of the classes this week, and after I am adjusted it will be better. And yet, I am already enjoying the classes, so this bodes well for the year to come.

We had a painful lecture on the relationship between God and Reason in Art class, (Tuesday.) Namely, that choosing between them is a false dichotomy. For me God is reasonable. He invented reason. He is reason. However, for the med students and Public schooled people in the class, this involved a bunch of mental re-jigging. It was mainly painful, come to think of it, because I had seen the art that we will cover when we get to the Renaissance, and I wanted to see what the Prof was going to say about them. We didn’t really cover any art. Next week…

Then we had Dr Patrick’s class on Tuesday, and that was Quite interesting. He gave an overview of what we will cover, talked about our papers, and then talked about… Sexuality. Dr. Patrick tackles all the topics no one else really wants to touch; except really I don’t have a problem visualizing any of my profs discussing “Dr. Patrick’s topics”. Maybe, the topics the students don’t want to touch. It was actually a very interesting/useful lecture though, despite the high proportion of “I really wish I wasn’t here right now” moments. Dr. Patrick asking Lamd how long it took for guys to be ready for sex? *yucky dance!* Moon-unit and I were sitting across from each other, and we hid our heads in our hands in unison. By the end of the class I was picturing ice cubes being dropped down my back in an effort to keep a straight face. Yes, Dr. Patrick is back with a vengence!

For Book Club this term we are reading The four loves, by C. S. Lewis, which I am really enjoying. I think I should make an effort to read more Lewis, because I really like the book. Em is leading the discussion as well, which is cool.

Let me see, we also had Latin class on Wednesday, of which the history discussion of Cataline and Agustus was excellent, and the quiz was excruciating. *pulls a veil over the quiz* Let’s not talk about that.

Music on Wednesday was fun. I’m adjusted fairly well to Prof Warren’s style now, and even enjoy his side excursions up and down the sides of music history. We talked about Bach and Handel.

Prof W. He wrote the music for the Royal Fireworks, but unfortunately the fireworks went wrong. They blew up. *pauses to consider several tons of fireworks going off together* The music survived though!

That is still not my favourite class, but it is certainly becoming fun.

Now today we had literature class. Professor Tucker is essentially cool, and I really enjoyed it. We got the verdict on our fiction pieces everyone was so worried over. *tears hair methodically* Everyone was in the eighties, except for Rach, who got a 95! I could very easily let myself become jealous of that mark, because I know she worked on it for a week and I worked on mine for at least three weeks – only hers was very very good. Prof Tucker read it aloud and I was entirely sucked in. She certainly has the gift of words. In addition to money, looks, brains, artistic talent, musical talent, acting talent and a boyfriend. *dead silence*

However, by the Grace of God I don’t mind. My God is Able. I wouldn’t want her life, (mine is better, : ) and she is nice. Besides, Prof. Tucker said he was discussing my writing style with Dr. Patrick (!) and they agreed I have “incredible breadth of diction.” I had to look that up. *sheepish*


1. style of speaking or writing as dependent upon choice of words: good diction.

Diction usually implies a high level of usage; it refers chiefly to the choice of words, their arrangement, and the force, accuracy, and distinction with which they are used: The speaker was distinguished for his excellent diction; poetic diction.

Now if only I can keep that up into this term…

Scriptures class was this afternoon, and my patience was GONE. For no real reason, it just disappeared while I was boiling the kettle for tea. No, that’s a lie. It disappeared during a discussion of Christmas in Lit. I was reminded forcibly that I come from a different income bracket than many of my classmates. There was nothing really annoying there, just the calm assumption that everyone would have, more money than I think I do. I kept my mouth shut, made myself tea, and had no patience when Scriptures class rolled around. Hmmmm

It wasn’t that bad. I took class notes, and made a list of what Air Canada has lost me. They still haven’t found my luggage, so I’m calling them tomorrow to talk about repayment. Just inside my head, it looks as though I might possibley be able to live off the money for the rest of the term. I don’t really need new clothes, so if after re-buying my books I have $500 I’ll be living well! We’ll see.

Then today I went to the Met! I wasn’t really interested, but I told myself sternly that I had to get outside the Augustine Bubble, and went. It was quite good! They’re talking about love for the next five weeks, which dovetails neatly with The Four Loves, so I’m definitely going at least that long. The singing was nice, though there wasn’t much passion! Come on people, get your body language into this at least! You look like you’re standing in a Customs line-up! I rocked it out for “better is one day,” which I didn’t realize I was familiar with. I just knew it was not to be sung in a lacklustre way, and didn’t. No dancing, never fear, but I had my head going. : ) Passion, People! It won’t hurt much to act like you believe it!

The sermon was interesting. I kept seeing “logical errors”, and then realizing that they were not actually, he just hadn’t explained himself first. I’ve been spoiled with Class discussion, my Profs, and my Dad! Then after there was coffee downstairs. I fear I may have been rude unintentially. I was getting some chocolate and overheard three men having a discussion of free will. I thought, “Philosophy! I have ammunition! I just read On Grace and Free Will!” So I stood there and listened openly for five minutes. By this time the discussion had shrunk to two men. THEN, when one guy was saying that he didn’t like the idea of irresistible grace I jumped in with the idea of an entirely corrupted will. Total depravity, only I didn’t put it in that way, since that phrase seems to elicit a knee-jerk response from some people. At any rate, I commented only one other time, and the discussion ended. The two men walked away, and I realized that maybe jumping into other people’s theological discussions without so much as a prior name-exchange might not be the best idea. Oops. Again, I’ve been spoiled by Class discussions. However, the man who was arguing for irresistible grace is in a leadership position in the church, so that quiets some of the lingering uneasiness I had about the theology. It should be fun.

Now this weekend I have to read 22 pages of Aquinas, learn the three perfect tenses in four conjugations of Latin, translate 12 sentences of Latin, read the 10th book of Paradise Lost, and read Lilith. Easy! Oh, I also have to buttonhole Air Canada. The weekend suddenly looks challenging. Just breathe, and One Day at a Time!

My God is able.