"And if anything about this flight or the service doesn’t meet your standards, please feel free to lower those standards!"

I went to Moon Unit’s church on Sunday! She attends a Reform Presbyterian church. This was the first time I’d attended that particular denomination, and it was quite interesting. I realized the bulk of my church attendance, that I remember, at least, has been either Highly liturgical, fairly Charismatic, or home churching. And this was none of the above. 😀 *thinks* There’s stained glass, and no organ or piano? How do I cope?!? 

However, I liked it. There wasn’t the mega-church effect that inspires panic attacks in me, I agreed with the theology I heard, and the people seemed genuinely friendly, without stalking the new people. Also, there was coffee after the service, and then potluck. *big grin* Free food? I’m there! 
Then we had to go back home, get my luggage together, check for things left behind, and go to the airport. *cut to Moon Unit and I remaining determinedly up-beat the whole way, despite shakiness* We got caught in a small amount of traffic on the way. Not much, but just enough to make getting checked in and through security more URGENT than usual. 
So I checked in, in a matter of less then ten minutes- God Bless West Jet- and hurried down through security. Zaktrik had come to see me off as well, which was nice of him. At that point of panic about missing my flight, however, I waved, said good-bye, and dashed off through security with a minimum of protracted farewells to anyone. And I made my flight with minute to spare, which I am sure is a tribute to the power of prayer. 
However, once we got to Toronto, it chanced that only one of the runways was open. So we circled the city for some time. 

While we were circling, I realized, with a shocking lack of panic, that I had 35 minutes to make my connection. Before I started being delayed. Mmmmm. Well, if I got stuck in Toronto, I know people to call! And there’s free internet, I could go to the Lush store, and it would make a great blog entry! Yes, that is the way I think, in actuality. However, we landed only a few minutes late, and I started walking quickly through the airport. Speed walk… And while speed walking, I hear the final boarding call for my flight come over the intercom. That is a marvelously motivational thing to hear. You find that your speed walking in heels can indeed accelerate even faster. 
Fast enough to see two other women closing in on your gate just ahead of you, and the door still open! Yay! We scurried down the tunnel onto the plane, the door closing behind me, and hurried to our respective seats. Whereupon we then sat on the tarmac for ten extra minutes, while the one usable runway was opened up. Air travel is so logical, timeline wise… 
Then I got into St. Johns, yadda yadda yadda, got my baggage, blah blah blah, took a taxi to Ms. B’s house, yabbla yabbla yabbla, went to ring her to let her know I was there- and she doesn’t have her apartment set up with a bell. Okay, I seem to remember something like this in the planning session. I am just gonna call her cell phone. Only I don’t have a cell phone. Right. Okay, I’ll ring the other people in the building who I know. They don’t answer. No need to panic, no need to panic, I’ll just log onto the internet- I have the password from when I stayed here before- and msn her that I’m here. A quick check later, I can’t see her internet router. Maybe panic is a good idea… No, wait! I can just sleep here on the bench in the lobby until someone comes in, and get them to let me into the building! Only, I seem to remember that it’s almost 1 o-clock, and I’ve heard complaining rumors about people coming in loaded drunk after midnight to this building, making all kinds of noise… So, uh, uh, uh, I’ll go out and throw rocks at her window! Sadly, (and yes I am saddened by this, at this hour), I can’t identify which one is her window. It’s a three story building, and even shouting in my best WHERE-ARE-THE-NEFARIOUS-TRAITORS-WHO-HAVE-COMMITTED-THIS-TERRIBLE-TRESPASS voice does not provoke a magical turning on of lights or head at the door. 
This is about where I sat down on my luggage in the wet grass and reassessed my situation. It was after midnight. I was tired. I had no phone. I had no cash. I apparently had no place to stay. I was in the student ghetto. It was dark (but not raining!) 
What to do? I could go to the mall, which I could see, only they close at night. And so does the Tim’s in the mall, obviously. And so does the University library, oddly enough. But there, there’s the hospital! I can see it! Open 24 hours! And I know people there, I know the cafeteria, I even know where there are vacant couches! Plus, I only have to get on the bus in 6 hours, now. I can stay awake for six hours, if needed. Right? Right. Cue me standing up and getting ready to progress down the street. But then one little niggling bit of social graces in the back of my head mentioned that it’d be hard to explain why I didn’t show up at Ms. B’s apartment, after making all those arrangements. Plus I might need to explain to my parents…. I decided to try the other doors in the fire escape and such. Just in case. So I could say I really couldn’t get in- oh look this one opens i don’t have to sleep on the side of the hallway!
And I got inside, had a lovely time chatting and not sleeping with Ms. B, slept on the bus, and made it home without further drama. I even had a welcoming committee. 

The committee had put up a banner for me. 😀

So. What’s been up?

There have indeed been actual occurrences in my life! I just fail at blogging. I am heartily ashamed, and bow and scrape in your general direction, my loyal reader. (Wait, you mean there is more than one reader of this blog? My, I have been remiss.)

Let me cast my mind back into the murky depths of the past. What shall I talk about? Oh, the Brownie sleepover last weekend. Words are inadequate, but I shall try. 
  • *deep breath*
  • Oh Oh Oh Oh setting up beds and can I sleep next to my best friend Melissa teacher she says she’s sleeping next to Reagan but I want her to sleep next to me teacherrrrrrrrrr…….
  • Oh look, Pizza! *munches*
  • Oh, never mind, let’s melt plastic cups in the oven and decorate them.
  • LET’S RUN AROUND AND SCREAM- oh, nail polish?
  • Let’s paint the leader’s nails, each nail a different colour!
  • Sleep? Why would we want to do that? Oh look, it’s tomorrow…
  • *leaders pass out sometime about three am*
  • Oh look, it’s morning!
  • *leaders lurch off in search of coffee*
  • *children are perky and RUN AND SCREAM AND SHOUT*
  • *children go home*
  • *leaders clean*
  • *leaders go home*
Yep, that was pretty much the brownie sleepover, in microcosm. Then that evening I went out to Ms. B’s house, and we had a write-in! Which is to say, she worked on school work, and I wrote fun things, and we both put our earbuds in and companionably ignored each other for four hours. Brought me back to Augustine times, I tell you. Of course it was still PM, so not totally Augustine times, but still…. *pauses* I jest, you know I jest. I was a wonderful student. Stellar. I made my professors weep. With joy. *awkward silence falls*
Oh, and then Fraulein and I built a wardrobe last night. Its name is War Drobe, after the shining city in the fair land of Spare Oom. Ahem. And yes, we wrestled that thing up three flights of stairs, because we are awesome, and then we hysterically put it together, because we are skilled. It only took us less than three hours, too. And before you laugh, remember that this was a flatpack wardrobe, with two drawers and doors and so on and so forth, and we built it ALL, without help aside from Slonner assisting with the hinges at the end- when we were too weak with laughter to hold the screwdrivers straight. But it was built, and it is a thing of beauty that I should be filling with clothes instead of blogging. 
Maybe I should work on that? Oh, or I could be working on taxes! So many options!

"That was a very interesting sentence until you finished it."

I made it back unscathed! Pretty much. I did live through five hours in the Avalon Mall though, so who knows what lasting mental damage that may have inflicted. Then on Sunday I got to go to Ms. B’s and PT’s and PT’s GF’s Church, which was fun. They said their third largest budgetary expense, after the building and the pastor, was coffee. My Kind Of People! The music was very Pentecostal, but they seemed since, which I can respect. And there was a guest speaker, so I’m not quite sure what the teaching actually is like. But there also was a potluck afterwards, which was scrummy. Hurrah for free food! Oh, and PT and his GF were walking downtown to see the christmas parade, so I had to take my things out of the car and bring them back to the church, where I was being picked up. However, the church is downtown, so they lock the doors after normal service hours. Which led to me being locked out of a church, and hammering lightly on the doors. 😀 I mainly sat on my suitcase and waited for someone to come out, but there definitely was a little bit of beating on the door going on. Then they let me in and I had chocolate cake, so it was all good.

On, on the first night I was wearing a pashmina, for grace and the fact that I can hid under it of anyone looks at me. Then when I went up to get coffee a lady looked at me and said; “What you’re wearing looks nice! It looks like you’re wearing a tablecloth, but on you it looks good!” 😀

And a quote from PT’s GF. “You know today is the first day of Advent? That means today is going to be a day for Extraordinary things.”

Last night Fraulein and I watched Prince Caspian! Since we are avid Narnian Fan girls, we’ve been waiting impatiently for it to come out on DVD. We don’t have a theatre in town, remember? And it was fun. We decided that Peter is generally an idiot, and Susan doubly so. Seriously woman, what is with the leather corset with buckles and such? ISH. And the whole kissing Caspian in front of the crowd, and “you might want to call me sometime-” *facepalm* However, Edmund and Lucy were marvelous, and we love the mice. 😀 “You are a mouse.” I’m still a little if-ish about Miraz and the Telmarines. The whole story was so very far from the book that you have to divide your brain into two stories for the book and the movie. And I’m not sure if the Telmarines are scary or simply a mindless horde of spanish men. I’ll have to watch it again with a critical eye. 😀

In other news, I’m technically done with Nano now. So I suppose I have to try and break the habit of spending every possible moment on my laptop. *sigh* I know you’re weeping for my sad plight. 😛 But first I just have to read some of the shiny NanoNovels my genius internet friends wrote.

Time in town…

I’m in St. John’s! Hurrah for the big city!

I got a ride in with a friend’s family, which was very nice of them. It was also rather amusing, because myself and an 16 year old boy were sharing the back seat. He stumbled out of the house at seven in the morning, clutching a pillow, and saw me. *stares* So the pillow went in between us two, and we both leaned on opposite windows and slept. *thumb up*
I’m staying with Ms. B for the weekend, so once we got into town I was dropped off at her house, and got a tour… It’s a nice apartment. 😀 She has a balcony and everything. 
OH, and we ate out in the college food court, which is very college-y. You know, people behind the count who don’t really care, straws on the floor, everything tastes like fridge, and people my age. Oh, and half the people are guys, which is just strange and unsettling. 
(And by the way, interspersed between all this is watching of Firefly; we’re going through the series. Some moments are totally matchy, and some ver ver awful- put a quilt over your head AND stick your fingers in your ears. )
Mmmmm, then PT and PT’s GF came by, and we went out to Tims! Coffee and tea all round, and various munchables. PT’s GF is very cute. And sweet. And tiny. And giggly. And despite that description, I do actually like her. 😛 She and PT are really cute together. They do hold hands a lot, though. And seeing your little brother kiss anyone, even on the cheek, is traumatizing any time when the little brother is over the age of four.
Then, at 9:00, we all went out downtown- to a church coffee house. There was free music and coffee! MARVELOUS! My Classical Pianist brother, bless his shiny heart, thought the music was too loud. Just because he couldn’t hear himself talk. Sheesh. I thought it was pretty good though. The first act was really good, just a man and a guitar. I recognized a couple of Johnny cash songs, and quite a few I would liked to have been able to identify but wasn’t. Then there was a band which showed a lot of promise for the first minute of intro to their first song, and then repeated the intro with variations for forty minutes. They were all first year engineering students, however, so I suppose I’ll forgive them. After the first years came a more established band, which is well known in the “christian scene.” At least, the players are well known, I”m not sure about the band unit its self. Despite having The St. John’s Sound and a lead singer who couldn’t find the pocket in a pair of cargo pants, they were pretty good. If you’re playing John Mayer, a decent guitar player makes up for much. Side note; I approve of well- played guitars in general. 

"Never underestimate the money to be made from good quality drug dealing."

Wow, I haven’t blogged in quite a while. It is not for lack of things to talk about, strangely enough, or even lack of interest, but my computer time has been rather full of late. Right. Anyhow!

On Saturday we had a biker gang descend on our house for lunch. The “gang” was comprised of retired police officers and their significant others, one of whom is a nurse of Gideon’s. So we served them chili and chatted. My title is the career advice one of them gave me. This particular man was also the lead tenor of the Nova Scotia Black Gospel Choir, despite the fact that he’s white. It was a fun lunch hour, for sure. Then I went and worked from 4:30 pm to 2:00 am, which was not quite so fun, but now I’m 80 dollars richer. Wah-hoo! By the by, what would you do if you answered the drive-through beep and was answered with “You’re sexy- we love you!” and lots of feminine teenage giggling; but when the car gets to the speaker 
the only inhabitants of the car are three 20-something guys? I put on my most queenly aspect for about an hour and smiled benevolently at my subjects. 
Sunday I went over to Ms. B’s house and played with her computer again. T’was fun. I realized belated at one point that had I actually said, “I love the sound of hard drives spinning up.” How do you even recover from a remark like that? I just had a coughing fit. Seemed to work. However, she has realized that mac software is really easy to use, so she probably won’t need me to set up things any more. Bah. 
At any rate, Ms. B had some friends coming over, so while we were waiting from them to trail in we watched X-men 2. It was a very fun movie- the special effects in particular were brilliant- but I think watching the first one might have helped my comprehension factor. Once everyone, (two other girls), were there, the debate began as to what we were going to do. After brief discussion it was decided to go to a bar in a town an hour away once three of Ms. B’s guy friends arrived from St. John’s. I said something about how I didn’t want to go out of town tonight, so it was all good. We would hang out until the guys showed up. 
This is where Photobooth is opened up and silly pictures are taken. 
While waiting I chatted with a friend of Ms. B’s little brother, who was going in for an interview on Monday at McDonald’s. I said- jokingly- that he just had to be sure not to curse out the interviewer and he was good for the job. Whereupon he, with a swiftly disapproving visage, replied that as he was going to be a Salvation Army Officer he’d better not be swearing! *blinks* All the sudden I was painted as the bad girl. It was a new feeling, for sure. 
THEN, we went out for ice cream and stopped to wait for the guys at the train park, me a little subdued. Since I was feeling subdued, I climbed onto the top of the train. What, you mean you don’t climb things when you’re unusually contained inside yourself? Strange. But the other girls followed my lead, and soon we were all over the train. When the guys showed up we had traversed the entire contraption and were sitting down; whereupon in a blatant bid to impress the girls, the muscly guys started hauling themselves around the engine. Rather more clumsily than we had done, I will point out. Silly boys. 
Brief conferences are held, and as some of the crowd now doesn’t want to drive an hour to the bar, swimming is decided upon as the evening entertainment. I’m asked if I want to come. Hmmm. There are three guys, and three girls other girls- all of whom are trendily dressed. (I’m not.) No one has swimming gear. It is after nine, and dark out. It’s cold. Skinny-dipping is mentioned. Hmmmmm. I remember that I think I have to work in the morning. So I’m brought home, where it is pointed out that it is after nine, I left at two, and I haven’t called home. Oops. It seems this social life thing is hazardous in more ways than one!
Monday was work, and Fraulein and I watched Take The Lead, which is a fun movie provided that the characters or lack thereof are not though about too much. Tuesday was work, and I made a slideshow of pictures from Universal Studios, to show to the Wish people in town. Wednesday was work, and showing the pictures to and talking with the Wish people.
I had my first encounter with instant coffee, and am much wiser for the experience. 
  • Canned milk in coffee- good. 
  • Powdered milk in coffee- acceptable provided one does not look at it. 
  • Fresh milk in powdered coffee- like nothing else around. 
The film on top tastes like it is actively corroding the lining of one’s mouth. The liquid in the middle is so bitter it induces involuntary imitation of a pretzel. The sludge of the dregs at the bottom has to be tossed down the throat with one’s eyes closed. The eyes are closed, you see, to manually restrain them from vacating one’s head. And why I found my hands on my throat in the aftermath of that experience, I cannot tell. 

"I don’t want to plunge to my death with uncoordinated accessories! People will talk!"

Ms. B’s computer came in yesterday! I got to play with it. And it was lovely. 

A brand-shiny-new MacBook, and an ipod touch, all decked out with the latest software. If that does not rouse your salivary glands a little bit, I’m afraid I have to tell you that there is something fundamentally wrong with you. 
Kidding! Just Kidd-ing…
I recognize that some people don’t find computer set-up fun. But I am not one of them. I got to set up logins, and partition the hard drive, and set up itunes and iphoto, and organize things, and sync the ipod, (which is amazing), and set up a back-up system, and generally poke around a beautiful new computer for a protracted period of time. 5.5 hours, in fact. 
Ms. B did not want to set up her computer all by herself, since she’s not used to mac. So she picked me up from work at 6 and we started into unpacking and organizing. At 11:30, she decided that she was going to call it quits for the night. Silly girl. 😛
It was very fun to see how everyone was fangirl/guying over the ipod touch. I’ve heard of what it can do, but everyone else who came into contact with it was astounded at its capabilities. It’s Apple, what can I say? 😀
Anyhow, we stopped setting up and such at 11:30, since it was backing up, and downloading a software update, and Kayla was tired. Then we went of a drive about town and chatted. Then, at 12:30, I really notice the time, and do some mental math relating to the fact that I have to be at work at 7:00 am tomorrow. Which is, 6.5 hours… *heart sinks* I guess I’m not getting a lot of sleep tonight, huh?
So now I’m tired, rather. But according to the business section of the newspaper; we’re getting a Natural Gas refinery on the south coast, there’s all kinds of drilling going on offshore, our MP is lobbying for a federal penitentiary in this town or one an hour away, and a mystery employer is recruiting over a hundred highly trained people in a town an hour away. Come to Newfoundland! We have jobs!

"Something’s fishy here. Do you smell anthrax?"

I was just going to write “I am officially done with the library,” but I realized that I still have to drop of my key and pick up the tea pots. So it still lingers in the queue of my responsibilities. But I’m almost done! I tell you, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! It’s blinding, the light is! *nods*

The ending party went well, I think. Nine kids showed up, and given the fact that my family was missing, that was a good turnout. It’s true! My family skews attendance numbers both ways! It’s nice to have power… *cough* But we had a cake, and hot chocolate and juice served from teapots, and I read Alice. That was a stomach roiling moment, I will admit. When the oldest attendee is 6, the humor in the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party tends to be missed. *cringes* But they were all good and sat quietly, and then we decorated tea cups, and it was agreed to be a good evening. Now that it’s over, of course, I’m boiling over with ideas of how to improve the program next year, up to and including dragging children off the streets. Not that I would do that, no. *shakes head* I’m not fanatical at all.
After clean up, Ms. B, who was helping out, stared at me for a couple of minutes. I said, “yes?” She said, “Are you doing anything this evening?” I said, “I have some cleaning to do, and I’m taking the teapots home-” She said, “No, you’re coming to a youth group movie night. You’re going to take part in a social activity, if you like it or not.”
So I went and watched a movie.
It was fun, and there was pizza, of which I ate much too much. The movie was Evan Almighty, which was chosen chiefly because it was clean. It lived up to that qualification, and furnished a few funny moments in addition to a lack of socially objectionable material. The theology, however, is probably best left untouched. Really, don’t look to hard. I told you- oh well. 
When the guys went off to get the pizza the girls were left in the house to talk drama. And they did. I listened, of course. For a passel of 16 year olds, they sure manage to cram a lot of double-dealing and otherwise hazardous behavior into life. I mean, golly! I think I was the oldest person in the room, and those kids are way ahead of me. We’ll leave that subject alone, yes. 
After the movie night finished up Ms B and I went for a walk to discuss theology, and the walking tragedies many of her friends have made of themselves. It is very sad how easily people can justify their actions, and then it just grows until they don’t even need to justify themselves. They just do whatever they want. 
On another note, I have the house to myself this weekend, as the family is away at Camp Delight. The remaining non-campers have gone in for Family Day. Hmmm, the house to myself. Maybe I should shave my head?

"Canadians and your obsession with Britain…" "Well, Americans and your obsession with- YOURSELVES!"

As you might have noticed, I did some research into Post-Secondary Distance Education this morning. It was not a stellar success. But I shall draw a veil over that, and continue on. 

The drive on Sunday was fun. We went out to K and C’s cabin, and threw rocks and such. 😀 Then Grammy left for her home in Colorado on Monday while I was at work. That was a rather interesting work day, since I was the most senior non-management person on shift for much of it. In two weeks, I’ll be the most senior non-management person on staff, period. I started in MAY. Talk about a high staff turnover rate! 
Side note; I watched The Queen last night, which was good. Very quiet and fun, though there were some scenes obviously put in for American audiences. Just things which don’t need saying in Britain, or even much of the Commonwealth, such as the fact that the Queen was a mechanic during the War. I think my favorite scene had to be when it was being explained to the Queen Mother that they were going to use the funeral-plan code named Tay Bridge for Diana’s funeral. 
“But that’s my funeral!”
“Yes ma’am. But it is the only one that has been, *pauses* rehearsed. It is the only one we could have ready in time.” *awkward pause*
Hmmm, I thought I had a bunch of news to talk about, but I have forgotten it. No wait! It comes back to me now. 
Today I stopped by the bank, and I’m back on the list for a possible job. They’ll call me on Friday or Monday. Fingers crossed, eh? I also this evening went over to Ms. B’s house, and helped her to buy a school computer. Hers had died, and her dad wanted to buy a $400 toshiba. I said NOOOOOOOO!!!!! Only, I actually put on my professional demeanor and explained, “that will break in three months, and cause you to tear out your hair in pain and frustration when it’s not broken.” Then I waxed slightly poetic on the virtues of Macs, and the crisis was averted. This is where being able to keep a straight face wins the day! Augustine, you come in useful yet again… So, we bought, with her dad’s money, a shiny new MacBook. 
*is gleeful*
Moreover, she wants to show me how to get around in Mac. This MEANS that I get to play around with a brand new computer in two weeks or so. No, I’m not looking forward to it at all. /lies 😀 Maybe I’ll get to name it too.
And now my memory is shutting down, so I can truly no longer think of anything to write. Must go to bed now….

"That was just the highlight of my evening."


*maniacal laughter*


Well, except for next week’s ending party, but that hardly counts, now does it?

Yes, I have clocked in my hours at the library. It look a lot of time reading blogs, and watching Youtube, and, oh yes, working, but I put in the hours in the end. YAY! I almost don’t know what to do with myself! The same thing happened in April, after exam week was over. (No latin to study! What do I do with my time!) But I got over it pretty fast. 😀

I finished up on Thursday night, and then on Friday after work I walked up to the house of a friend of the family, for a BBQ. I got there early, (a beautiful luxury) so I sat on a rock and watched the wind for a while. I had forgotten how lovely it can be to do that- to watch the world go by. At the BBQ its self there was an age difference of approximately ten years on either side of me, but I got to listen to some rather interesting conversations. And the food was also very good.

THEN, (Oh yes, I’ve had a busy life lately. :P) I went to a concert! Ms. B had organized a christian concert as part of the town’s summer festival, the Mussel Bed Soiree. We missed the opening act, but I was just in time to see the tail end of the next set, which was a lone man on guitar, playing a sort of jazzy instrumental piece. My lack of musical knowledge becomes apparent in that description, but it was fun, and reminded me of what Daddy plays sometimes. (Daddy plays better though.)

Then Dan Bursey did a set. Regrettably, he was better than his band. I’ve heard the cd, and I could hear where the song was supposed to rock out, but the band wasn’t quite keeping up. He’s a youth pastor, and he recruited two guys from the youth group to play for him. They were good- but they were 16- and hadn’t, perhaps, practiced enough with a professional outfit? And they were Pentecostal! Think that doesn’t matter? Think again. Allright, I’m done making excuses for the band. 😀 But Dan was good. Create In Me was the best song. It’s available on Itunes! 🙂 And yes, the song is lovely because my Dad produced it, and gently eased Dan into making it rock. You should buy it. Here.

Next was the “headliner,” The Silent. They were very good. By that time much of the crowd had left, and those that were left were, how shall I say, not enthusiastic. You need a certain critical mass of people for a rock concert, and a rock band they certainly were, but the crowd was cold, tired, and small. Despite this, it was a very fun set. I think Fraulein was rather surprised that I did anything approaching rocking out though. 😀 It doesn’t go with my persona. And no, I wasn’t head-banging or anything, just dancing a little, but the rest of the crowd was so static that I might as well have lit myself on fire in enthusiasm. They were the last act, so afterwards we headed for home, stopping to buy a cd on the way out. And The Silent recognized me! They had stopped at McWork that morning and asked directions. I gave, and then when I asked for a cd, three-quarters of the band chimed up “Hey, it’s McDonalds!” *shy* I feel famous.

Then we went home, and I slept for 13 hours. It was lovely. And before you get all het up about it, let me inform you that I’ve been attempting to run on 6 or so for the past three weeks. And I function to full capacity on 9 hours. So it was just a leetle time grab to regrow some vital portions of my brain.

By the by, Mommy and Daddy’s 25th anniversary happened when we were in Florida. Due to the hectic schedule, we didn’t really do anything on the actual day. They went out for dessert, I mean, but us children did nothing to mark the day. Grammy and Fraulein aimed to remedy that. Therefore, they headed out to the grocery story on Friday morning. They bought an Oreo cake, and three rolls of tinfoil. Then on Friday after lunch, while the parents were safely down in the studio, with Grammy making sure that they didn’t come upstairs too soon, Fraulein and I set the table and wrapped the small ones in tinfoil. It was the silver anniversary, see? *grins* Regrettably, by the time they got to me there wasn’t a great deal of foil left, so I just fashioned a necklace. I know, spoil sport I am. 

Then it was off to work, which was unremarkable, except for two things. 

  1. One, I had my first honest-to-goodness drunk customer. It was a passenger who was ordering, and he was OUT of it. However, the whole car was, *cough* not in their right minds. The other passengers were hard-core swearing at me for not double-cupping the cokes, and then for giving them extra cups. Whereas the guy who was ordering referred to me as “princess,” tried to pay for a thirty dollar order with a twenty dollar bill, and demanded a kiss from the manager. Charming. However, I suppose he could have demanded a kiss from me, whereupon I would have been forced to brain him with the debit machine. Small mercies. 😛 
  2. Two in the list of mildly remarkable things; why on earth do passengers insist on ordering in the drive-thru? Then half of them have the audacity to complain that they couldn’t hear me. They can’t hear me. I’m so sorry for you. Do you think I can hear YOU perfectly, and I’m just whispering to annoy you? Do you think I enjoy tormenting you? Good grief, do you think I get any sort of pleasure out of talking to you? On the contrary, I get pleasure out of seeing your tail lights leaving the parking lot. I AM NOT TRYING TO MAKE YOUR LIFE HARDER. Next time, to keep everyone’s stress to a minimum, why don’t you just get your driver to relay your order? Yes, MEN, I’m talking to YOU. Just relay your gf/wife’s order, and we can cut your wait time in half. It’s been proven! And don’t even get me started on men who have their wives order for them. Talk about spineless. *deep breath* 😀 I had to bottle up that rant last night. 😛 But I’m good now!

This morning four of my siblings left for Camp Delight, which is “a camp for children whose lives have been affected by pediatric cancer.” With PT living in St. John’s, and the Walrus at Cadet Camp, the house is very empty. Only four children! The remainder of the house is going on a drive this afternoon with Grammy, which should be fun.

It’s like sitting next to a can of soda! *pop!*

[NOTE: This post was written with no plan of attack, and is rather stream-of-conciousness. I lie; it is comepletely stream-of-conciousness. Read at your own risk.]

A discovery! Two Tetley tea bags in an average mug, allowed to steep for 15+ minutes, produces a drink which is so strong it actually feels like it’s etching the inside of your mouth. You can smell the caffeine.


I’m sure you’re all delighted to know that piece of information. Immeasurably enriched, I know. Or perhaps, un-etched? *ducks*

Due to all the work, this summer has gone VERY fast. I think because I haven’t had to plan out things to do, or look forward to them. I’ve only had to figure out at which place I was working, and at what hour I would transfer to the other job- every day. Does wonders for your time sense, that. 😀 But I see the light at the end of the tunnel! (No, I’m pretty sure that’s not a train. Pretty sure.)

However, I’m on the home stretch of the library Grant. The last week! w00t! I’ve only got 15 hours left, and then I’ll actually have free time! That is not to say that this job is not very self directed. I have had an incredible amount of leeway, and lack of official duties. This has led to a lot of time reading and on the computer. (It’s a hard life, working for the government.) However, come next week, I’ll be able to go on a walk for fun! And maybe even go into Gander for people watching, or shopping. *dances*

Interestingly, the substitute librarian seems to regard me as the first line IT person. Yesterday I fixed the Internet twice, and tried to fix someone’s laptop which wasn’t seeing the wi-fi. I was unable to heal it, though. However, he came back today in the hope that it had pulled its self together in the night, and I was able to ascertain that the antennae was not turned on. Makes a difference, that. The fact that it was a windows machine, however, drained off most of the fun of working with a computer. For one thing, I am NOT familiar with it. I have a basic understanding of Mac- enough that I can figure out when I need to call for help, and when it’s something that can be puzzled out. Windows, I have no clue. If it was a food product, I would be wearing protective apron, mask and gloves before touching it, and that with a long sharp stick. “Did it move? I think it just moved! Grab the colander! Trap it!”
*goes off into reverie about chasing deformed Widows-food around the kitchen*

Right. Also, I don’t really like Windows. The only joy it brings is the vengeful triumph of having bested an obtuse and malicious foe.

This was not intended to be a rant about Windows, so I will cut it off there before I bring out more absurd analogies.

I just looked at the calender, and I will be twenty in exactly a month. TWO DECADES. I still will not be legal to drink in the states, which puts it in perspective a bit, but Twenty! The mind boggles. Particularly so since I’m reading All Quiet On The Western Front right now. It’s about the Great War, from the view of a German Infantryman. (How much history does it say I’ve read that I can think of WWI as the Great War without trouble? :P) Anyhow, I was reminded again of the average age of the soldiers in that conflict; 19 year olds were veterans. It makes one feel rather old and ungainly in comparison. It also puts the frantic push to have a degree at age 23, “otherwise you’re wasting your life,” in a new light.

Life is so much more interesting when you think about what “everyone does” instead of just doing it! Compare, weigh the options, think about the causes, run the odds, ask questions… *sigh* Tis fun. 😀

In other news, my Grandmother has come to stay with us for the week, which is lovely. 😀 Also, I have an appointment with Ms. B for a “computer buying party” next week, where in I coach her through the perils of the Apple Store Online. 😉