I passed! (the epic blog entry)

WHEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [commence incoherent screaming of joy here]

In case you might have noticed, I was ever so slightly concerned about the possibility of my passing this year. Just slightly. Then we had the oral exam today, and learned the stats of who in the class passed. The verdict? Everyone made it. *punches the air*

Even the Scriptures exam, which as you also might have noticed I was rather concerned about, I passed. I got an 89. This is just wrong. I don’t understand that mark, at all. It was not a good exam. *shakes head vehemently* Not a good exam. But I am not going to try to argue a lower mark, rest assured! I just don’t understand. *is bewildered*

Moving on! Yes, the oral exam was today, and it was rather anti-climatic. I did not cover myself with glory, but neither did I go down in flames. This lack of combustion was chiefly because it was not really possible to ignite ones self, but the point remains! The dinner, on the other hand, was lovely. Em had made the famous braided sandwich rolls, and there were also veggies of joy, and cookies. Twas jolly.

Then the year books arrived, and we signed each other’s and chatted for something like a two hours. It was fun, and my first experience with signing yearbooks. All these experienced signers, and then Snazel biting her pen and trying to think of things to say that are amusing and representative. Not so much. I realized a bit more, when trying to think of things to say, how much I’m gonna miss everybody. I’ve really got used to all these people. *sigh* Grad in on Saturday afternoon, and then we’re scattering to all corners of the continent. West Coast, East Coast, Central, Prairies, South, Midwest; pretty much everywhere except The North or Southern California. *sigh*

But my little yearbook is jolly. *pats it*

We’ve also had our last class events, both official and unofficial, in the last week. The official one was when the class went out to Hal’s house for Community meal on Tuesday. Hal is the Office administrator for the College, and he’s been bringing his family by for community meal all year, which was very nice. It was oodles of fun, though I was tired early, as I had gotten up early to clean. We had done intensive deep cleaning of the house, which involved Moon Unit down on her hands and knees scrubbing the entry way for an HOUR, and general hilarity. We played a mix CD from one of Third World’s friends, very loudly. It was especially amusing when Swinger came in during Play that funky music.

Swinger : “I’d like to point out that there are no white boys in the house except for Peety and me, and we aren’t singing.”
Em: “We started it especially when we saw you coming up the walkway. *very bored* Dance, White boy, dance.”

Anyhow, what with the music and general hilarity, it was a fun cleaning morning. Then we headed out to Hal’s house in the evening. His kids were there, *happy* and we all hung out in the living room and the backyard. We had ribs, and salad, and pop, and marvelous mashed potatoes. It was delicious! Then those who were sports-inclined played soccer, and those we weren’t sat around and chatted. THEN, as evening fell, we had coffee, and unidentified berry-cake-pudding-trifle dessert, and CHOCOLATE CAKE OF GLORY. I called it that by accident after catching a glimpse of it in the kitchen, and the name was appropriate. It was four levels of marvelous dark chocolate cake, and iced with a ganache-ish icing. By then Moon Unit was a little loopy from exhaustion, and so was leaning on Swinger’s shoulder, and Third World and I were alternating leaning on each other and sitting on the ground , but we were leaving in someone else’s care, so we made unintelligent conversation for another two hours. Then we went home and slept like logs. *nods*

Oh, I forgot to mention that Professor Tucker, (lit.) was there, as was Professor Tingley, (Philosophy, Art, and Trivium,) and their respective families. SO there were lots of little ones running around, which was fun, but in retrospect I didn’t have any in my lap, which is why it didn’t feel terribly homey. Not that it was bad- quite the opposite! But the fact that there were children running about didn’t seem as homelike as it might have been. Interesting. And Hal and co. live in a very nice version of suburbia. I am beginning to think that that I may have judged suburbia too hastily. Not all cities are like Southern California! There were trees, and the houses looked different, and the inhabitants seemed to know their neighbors. In fact, the atmosphere was closer to the PMQs, which were a terribly fun place when you were under the age of 10. Kids everywhere, and a back yard that went on for miles. Anyhow, looked like a nice place, and the construction of the houses where definitely nicer than the PMQs!

Then on Wedsday we watched Lord Of The Rings. All day. With only minor breaks of less than 10 minutes. Yes, we are awesome. Sue has the extended version, so we watched the entire trilogy back to back. As this post is already too long I will not bore you with unnessesry details, except to say that it was very cool, and I was there the WHOLE time, and I was the only one who did that. The others skipped out for a couple of pieces of time, but I was there!!!!!

And, Moon Unit, Third World, and I cleaned out the fridges this afternoon. It was epic and furry.

Wherein Snazel ponders the past.

Classes are over. That is such a strange thought. o.O In a week’s time I’ll be done with my exams. Even stranger… The time is just zipping by.

Here is the last week in miniature. 🙂

On Monday we had Latin (fun), and Philosophy (PoMo). It seems strange to think of going back to life without those classes in it. Philosophy is going to leave a big hole, actually. I didn’t understand it much, but it was great when I did! 😛

On Tuesday we had our last art class, which was interesting. We touched on the surrealists and cubists. Then we handed in our papers to Dr. Patrick, and had a lovely community meal: lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and cake with berries and whipped cream. I will certainly miss Tuesdays. *sniffs*

On Wednesday, we had our last music class and last Latin class. I botched the Latin quiz. *weeps* I think I’ll miss Latin. Not the quizzes so much, but the translation is rather fun, in a painful way, and Professor Blaedow is amazing. Music class was enjoyable, but I doubt that I’ll miss it. *sheepish*

On Thursday we had Literature. We did our presentation on items we found on the street, which was jolly. I was so petrified when I read my presentation! I’m pretty sure I was reading in a monotone, in addition to the actual shaking. However, it went reasonably well, and professor Tucker said that I reminded him of the lead character in Becoming Jane. I have never seen that movie, so I’m unsure exactly what he meant *nervous* but I’m pretty sure it’s good. I think. 😛 The other presentations were excellent! It was lots of fun to listen to- an excellent ending class. Despite feeling like a blockhead every time I leave Literature, I’ll miss it. Then we had Scriptures class, which was a review class. To be perfectly frank, I was not at all mournful to see the end of that class.

Oh! And then we went to the mall afterward, Third World and I, and I bought a portable hard drive! So now I can back up my files and pics. *sigh of relief*

On Friday was the last Science class, which was funnish. That was an enjoyable class, but again, I shan’t miss it. In trivium, we then discussed… pacifism. Who wants to go out on a tame note anyways? I think I kept my temper admirably well, though my blood pressure went up a little bit when someone made the comment, “You can’t be a good soldier and a good Christian.” *wide mirthless smile* It basically ended with us running out of time and agreeing only on the fact that Jesus in his incarnation was pacifist in that he did not try to defend himself by violence. *sigh*

Then last night we went to the other girl’s house for Texas’s birthday, and “end of classes party”. That was a ball!

Now, I really need to go study, so, farewell. 😛

Christian pop music is like Byzantine iconography. Once they found a formula, they stuck with it!

Yes, so, exams are next week. I am already petrified scared about them. I really don’t want to fail, and I have a dreadful suspicion that I haven’t been paying near enough attention in classes, so I won’t be able to answer any of the questions. *cries*

As a result, I am determinedly not thinking about them, I’m just focusing on the pressing things that need to be done, such as Latin translations for Wednesday, and Dr. Patrick’s Term paper for tomorrow, and the Literature Presentation for Thursday, and the Literature Paper for Thursday, and the Scriptures presentation for Thursday. Actually, those are all prepared except the Lit paper and the Latin Translations. I have about half of those both done.

Anyhow, my little brother Gid has an eval on Monday, the day of my Latin and Philosophy exams. The last eval was bad. I’m worried about the results of this one. Even putting aside the fear of if this next eval goes poorly, I”m afraid of how I will be able to deal with if it is bad. I still have 5 more exams after Monday goes by; I can’t lose it and spend all my time in prayer.

Now THAT’s taking worrying to a new level. Okay, I think I need to take some sleep, and do some more praying. 😛

*wanders off*

P.S. Today was our last Philosophy class, and it was 3.5 hours long, on Post-modernism. It was really interesting, but I wish I could have paid attention more. I’m rather fragmented in class. o.O

P.P.S. Everything lately is geared towards arming us to deal with post-modernism. It’s mildly amusing since I don’t plan to go into a university, and people usually don’t talk to me. However, when I get the urge to scoff I must remind myself that I don’t know the future, and maybe I will end up having to argue in the defense of objective truth.

I really am going to bed now.

"Didn’t want you to get your hopes up." "Don’t flatter yourself."

So, Bahnree wrote a piece for Restless Hearts, which was a version of Hamlet from the viewpoint of another character. It was very good. Also, our literature professor said that writing some fiction- another chapter, or another viewpoint on a story- about a book that we read this year, would be acceptable as our literature paper. Long story short, she has just received approval to put the story in as her literature paper. *narrows eyes*

However, I said that she should ask the professor about using the piece, so I feel somehow related to the triumph of having a paper done 5 days early. *glee*

I personally, on the other hand, am trying to get the Science dialauge done. I’m certainly farming it out for approval/scorn/assistance to other people, cause I don’t like it. *sigh*

I cnat spele…

My personal incompetence frustrates me!

I work slowly to begin with.

Case in point; Latin. Even setting aside Third World and Moon Unit, who can translate cold in class, I translate much slower that most of the class. There’s a bunch of people- 8, I think- who get straight out of class and translate the sentences for next class. It takes them about an hour. It takes me three. *sneers*

Then the fact that I type slowly… last night it took me something like 4 hours to type out 2,000 words I had hand-written previously. That is actually a compound problem. When I type without mistakes I’m only moderately slower than the average, but I make a lot of mistakes. At the beginning of the year I could see right away when something looked wrong, but now I’ve done the mistakes so often that “slef” looks right. (that was supposed to be “self”, for those who habitually spell correctly.) Discounting even the words that I actually have the letters wrong for, I keep messing up the letter order within the sentences, or putting the spaces in the wrong places. Which means that after every thought-block I need to go back and get rid of all the little red lines.

Then throw in a dash of being unable to concentrate on things for long periods of time! No, I can read, or do code, or write fiction for HOURS straight, but in school work I start to degenerate to kindergarten level after about 2 hours. The brain just gives out

Which means that I take a long time to get anything done. *cries* I really think I’m not cut out to be an academic…

Okay, enough of the rant. I only have two more weeks of this and I’m done! I learn more about how to manage my time every term, so even if/when I take correspondence courses or other things on a similar deadline it should be easier. Should…

Only one week of classes left. Such a strange thought.

"To dance wildly in a sideways manner, to imitate a crab."

Well, it’s finally arrived. The time when I have so much work LOOMING over head that I can’t think about it all at the same time for fear that I’ll run off in a dead panic. So I will just say that I have a nice bit of stuff to do.

However, even with lots of menacing work to do, I do still have time to relax and hang out with my friends. Therefore, I cannot call this a intense workload. I have other people’s to compare it to. Medical school? My dad’s electrical training? I’m laughing, I have so much free time. *grins* So, even if I complain, I still acknowledge that this isn’t really that hard, really.

*long silence*

“So, why did you fail then?”

No! I shall not fret about my upcoming pain and humiliation! *laughs manically*

We’re going to the art gallery this evening, which should be jolly. (The college comes out in force and troops down to look at paintings…) Unfortunately our art class on Tuesday was canceled when the Professor lost the images for it. He works so hard, he’s usually going on 2 hours of sleep. He’s trying frantically to fit in so much art before the end of term, and then this happens. It was quite sad. Right, gallery tonight. Is jolly.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but Em is the patron saint of book buying (in addition to hiccups). She can find golden bargains anywhere, and she returned yesterday that a book surplus store in the mall was going out of business. Everything 50% off, on previously discounted shiny new books. Moon Unit, Third World and I of course immediately traipsed down to the mall as soon as we were at a stopping point. I won’t bore you with the details, particularly since I acquired some gifts, but let it be known that I now possess a bunch more loverly books, and all for under $25.00. *glee*

Oh, and we hit the passive in Latin, and interrogative pronouns and adjectives. Self is not delirious with joy.

Congratulations Mr. Simpson. By your calculations we are presently sailing through Sub-Saharan Africa.

Yes, the Scriptures paper did make it in time. And yes, it should never have seen the light of day. And yes, my grade probably dropped 30%, or whatever percentage of my grade that it was worth, but it’s done, right? OVER!!!!

And now we move on to other work…

I could at this point list all the work I need to do, but I’ve done that before, I seem to remember. Moreover, if you’re interested, you’re probably in the same classes with me, and know what needs to me done. If you’re not in the classes, you probably don’t want an exhaustive point by point explanation of what school work I should be doing at this moment. Just let it be know, that there is a lot. *grins* *breaks down and weeps*

OH, there is one thing. For literature class, we had to go out and find 5 – 10 items outside, bring them home, and write a presentation in the style of Annie Dillard about them. In the last class, we will read these essays/presentations. The reaction of the Med students to this assigment was rather amusing, as was that of the budding engineers.
“He wants us to do what?
“What’s the theme?” “You are the theme!”
Rather a fun assigment, all in all. Particularly since Prof. Tucker gave us free rein to use colloquialisms. *rubs hands in glee* I really really want to frame my intro as a mock css stylesheet.

eh? eh? Unfortunately, everyone I’ve talked to so far doesn’t think that you can call code a colloquialism. What do you think? No?

In other news, Moon Unit is staying here on the weekends until graduation, which is very jolly. Our minds have degenerated to the point that now all we do is schoolwork, watch movies, or laugh. We watched three Horatio Hornblower movies in the past 2 days: One on Friday and two on Saturday. Moon Unit’s Friend came over for a sleepover last night and thereupon we also watched the movie Serenity. Stupid use of my time and I’ll regret it later, no doubt, but they were GOOD movies.

It was also earth hour last night, so from 8 – 9 we turned off all the electric appliances and didn’t run water. Amusing, since of those in the house, only Rach was at all excited about it. The rest of us kinda just wanted to have candles. Or, maybe that was just me. *sheepish* I declare, the other girls are ridiculously paranoid about me and knives or flame or hot wax. Moon Unit kept taking tea lights away from me. *sulks* Then Third World came over and sat on my lap to pin my hands down. Meanwhile, Moon Unit’s Friend is calmly emptying candles to make a ball of wax, and playing with a large knife that had been brought out to cut a giant easter egg, and no one noticed!!! Basically we spent the entire hour laughing. Good times.

And, here are some pictures from the last week or two:

Moon Unit, Third World and I went out to the park to find our 5 – 10 objects. There is a crust on the snow, but it is melting enough that we would occasionally break through. Here, I turned to take a picture of my friends, went through over my knees, and fell over. “Oooh, pretty perspective!”

The park, also from up to my knees in the snow.

Changed to black and white, and got a surprisingly emo picture of Third World and Moon Unit. *is surprised*

Then, happy Third World!

Happy Moon Unit, visiting the trees.

Walked down the friendly alley behind Amnesty International…

People waiting for the bus.

Parliament seen from over the river, at sun down. Third World and I decided that we didn’t want to cook, and celebrated our lack of classes on that day by going to the food court. Taken from a bridge.

There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for this paper.

I hadn’t fully realized how deeply I dislike my scriptures paper, but let me tell you, we are not friends. On Saturday, I worked all day on the paper, and do you know what I did? I spend the ENTIRE day, 8 hours, to be precise, typing out quotes. I ended up with 8 pages, single spaced, 11 pt- 4,456 words. The entire paper has a word limit of 2,500 words. *beats head against wall*

Do you know why I spent so ridiculously much time on quotes? (I have just realized the answer to this important query.) As long as I was working on quotes, I didn’t have to actually write. I realized this when I sat down at the computer, looked at my empty page, and felt physically ill. It’s true! I have reached the stage where school work makes me fell sick to my stomach.

I think this is partly fueled by the looming feeling that I am going to FAIL!!!!! Jolly, no? Due to the long-draw-out paper due dates, I get to enter exam stress 6 weeks early. *laughs hysterically* I only felt this way the actual week of exams last term, and the day of standardized exams in the past. This time, I charmingly get to experience the full joy of soul-sucking stress for another five weeks, in addition to the expanse of it I have already moved through mainly intact.

Five weeks? *blinks* That’s all it is till I go home? Insane. Truly insane. I’m really looking forward to seeing all my family again, but I’m also really going to miss the people here. *cries* Funnily, I’m having moving dreams again. I haven’t had those since I was about 13. They’re dreams in which for some reason, usually Daddy’s work, the family gets to move to a new place, which just so happens to be near my friends. I’ve been moving west a lot at night. *grins* Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, an unexplained Canadian Military Base in Oregon.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m the only one from the east coast at the college; everyone else is EST and further west.

*sigh* And my little brother Gid, who is newly four, is undergoing an eval and chemo today. Pray without ceasing…

Go with God.

Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty, your momo-ness.

Well, the art paper is done. *collapses on the floor in a huddle of exhaustion* I am actually not too displeased with it. Turned out that I had more information than I needed, not less, (which was what I was expecting.) So I was able to pick and choose what I was including, which was nice. *glee*

EDIT: I stole this description of the mental state of the house from Third World’s blog, because I think it’s hilarious.

Slow Descent Into Madness: Day Two.

It’s been very entertaining watching the slowly degrading mental states of the students in my House, myself included. One of us will launch into this completely nonsensical train of thought, or jump from talking about a paper to singing something random, or stroking their laptop and wondering what they should name it. It’s even more amusing when I ignore it at first, and then realize what I or someone else just did. Example: Snazel just took her scarf off, wrapped it around her like a belt, took that off, and made it into some kind of tunic-thing, all while giving a lengthy treatise on why there are no actual examples of early Christian art. It might not have been exactly like that, but you get the picture.

Now it’s on to the scriptures paper. I actually know what I am doing for all of my projects now. I mean, I know the themes. *scoffs* I have no idea what I’m actually doing! No, that’s too pessimistic. I will make it through!


Latin quiz tomorrow, and then we’ll most likely get our music papers back. That should be ~interesting.~ However, we have a four-day weekend because of Easter. It all balances out, no?

We worked it out today, and exam week will be over in just a month. The mind boggles, I tell you. BOGGLES! The time is moving so fast. I already bought my ticket home. (I’m flying Westjet, NOT air Canada, and I got the flight at half price. Take THAT, air Canada! *sticks out tongue*)

Oh… *grins evilly* Over Christmas, I took a screen shot of my desktop, including all the widgets. I found it yesterday, and placed it as my wallpaper. Now I have an Apple desktop as the background on a Windows computer. This pleases my sense of the ironic, which as we all know is very deficient. *dances off*

The slow decent into madness, week one.

Wow, as papers and exams loom, the house just gets more and more insane.
Less sleep + more sugar + stress = funny times.

Case in point, Third World and I discussing her art paper. (By the way, she’s writing her art paper on the use of the classical gods in Christian Renaissance art, and she wrote a novel of 50 thousand words in November. It was a rewrite of the classical Greek tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. Anyways…)

Third World: “How should I transition into the paper? Should I just dive right in with “Did they approach this from a Christian standpoint?” Or should I write about the classical gods first?”
Me: “Fiction.”
Third World: *in a “literary” voice* “A excerpt from my recent novel..”

Wow, we laughed so hard.Third World had to sit down on the stairs, and I was leaning on the wall to stay upright.

We’re all going to the other girls’ house for art paper editing and green drinks tomorrow, in honour of St. Paddy’s day. Should be fun.