There really is no fathoming the depths of my hatred for this paper.

I hadn’t fully realized how deeply I dislike my scriptures paper, but let me tell you, we are not friends. On Saturday, I worked all day on the paper, and do you know what I did? I spend the ENTIRE day, 8 hours, to be precise, typing out quotes. I ended up with 8 pages, single spaced, 11 pt- 4,456 words. The entire paper has a word limit of 2,500 words. *beats head against wall*

Do you know why I spent so ridiculously much time on quotes? (I have just realized the answer to this important query.) As long as I was working on quotes, I didn’t have to actually write. I realized this when I sat down at the computer, looked at my empty page, and felt physically ill. It’s true! I have reached the stage where school work makes me fell sick to my stomach.

I think this is partly fueled by the looming feeling that I am going to FAIL!!!!! Jolly, no? Due to the long-draw-out paper due dates, I get to enter exam stress 6 weeks early. *laughs hysterically* I only felt this way the actual week of exams last term, and the day of standardized exams in the past. This time, I charmingly get to experience the full joy of soul-sucking stress for another five weeks, in addition to the expanse of it I have already moved through mainly intact.

Five weeks? *blinks* That’s all it is till I go home? Insane. Truly insane. I’m really looking forward to seeing all my family again, but I’m also really going to miss the people here. *cries* Funnily, I’m having moving dreams again. I haven’t had those since I was about 13. They’re dreams in which for some reason, usually Daddy’s work, the family gets to move to a new place, which just so happens to be near my friends. I’ve been moving west a lot at night. *grins* Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa, an unexplained Canadian Military Base in Oregon.

In case I haven’t mentioned it before, I’m the only one from the east coast at the college; everyone else is EST and further west.

*sigh* And my little brother Gid, who is newly four, is undergoing an eval and chemo today. Pray without ceasing…

Go with God.

Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty, your momo-ness.

Well, the art paper is done. *collapses on the floor in a huddle of exhaustion* I am actually not too displeased with it. Turned out that I had more information than I needed, not less, (which was what I was expecting.) So I was able to pick and choose what I was including, which was nice. *glee*

EDIT: I stole this description of the mental state of the house from Third World’s blog, because I think it’s hilarious.

Slow Descent Into Madness: Day Two.

It’s been very entertaining watching the slowly degrading mental states of the students in my House, myself included. One of us will launch into this completely nonsensical train of thought, or jump from talking about a paper to singing something random, or stroking their laptop and wondering what they should name it. It’s even more amusing when I ignore it at first, and then realize what I or someone else just did. Example: Snazel just took her scarf off, wrapped it around her like a belt, took that off, and made it into some kind of tunic-thing, all while giving a lengthy treatise on why there are no actual examples of early Christian art. It might not have been exactly like that, but you get the picture.

Now it’s on to the scriptures paper. I actually know what I am doing for all of my projects now. I mean, I know the themes. *scoffs* I have no idea what I’m actually doing! No, that’s too pessimistic. I will make it through!


Latin quiz tomorrow, and then we’ll most likely get our music papers back. That should be ~interesting.~ However, we have a four-day weekend because of Easter. It all balances out, no?

We worked it out today, and exam week will be over in just a month. The mind boggles, I tell you. BOGGLES! The time is moving so fast. I already bought my ticket home. (I’m flying Westjet, NOT air Canada, and I got the flight at half price. Take THAT, air Canada! *sticks out tongue*)

Oh… *grins evilly* Over Christmas, I took a screen shot of my desktop, including all the widgets. I found it yesterday, and placed it as my wallpaper. Now I have an Apple desktop as the background on a Windows computer. This pleases my sense of the ironic, which as we all know is very deficient. *dances off*

The slow decent into madness, week one.

Wow, as papers and exams loom, the house just gets more and more insane.
Less sleep + more sugar + stress = funny times.

Case in point, Third World and I discussing her art paper. (By the way, she’s writing her art paper on the use of the classical gods in Christian Renaissance art, and she wrote a novel of 50 thousand words in November. It was a rewrite of the classical Greek tale of Theseus and the Minotaur. Anyways…)

Third World: “How should I transition into the paper? Should I just dive right in with “Did they approach this from a Christian standpoint?” Or should I write about the classical gods first?”
Me: “Fiction.”
Third World: *in a “literary” voice* “A excerpt from my recent novel..”

Wow, we laughed so hard.Third World had to sit down on the stairs, and I was leaning on the wall to stay upright.

We’re all going to the other girls’ house for art paper editing and green drinks tomorrow, in honour of St. Paddy’s day. Should be fun.

Here comes the next contestant…

*puts art paper aside*

Yes, I am in fact still alive, all appearances to the contrary. Just working away on my papers, and their inexorable deadlines. Moon Unit stayed here again this weekend to work on her papers, so the house is full of quietly studious people. *hysterical laughter ensues* Right now, that is.

Nothing much has been going on, except for studying. It’s funny. I got four sources books from the University library, for my paper, and I got less out of them than I got out of one lecture by Professor Tingley. Shows how much information he packs into those three hour lectures.

Oh, and Third World and I went to the coffee shop on Thursday to study. So, and hour passes of us reading quietly, and then she realized that maybe she should go into classical studies. (NOT out of the blue! There was lead up and a logical train of thought, I just can’t remember it.) Then we started talking about the classics, and travel, and history, and politics, and everything… and then realized that we had spent 3 hours chatting, not studying. *sigh* It was an excellent conversation though. I remembered that I actually do like English and history, and am now looking forward to studying them. I had forgotten that school is sometimes fun. “Yeah, that’s why I came here!”*grins*

We almost decided to go to Europe next summer, when she has the time off from school. Travelling makes me happy! So we just have to lure more people along to come with us, and get the money. *blinks* Then I come back home and work for three months and head out again with Frauline. *evil grin*

The future looks fun.

What’s going on? Well…

I’m back from the Weston Lecture, which was good, but not inspiring. As I am ideologically opposed to starting school work at 10:15 at night, it looks like I have the rest of the evening off! *cheers*

I haven’t been posting much lately, sorry. *shy* What’s been going on? I’m done with my ~interesting~ philosophy paper. How good is it? Well, it’s up to 10 pages… Let’s not probe deeper, shall we?

What else do I have to do…

  1. a 20 page philosophy reading
    1. Due Monday
    2. with a 12 question assignment
    3. (we received this on Thursday evening.)
  2. Art paper:
    1. 10 pages
    2. 11 pt
    3. double-spaced
    4. 1 in. margins
    5. I have the question, and now after philosophy I know better what I’m doing.
    6. Due next week
  3. Dr. Patrick’s “evolution pros and cons dialogue.”
    1. As many pages as you need, so at least 6, probably way more.
    2. Due in three weeks
  4. Read Martin Buber’s I and Thou for philosophy.
    1. It’s a whole book.
    2. Next week’s Philosophy
  5. Scriptures paper.
    1. Comparing 3 writers
    2. 10 pages
    3. on an appropriate subject
    4. I have NO IDEA!
    5. Due end of the month
  6. Literature paper.
    1. No comment, really
    2. Due first week in April
  7. Somewhere in here we have a Literature Presentation.
  8. Ongoing Latin Translations
  9. Ongoing Philosophy readings.
  10. Start revising for exams, which are in only four weeks.

And our professors ask us with straight faces what we’re doing in our social lives. *grins*


This makes me tired.

If it wasn’t painful, it wouldn’t be interesting.

Guess what!
I just discovered something remarkable!
I forgot to take down quotes when reading Machiavelli!

What this means is; even though I stayed up till 2am on Friday reading 101 pages of political advice, I now have to read it again. *bounces head off desk* You know, if I had only used a little bit of foresight, this whole paper would be so much easier. *makes more resolutions about being sensible next time*

Okay, it’s 3 hours and 15 minutes till midnight. How much work can I do in that time? Let us see. Let us just see. *evil smile*

Update 1: I just had to share this quote.

Chapter 10 of the Prince

“And if any one were to argue that, if the people who have possessions outside of the city were to see them ravaged and destroyed by the enemy, they would lose their patience, and that their selfish desire to protect their property would cause them to forget their attachment to the prince, I would meet this objection by saying that a powerful and valiant prince will easily overcome this difficulty by encouraging his subjects with the hope that the evil will not endure long, or by alarming them with fears of the enemy’s cruelty, or by assuring himself adroitly of those who have been too forward in expressing their discontent.”

Update 2: I have just realized that Moon Unit, Third World, RM and I are all doing something related to Machiavelli. Amusing

Oh look, it’s March. The second day of March, none the less.

Wow, look how the time flies. *total lack of enthusiasm*

I have papers due next week. Why am I incapable of taking the good advice I was repeatedly given? *cries*

It’s gonna be a long day.

*pokes Aquinas, who is giving Machiavelli a funny look*
You two, get along. I have to fit both of you into a paper.
*Aquinas and Machiavelli go stand in different corners of the room and don’t look at each other*